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Tony Romo In Pink

I would just like to point out a great website to those of you who have never seen it. is a great site that you should check out daily. They have a feature called Pic of the Day which is always entertaining. The picture and caption below are both from their site. I enjoy anything that makes fun of the Dallas Cowgirls.

Tony Homo

Jerry Jones prepares to launch the next phase of his plan to goad Tony Romo into playing with a broken pinkie.


From Penthouse To Outhouse In 8 Days

Tigers fall into outhouseIn just eight short days the Missouri Tigers have went from the penthouse to the outhouse. We saw the Texas Longhorns knock off the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday afternoon October 11th. At that point in time the Missouri Tigers were a win against the Oklahoma State Cowboys away from being the #1 team in the land. Chase Daniel also had a chance to stretch his lead on the Heisman trophy race. We all know what happened by now, the Cowboys shut down the Tigers, and the defense once again was bitten by the big play. Oklahoma State was able to put up 28 points and 402 total yards in rout to a 28-23 shocking win over the TIgers.

Flash forward to tonight. The Tigers were heading down to Texas to play the #1 ranked Longhorns. If the Tigers could knock off the Longhorns deep in the heart of Texas, Missouri would be right back in the National Championship hunt. A Tigers win would also mean a big night for Chase Daniel and possibly gaining some votes back over Colt McCoy. Well the Tigers were destroyed Saturday night 56-31 by the more talented and better coached Longhorns. Before you could even say "National Championship" the Longhorns were up 14-0 and they did not stop there. Shortly before halftime it was 35-0 Texas. What has happened? What could have went so horribly wrong with these Tigers?

Well it is pretty easy to figure out the Tigers defense is simply not good enough to help this team contend with the Big boys. What an awful effort on Saturday night. The Longhorns had 592 total yards of offense. The Tigers never even came close to stopping them in the first half. The numbers were staggering. Texas was 10 of 12 on 3rd down conversions. Colt McCoy at one time completed 17 straight passes, a new Texas record. Colt McCoy completed 91% of his passes on the evening for 334 yards and 2 touchdowns. On a night that Chase Daniel was 31 of 41 for 315 yards and 2 touchdowns he was not even a factor. The game was over before they started heating up.

It was a short sad eight days for the 2008 Missouri Tigers. The best Tiger team in 30+ years will just be a memory after this week. This team has thrown everything away. Sure they can still win the Big 12 Championship but who really believes that is possible? The Tigers sure don't.


NFL Week 7 Predictions

Every week I will make my NFL gameday predictions. We would love it if you share your opinions, or your own predictions in the comment area of our Fan-Sided forum area. All picks will be straight-up, not against the spread. We are doing pretty good so far going 54-34. My NFL Week 7 Predictions are below. Good Luck to you. I finally nailed the Houston upset last week. I should have been on Cleveland as well but I just couldn't write that one down. I am taking the Cleveland Browns this week as one of my upset picks.

Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears
Pittsburgh Steelers
Tennessee Titans
Miami Dolphins
New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
New York Jets
Cleveland Browns
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Denver Broncos

Last Week 8 -6

Year to Date 54 -34


Which NFL fans make the best predictions about their team?

Have you ever wondered while searching the net, which NFL fans make the best predictions about their team? Well the folks over at SquidSports have taken a lot of time and effort to find the answer. SquidSports has ranked Ramblin'Fans St. Louis Rams blog 13th best at predictions made on our site. We are honored to be on the list and hope this brings more credibility to our blog. We try to be honest about our predictions in telling the fans what we believe will happen not what we want to happen. We would like you to head over to SquidSports and check out all of the predictions. Thanks again to SquidSports for ranking us.
After combining the predictions we’ve had on SquidSports, with the thousands made on your fan sites, we’ve come up with a list of who we think are the best fans at making predictions about their team.


Super Bowl Tickets Hit $1000

Super Bowl XLIII TicketsThe NFL announced Thursday that the official price of 2009 Super Bowl tickets will reach $1,000 face value for the first time. I have heard of inflation but this is getting ridiculous. A whopping 25% of Super Bowl XLIII tickets at Raymond James Stadium will cost $1000 face value but good luck being able to buy them at face value. There are currently over 1000 tickets available on StubHub, and they start off at over $2000 a piece. The NFL reports for last year’s game, the average price of tickets on StubHub, the online reseller, was $4,300, so the current starting price of around $2000 is a bargain! The league is pricing the average fan out of the Super Bowl as well as most of the regular games. When will this end? What are your thoughts? Per the NFL, ticket prices for the first Super Bowl, played at the Los Angeles Coliseum 43 years ago, were $6, $10 and $12. So the most expensive tickets in 1966 were $12 and they are now $1000, they are now 83 times more expensive!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Circuit City Game Day Tour Coming to St. Louis

Circuit City Game Day TourThe Circuit City Game Day Tour will be at the Edwards Jones Dome October 19th for the St. Louis Rams game against the Dallas Cowboys. I would like all fans to check this out. If you are into Madden 09, or are just interested in winning a Samsung 52" Series 6 LCD HDTV come check out the tour! Circuit City coupons will also be given out.
The tour features two busses each tricked out with the latest Samsung HDTVs, and a slew of Xbox360 systems. There will be a Madden tournament each day of the tour, and the winner for each day will receive a $100 gift certificate to Circuit City

This summer, Circuit City is bringing you the excitement of NFL football along with HD gaming. Meet a celebrity athlete, experience the latest in Samsung technology (like the new Touch of Color televisions) and play Madden NFL 09 in high-def on the big screen.


Does The Edward Jones Dome Sucks

According to the new SI.Com NFL Stadium Rankings the Edward Jones Dome was ranked 32nd overall in fan satisfaction. SI asked fans to fill out an extensive online survey ranking their hometown NFL stadium in everything from ticket prices to hospitality to the product on the field. Once again St. Louis Rams fans have pointed out that they are not currently happy with the product or stadium. Rankings for each category can be found below.

Affordability & Food (29)

Tailgating (31)

Team Quality (30)

Atmosphere (29)

Accessibility (19)

Early in the year we were part of the ESPN Franchise Rankings, which had the St. Louis Rams coming in at #111 out of 122. To meet the lease contract the Edward Jones Dome needs to be in the top 25% of all stadiums in 2015 and this is simply not going to happen. The Rams need to do something above and beyond to start making the experience better. What do you believe the Rams should do to improve the experience before, during, and after the game?


Three St. Louis Rams Are Up For Week 6 Awards

Three St. Louis Rams are up for Week 6 Player of the Week awards.

O.J. Atogwe is up for the Week 6 GMC Sierra Defensive Player of the Week. Otogwe's 75 yard fumble return to put the Rams up 10-7 over the Washington Redskins turned the game around and led to the Rams first victory of the 2008 NFL season. Otogwe is up against Robert Mathis, Juqua Parker, Mario Williams & Kevin Williams.

Chris Long is up for the Week 6 Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Week. Chris Long is playing better every week and came up with 3 tackles and a huge fumble recovery. Chris Long is up against Geno Hayes, DeSean Jackson, Corey Lynch & Matt Ryan.

Jim Haslett a former NFL player with the Buffalo Bills and the new St. Louis Rams head coach is up for the Week 6 Motorola Coach of the Week. Haslett led the Rams to their first win in their last 9 regular season games. Haslett is up against Gary Kubiak & Romeo Crennel.

Make sure you head over to and vote for our St. Louis Rams!


St. Louis Rams Place Brian Leonard On IR

Leonard LeapWe have seen the last of the Leonard leap in 2008. The St. Louis Rams place Brian Leonard on IR after injuring his shoulder. Leonard had surgery on both shoulders after the 2007 season, and now he will require surgery again. Leonard suffered a partial dislocation of the sholder on Sunday while playing out on the special teams. Brian Leonard was considered a bit of a reach when the Rams selected him in the 2nd round of the 2007 NFL draft while already having Steven Jackson on the roster. Leonard had 303 yards rushing and 183 receiving in 2007. In 2008 Leonard was placed behind Antonio Pittman and had only 2 carries for 7 yards on the season. Leonard is most known for his "Leonard Leap" when he hurdles tacklers. So after two years the selection of Leonard looks like another missed pick by the Rams. We wish Leonard good luck in his recovery.


St Louis Rams Still Paying For Linehan

Rams re-sign Fakhir BrownThe St. Louis Rams re-signed Fakhir Brown on Monday. Yes the same Fakhir Brown that was cut by Scott Linehan on September 24th for apparently no reason. Linehan either just did not like Brown or as I said before he was sending a big FU to Jim Haslett. Ted Marchibroda, his agent would like the team to pony up for termination pay, which is basically a new contract on top of the guaranteed salary he will still be receiving as a vested veteran. It is believed that the Rams are paying the original salary plus an additional salary to re-sign Brown. Once again Scott Linehan is costing the Rams. Fakhir will return back to the starting lineup this Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. Brown signed a one year contract that will expire at the end of the season. With Ricky Manning Jr. breaking his foot against the Washington Redskins.


St. Louis Rams Kick Their Way To Victory

Josh Brown hits GW FG - (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

The St. Louis Rams just won their first game since a victory December 2nd 2007, 28-16 over the Atlanta Falcons. After eight straight regular season loses the Rams got off the mat, and beat the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field 19-17. Josh Brown nailed a 49 yard field goal as time expired to give the Rams their first win of the 2008 season.

I would first like congratulate the St. Louis Rams on pulling off this shocker and winning their first game. Also after going off on Jim Haslett constantly I would like to congratulate him as well. However I am not a hypocrite so I will continue to voice my opinion that I want him removed from the Rams after the 2008 season. Some fans will want to sign Haslett to a five year contract after this week but let’s make sure you actually watched the game. Again congrats to the Rams.

Now lets get back to how did the Rams actually pull this off? The Rams had 200 net yards, and 79 yards in penalties, so that is a net of 121 total yards! The Rams averaged 5.2 yards per pass play, and 2.9 yards per rush. Before the last Rams drive their longest run was 9 yards and their longest completion was 15 yards. So how did they pull it off? For once the Rams made and received some breaks. In addition it helped that the Redskins coaching staff might have done a worse job than the Rams. I say the sheer fact the Scott Linehan karma was gone caused the football Gods to treat us right!

It seems the Redskins should have been able to throw at will against Craft, Manning Jr. and Wade but they did not. It seems the Redskins could have match up Chris Cooley against the Rams linebackers and safety's but they did not. It seems like the Redskins should have tested the Rams deep but they did not. It seemed like Clinton Portis could run at will which he pretty much did at 6 yards per carry but somehow the Rams still won.

The Rams finally made "the plays." The Rams basically pulled this game off with two plays. The first was a play right before half time. The Redskins were moving in for a late score to make it 10-3 or 14-3 when Jason Campbell's pass was tipped up in the air and for some reason offensive lineman Pete Kendall decide to catch the ball and take off for a jog. Pisa Tinoisamoa went to topple over Kendle when out popped the ball. The ball took a nice bounce toward the sideline were Oshiomogho Atogwe scooped it up and raced 75 yards untouched down the sideline for the touchdown that gave the Rams a 10-7 lead at half time. I believe this stunned the crowd and the Redskins, but we have seen this before everyone knows the Rams get outscored badly in the second half of games under Scott Linehan. Don't look now but Linehan is gone and a new era has begun. The Rams were only outscored 10-9 in the second half Sunday and that was good enough. The second huge play was late in the game with the Rams facing 3rd and 13 from their on 41. Marc Bulger was forced to roll out and before getting sacked he heaved the ball down the field. Donnie Avery who was well covered made a sweet cut inside the corner back toward the middle of the field and came up with the ball. Just like that it was over and the Rams had their first victory of the season.

Not so fast. You knew it could not be that easy. Avery came down with the ball at the Redskins 16 yard line with over a minute left to play. After letting the clock move down to 39 second and a Washington time out Bulger kneeled down. Nobody could even have a nightmare as bad as what happened next. Richie Incignito got up from the pile and got into a shouting match. This ended with him having a shouting match with the referee! I can't read lips well but at the end I believe he told the ref or a Redskins player to kiss his @$$. Incognito was flagged for a 15 yard Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty moving the ball back to the 32 yard line. After a Steven Jackson run up the middle Josh Brown was called on to make a clutch last second 48 yard field goal on the road. Josh nailed the ball through the up rights for a huge Rams victory.


Week 6 Preview: St. Louis Rams vs. Washington Redskins

St. Louis Rams GameDayThe St. Louis Rams will take on the Washington Redskins Sunday at 12 noon CST. This will be a game of contrast. Washington will be trying for their 5th straight win. Washington also has upcoming games against Cleveland and Detroit. The skins will only have themselves to blame if they do not start off 7-1 in the tough NFC East. The Rams are coming off four straight loses and have Jim Haslett at the helm this week. The Rams are looking at upcoming games against the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots and an 0-7 start, again.

I am already on record as not liking Jim Haslett at all. The media in St. Louis went from calling out Haslett to telling everyone he is fiery and the team will now be playing harder. Why? Why is everyone now on the Haslett bandwagon? Haslett's D finished 31st in defense in 2007, and is once again at the bottom of almost every stat. Now that he is spending less time with the defense they are going to play better and harder? I again ask why? If they play better now, was Haslett trying to get Linehan fired?

This is another awful match up for the St. Louis Rams. The Redskins are a hard-nosed tough NFC East team playing at the top of their game. Clinton Portis is 2nd in the NFL in rushing yardage and has 4 touchdowns as well. Jim Zorn knows that rushing and rushing D is key in the NFC East. Portis will once again get 25+ touches against the Rams 28th ranked rushing defense which is allowing 166 yards per game.

Haslett says he is going to get the ball to Steven Jackson a lot. Well that is what Al Saunders was going to do. Jackson is not doing bad in total yards from scrimmage but the Rams offense is just awful. The Rams are 30th in total offense and going up against the Redskins who just did a great job shutting down Dallas and Philly. Marc Bulger will be back in the lineup. However the offensive line is still the same as prior to Linehan getting fired. In addition the Rams are now missing Randy McMichael. I see no improvement coming today.


St. Louis Rams 13 - Washington Redskins 31


NFL Week 6 Predictions

Every week I will make my NFL gameday predictions. We would love it if you share your opinions, or your own predictions in the comment area or our Fan-Sided forum area. All picks will be straight-up, not against the spread. We are doing pretty good so far going 46-28. My NFL Week 6 Predictions are below. Good Luck to you. Well last week did not turn out well. I had the Houston Texans upset nailed but they through it away. The Eagles blew a 14-0 lead, Baltimore lost late to the Titans, and somehow Green Bay lost at home to Atlanta. I am going to try Houston one more time. We will try to rebound this week.

Chicago Bears
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints
New York Jets
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Washington Redskins
Denver Broncos
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
Seattle Seahawks
San Diego Chargers
New York Giants

Last Week 7 - 7

Year to Date 46 -28


Monday, October 6, 2008

St. Louis Blues Home Opener

St. Louis Blues TicketsWhile the St. Louis Rams were on a bye week I just wanted to remind everyone that the St. Louis Blues season starts this week. The St. Louis Blues home opener will be Friday night against the Nashville Predators at the Scottrade Center at 7:30PM. The NHL has done an awful job again of marketing their product. There have already been four regular season games played in Europe. That's right, in Europe. Why, I do not know. There are very few tickets still available for this contest. For those of you that can not make it down to the Scottrade Center the game will also be carried on KMOX 1120AM radio. It should be fun to watch the young kids on the Blues this year. Brad Boyes, Patrik Berglund, T.J. Oshie, and David Perron should be very exciting.

The Note will take to the ice Friday night don't miss it. Get your tickets here!


Missouri Tigers Continue To Prowl

Missouri Tigers #2The Missouri Tigers solid 52-17 victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers has helped them leap over LSU and Alabama in this weeks USA Today Poll. The Tigers are now #2 in the Nation in the USA Today Poll and #3 in the AP TOP 25 poll behind only the Oklahoma Sooners and Alabama Crimson Tide. This Saturday at Faurot Field in Columbia Missouri the Tiger will play the #17 ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Cowboys are now one of six Big XII teams ranked in the top 17 in both polls. This game should be a barn burner. The Cowboys have scored 39+ points in all five of their victories so far, and have one of the top passers in the nation in Zac Robinson. This should be a great one, don't miss it.

There are very few tickets left to this game. If you are interested in going Stubhub still has over 100 tickets remaining.


Randy McMichael Out For The Season

Randy McMichael Out For SeasonSt. Louis Rams TE Randy McMichael is now out for the season after suffering a broken tibia and torn ligament in his right leg during the Buffalo Bills contest. The Rams will place McMichael on the IR list ending his 2008 season. With Al Saunders taking over as offensive coordinator this season McMichael was to be a huge part of the Rams offense. His season will end with a total of 11 catches for 139 yards and zero touchdowns. This will be the first season that McMichael does not play in all 16 games. Unfortunately it will also be his first year without at least 2 TDs and 400+ yards receiving.

McMichael was one of the few Rams players so far this year that actually appeared to be motivated, have some fire, and want to win. During games McMichael and Steven Jackson appear to be the only two Rams on offense that are fired up and trying to lead by example. This appears to be another nail in the Rams 2008 coffin.


Missouri Tigers End 30 Years Of Frustration

Missouri TigersIt only took the Missouri Tigers 59 seconds on Saturday night to take the lead at Lincoln Nebraska, and go on to an enormous 52-17 victory against the Nebreaska Cornhuskers. This was another great win for the Tigers. This is not the Tigers of the 80's or 90's these are the 2008 Missouri Tigers and they seem to be special. Not short bus special, but the kind of special that does not care about the past or what you think. These Tigers are going to take the ball and score. These Tigers don't care if you don't like their running game, or use of the play clock, or that sometimes the defense gives up a big play. These Tigers are going to hang half a hundred on you and do it with a chip on their shoulder. Even last night at halftime Mark May was asked if the Tigers have the best offense in college football and he said "they have the third best offense in the Big 12." Well Mark the Tigers put up 52 again and they are looking forward to playing all comers.

This was another solid game for the Tigers on National TV. These games are huge for recruiting and this was another showcase of the Missouri Tigers offense. So many weapons so little time. The Tigers played their starters for only 3 quarters again. In those three quarters they quickly put up 52 points. The points came from Jeremy Maclin, Derrick Washington, Jimmy Jackson, Danario Alexander, and even Brock Christopher took an interception back for 6 points. The whole time you are watching the Tigers it seems like they could be doing even more but time just seems to run out. Last night after the first catch for Maclin he was pretty quiet. Chase Coffman caught 5 balls and always seems open. Chase Daniel only completed 18 passes. Still the team put up 52 points. How good are they? How good can they be? Chase Daniel never even had to run for yardage. The Tigers have not went 3 and out one time all year with Chase Daniel at QB. This team is for real and I look forward to watching them every week. The #4 Missouri Tigers will take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys next Saturday and I will look forward to it.

There are only a few tickets available for this game. If you are interested click here.


NFL Week 5 Predictions

Every week I will make my NFL gameday predictions. We would love it if you share your opinions, or your own predictions in the comment area or our Fan-Sided forum area. All picks will be straight-up, not against the spread. We are doing pretty good so far going 39-21. My NFL Week 5 Predictions are below. Good Luck to you. I want to go out on a limb this week. With Boldin out you would think Buffalo would be any easy pick however with Early Doucet adding speed to the Cardinals roster I think Kurt Warner and their defense will bounce back this week. I also like Baltimore over Tennessee I can't see Kerry Collins winning another game on the road at Baltimore. My favorite pick this week is Jacksonville over the beat up Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are coming off games against Philadlephia and Baltimore OUCH!

Green Bay
San Diego
New York Giants
New England
New Orleans

Last Weeks Results - 8 - 5

Year-To-Date Results - 39 -21


Lawrence Phillips Put Behind Bars

Lawrence Phillips sentenced to 10 yearsLawrence Phillips the St. Louis Rams 1996 first-round draft choice, and 6th overall, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon. Back in August of 2005 Lawrence strangely got into a pick up football game at a park with some kids. After losing a pickup football game, Lawrence got into his car drove onto the field and struck three people! While the car struck three people it narrowly missed others and Lawrence was convicted on seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon.
Phillips reportedly cried at the sentencing and told one of the victims, “I’m sorry that your leg is messed up. I’m sorry you have to come in here like this.”

Lawrence played in the NFL for the Rams, Dolphins and 49ers, as well as NFL Europe, Arena Football League, and the Canadian Football League.

The 1996 NFL Draft could have been huge for the St. Louis Rams. The Rams had two selections in the top 18 and selected Lawrence Phillips out of Nebraska, and Eddie Kennison from LSU. Oh what could have been. The Rams could have seleted Eddie George, Terry Glenn, Marvin Harrison or Ray Lewis, just to name a few. Can you imagine getting Ray Lewis and Marvin Harrison in the same draft!


Big XII, As Good As The SEC?

Big XIIThe Big XII is just dominate right now. The Big XII has four teams in the top seven in the AP Top 25 poll including Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and Texas Tech? These four teams are currently 16-0 and have out scored their opponents 795 - 242, an average victory of 50-15. However out of the 16 only two were of quality over Illinois and TCU. The lack of quality non-conference opponents usually hurts the Big XII but this year they are already at the tops of the polls. The lack of quality opponents however may effect how ready they are for big games. The SEC has five teams in the top thirteen featuring Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida and Auburn. Big 12 will start conference play this week which will shake some things up for sure. Missouri plays at Nebraska where they have not won in 30+ years. Texas will play Oklahoma next week, followed by Missouri on October 18th. As good as the Big XII seems to be they do not have the mystique of the SEC. Can you picture Oklahoma going down to Alabama or LSU and winning on the road? Maybe, but it still seems those teams have the edge at home, at their stadiums with some of the best fans in the country. At the moment I still give the power edge to the SEC but look out this could be the year that the Big XII rises to the top!

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Jeremy Maclin on ESPN E60

Jeremy MaclinMissouri Tigers Jeremy Maclin was on this weeks episode of E60 on ESPN. This is a great story about Jeremy growing up and making it through some trying times with his family, and living part time at his football coaches home in Kirkwood Missouri. ESPN says, A profile of University of Missouri All-American Jeremy Maclin and the lessons he learned as a boy who needed two families to become a man. This episode will air again on ESPN2 at 11am on Thursday, so set the TIVO. Jeremy is projected to be selected in the first round of the NFL draft when he is eligible, and this story will make you pull for him even more. Check it out!

Jeremy Maclin Highlight Video


Chase Daniel Back In The News

Chase DanielIt is unbelievable the amount of press that the Missouri Tigers and Chase Daniel are getting right now. Chase Daniel is once again on the front page of Yahoo Sports and their site. Olin Buchanan Senior Writer for College Football section has another story about Chase and his unbelievable accuracy. Chase currently has a 193.4 QB rating on 101 of 133 attempts for 1,412 yards, and 12 touchdowns. Learn how he does it. That's right Chase has completed 76% of the passes he has thrown. In the last 3 games Chase has only 13 incompletions while throwing 9 touchdowns. I believe with Georgia getting hammered on National TV this weekend by Alabama, and Matt Stafford & Knowshon Moreno not having huge games Chase is now the favorite in the Heisman race. Chase will have another chance to improve his odds this week while on National TV against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Missouri Tigers have played 15 games in Lincoln, Nebraska in the last 30 years. They have lost every one. A huge win by Missouri on Saturday night will put Chase right on top.


Fan-Sided Blog Network Back On Fox Sports

Fox SportsWe are very excited to announce that our Fan-Sided Blogs network was featured on the front page of the Fox Sports website again today. The featured article is titled Oh no, Ohio. We would like to give a shout out to Scott Allen for providing the NFC West breakdown which you can also view over at RaisingZona. The full story was also given top billing on the Fox Sports Funhouse. Again I congratulate you all.


Marc Bulger Back In Starting Lineup has reported that Marc Bulger will be back as the starter in two weeks when the St. Louis Rams travel to play the Washington Redskins. This really should come as no surprise. Marc was just given a $65 million dollar contract and was benched when Scott Linehan was looking for a spark. While Trent Green played ok on Sunday the real issue is getting an O-line up to NFL standards, and Marc Bulger to regain confidence in that line and vice-versa. Marc and that line will be tested over the next few weeks as the Rams will play the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, and the New England Patriots in their next three contests.
One of the first nuggets we’ve heard in the aftermath of the Linehan-for-Haslett swap in St. Louis is that quarterback Marc Bulger will return to the starting lineup.

By the way, Bulger originally was drafted by the Saints in round six of Haslett’s first draft with the franchise. Haslett coached the Saints from 2000 through 2005.

Bulger generated a passer rating of 73.2 in three starts this season. His career rating is 87.6.


Rams Fire Coach Scott Linehan - Video

The St. Louis Rams fired coach Scott Linehan today and replaced him with Jim Haslett as the interim head coach. The video below is of today's press conference of Jim Haslett taking over, and is provided by AP.


St. Louis Rams Fire Scott Linehan

As all of you St. Louis Rams fans know by now the Rams have fired coach Scott Linehan. I just wanted to share with you the official press release to the St. Louis Rams PSL holders. This is a small step in the right direction, but we are far from warm and fuzzy over Jim Haslett.


ST. LOUIS–Chip Rosenbloom, owner and chairman of the St. Louis Rams, announced the appointment this morning of Jim Haslett as interim head coach of the Rams, effective immediately.

Haslett replaces Scott Linehan, who was dismissed as head coach earlier today.

A news conference to introduce Haslett was held at the Russell Training Center today, Monday, Sept. 29, at noon central.

Haslett has served as defensive coordinator of the Rams since the start of the 2006 season. He was formerly head coach of the New Orleans Saints.

"I have enormous respect for Scott Linehan as a person and believe under the right circumstances he will be regarded one day as a fine head coach," Rosenbloom said. "Unfortunately, the situation with the Rams as they exist today is no longer acceptable and we have to make a change.

"We do this with a heavy heart, and we thank Scott for his efforts and dedication on behalf of the Rams.

"By appointing the well-respected Jim Haslett as our head coach, we are making an interim move that we hope will make the Rams winners again."

Haslett joined the Rams after six seasons as head coach of the New Orleans Saints. Haslett led the Saints to an NFC West title with a 10-6

record in his first season and the Saints defeated the Rams 31-27 in an NFC Wild Card playoff.

The Saints were 9-7 and swept the eventual Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2002. Haslett coached the Saints through the 2005 season, which was torpedoed by Hurricane Katrina, forcing the team to live out of suitcases and play their home games in San Antonio.

Haslett's 45 victories ranks second all-time among Saints coaches.


ESPN Reports Scott Linehan Has Been Fired

ESPN reports that Scott Linehan has been fired as the Head Coach of the St. Louis Rams and that Jim Haslett will be named the interim coach. While we are pleased to finally have our lame duck coach get the axe why would you promote Jim Haslett? Thanks Jim for having the worst defense in the NFL 2 years in a row, here is a promotion. The circus continues. Rams to officially announce firing at 7:30AM CST. Stay tuned....
St. Louis Rams coach Scott Linehan has been fired, two team sources said Monday morning.

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, a former head coach of the New Orleans Saints, was expected to be named interim coach, but details had not been finalized.

An official statement from the team around was expected for 8:30 a.m. ET.


Week 4 Preview: Buffalo Bills vs St. Louis Rams

Rams vs. Seattle GameDayThe St. Louis Rams will take on the Buffalo Bills Sunday afternoon at 3:05PM CST. Well as reported by Peter King of SI (who earlier in the week predicted a Rams victory) if the Rams lose today to the Bills Scott Linehan will be fired. Normally this would make any NFL contest more interesting, however after this week at Rams Park this is just another in a long line of odd things going on.

Off field issues for the Rams are even more in the news this week then their poor play on the field. After going 0-3 and being outscored 116-29 over the first 3 games Scott Linehan thought it was time to shake things up over at Rams Park. The first move was to bench Marc Bulger which seems to have alieninated the O-Line, Steven Jackson, and Torry Holt. Then the he cut Fakhir Brown our starting corner back from the roster. I still think this was a big FU to Jim Haslett. So this is an additional riff with Jim Haslett, and all of the secondary is now silent. How can you cut Fakhir Brown after watching Tye Hill and Corey Chavous the first 3 weeks.

Well that is enough about the week gone by lets get to today's game against the 3-0 first place Buffalo Bills. The Bills will be bringing in one of the hardest working teams into the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday. The Bills are extreamly tough up the middle on D. Kyle Williams, Marcus Stroud, and Paul Posluszny will be in Trent Green's face all day long. Expect the Bills to try and stuff Steven Jackson and then come hard up the middle with their base while mixing in some blitzes.

On Offense the Bills will feature QB Trent Edwards, RB Marshawn Lynch, and WR Lee Evans. Buffalo is averaging 26 points per game and is very solid with the ball. The Bills will try to get ahead early Sunday and take the Rams out of the game. I look for Marshawn to dominate early and get the Bills out to a lead. Marshawn has 4 TDs already but has not had a monster game yet, but today could be that day.

With the dysfunction of the Rams this week, and the seemingly hatred or indifference of coach Scott Linehan I do not expect much from the Rams today.


Buffalo Bills 30 - St. Louis Rams 10

P.S. Trent Green stay safe!


Scott Linehan Will Be Fired After Sundays Game

As shocking as it seems Peter King of SI believes Scott Linehan will be fired if the St. Louis Rams lose to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome.
PETER KING REPORTING LINEHAN COULD BE CANNED: On the Notre Dame halftime show on NBC this afternoon SI's Peter King reported that if the Rams lose to the Bills on Sunday that Scott Linehan is expected to be given his "walking papers" as King put it.

The benching of Marc Bulger looks to be the last straw in light of the ripple effects it has caused through the locker room. Steven Jackson and apparently other offensive players believe the blame for the offense's troubles have been placed solely on Bulger and it doesn't sit well with a lot of the men who voted Bulger to be one of the offensive co-captains.

Funny I thought the 3-13 record in 2007 and the looks of distain on National TV from Bulger, Holt, and Jackson were enough. I guess the fans were supposed to put up with another whole year of this. Hopefully around 6:30PM on Sunday this bad dream will be over. Everyone seems to want to know what we will do next. Well what we are not going to do is put up with Scott Linehan any longer and that is step number 1 in our 12 step program.


Meet Our Dysfunctional Rams Family

WOW what a week over at Rams Park now located at One Dysfunctional Way. The St. Louis Rams front office with John Shaw, Jay Zygmunt, and Scott Linehan are making Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Brian & Stewie from the Family Guy look like the Cleavers! Which family is more dysfunctional?

President John ShawJay Zygmunt General ManagerScott Linehan Head Coach


Family Guy


Scott Linehan Will Take Over The World

Have you ever wondered if they were separated at birth?

Scott Linehan To Take Over WorldScott Linehan To Take Over World


Train Wreck Pulls Into Rams Park

Train Wreck At Rams ParkWell unless you have been under a rock you have heard all about the train wreck over at Rams Park. How can we even begin to cover this? Below you will find many quotes from Scott Linehan, Steven Jackson, Torry Holt, Orlando Pace and others about all of the happenings this week over at Rams Park. The week started with a 37-13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks and went down hill from there. Linehan first decided to bench Marc Bulger in favor of Trent Green for the week 4 game against the Buffalo Bills. This caused quite a stir with the O-line, Torry Holt and Steven Jackson. After that started to calm down Scott Linehan flat out released Fakhir Brown. This was an FU from Scott Linehan to Jim Haslett. Now the secondary is also shocked and not talking to the media and probably not trusting of Scott Linehan. With the awful play from Tye Hill and Corey Chavous why was Fakhir made the scapegoat? Quotes were gathered from the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Yahoo Sports, and
*Pace, on Bulger’s benching: “Hopefully I do my job so I don’t get replaced.”

*Even after his worst games, Bulger consistently has stood up to reporters’ questions. But he’s declined to be interviewed in the wake of coach Scott Linehan’s decision to go with Trent Green vs. the Bills.

Steven Jackson lowered his head and sighed when asked Thursday how his sore groin was feeling. “The groin is fine,” he said. “My groin doesn’t bother me any more than my feelings in my heart.”

"I'm going to do some kind of dance," said Avery, the rookie from the University of Houston. "There's going to be a 100-percent guarantee I'm going to dance."

Avery declined to provide a preview for the media Thursday, but noted: "You'll see it Sunday. I'm still memorizing what dance technique or routine I'm going to do."

"I do look at some of the highlights and stuff," Avery said. "I know they're out there doing their thing. That's motivation for me. ... That helps me get up and say, 'OK. I can play up on this level.' "

Jackson said benching Bulger was the "wrong decision."
"He's our general," said Jackson, who then pointed out that you don't pay someone "$60-something million" and then sit him on the bench.

Team sources did in fact tell the Post-Dispatch on Thursday that Bulger no longer wants to play for coach Scott Linehan. Bulger has declined comment for three consecutive days since his benching became public knowledge.

When asked by the radio show's host, Malcolm Briggs, if there were other Rams players who were against the benching, Jackson paused and replied, "I'm not the only one who feels this way."

"He's never given me any (such) indication," Linehan told reporters. "I know he's disappointed with my decision. He's practiced very well this week, and worked hard, and all those things. If that's his feeling, he's never mentioned that to me. You have to ask him that particular question."

"To sit here and not make some decisions — which are hard decisions as a head coach — I would not be doing my job," Linehan said. "But I will, at some point here soon, talk to Steven about it. But other than that, I have no comment further."

Linehan met with reporters much later than scheduled on a bizarre Friday afternoon. By all accounts, he left the field in a huff after practice before reporters were assembled outdoors.

Wide receiver Torry Holt said he was beyond surprised at Bulger's benching. "You know I was shocked, man," Holt said. "I was really shocked.


NFL Week 4 Predictions

Every week I will make my NFL gameday predictions. We would love it if you share your opinions, or your own predictions in the comment area or our Fan-Sided forum area. All picks will be straight-up, not against the spread. We are doing pretty good so far going 31-16. My NFL Week 4 Predictions are below. Good Luck to you.

Cincinnati Bengals
Jacksonville Jaguars
Carolina Panthers
Denver Broncos
New Orleans Saints
New York Jets
Green Bay Packers
Tennessee Titans
San Diego Chargers
Buffalo Bills
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Weeks Results - 11 - 5

Year-To-Date Results - 31 -16


Scott Linehan In Panic Mode

After the week two 41-13 loss to the New York Giants, Scott Linehan was almost in tears at the weekly press conference. Now this week he may ave fully cracked after benching Marc Bulger in favor of Trent Green, and cutting Fakhir Brown. I won't argue with the move to Green, if the Rams can keep him upright I believe he will much better than the current scared version of Marc. However the move to cut Brown is clearly a move to incise Jim Haslett. Haslett brough over both Glover and Brown. The St. Louis Rams are once again in the bottom of the league in vertially every defensive stat. Instead of being a leader and getting after Haslett or even firing him, apparently Linehan thought he would make a statement releasing Brown. In reality he has weekend the team further and probably fractured all ties with the secondary which must be questioning this move. As you can see below Hub Arkush & the media believe Scott is in panic mode and on the way out the door. Once again, why is this taking so long?


Detroit Lions Already After Bill Cowher

I would like to thank Ian from over at Insidetheiggles for posting the link to the new Ryan Parker song Goodbye Matt Millen. This is a great song and very funny video you have to check it out. The lyrics are below as well as the video. It seems the Detroit Lions fans would like the team to go after Bill Cowher. Are we going to let the Lions beat us to Bill Cowher? Come on Chip Rosenbloom let's get on the comeback trail and start by firing Scott Linehan and getting part of the circus out of town.
From the Millen Man March to,
It's safe to describe his time there as a bomb,
After Harrington busted he had few believers,
Cause he had a strange love for worthless receivers,

The turkey tastes better this Thanskgiving Day,
When the Lions fans gather to watch their team play,
Cause they no longer have a GM who is killing,
Their hopes and their dreams, so Goodbye Matt Millen,

It looked like he used the same management tricks,
That Isiah successfully used on the Knicks,
From the bags on the heads of the fans in Ford Field,
To the chants for his firing, his fate was all sealed,

The turkey tastes better this Thanskgiving Day,
When the Lions fans gather to watch their team play,
Cause they no longer have a GM who is killing,
Their hopes and their dreams, so Goodbye Matt Millen,

Now the Packers and Bears and the Vikings are sad,
Cause they lost the best GM that they ever had,
While Detroit is in need of a leader with power,
I think I'd be finding the number for Cowher,

The turkey tastes better this Thanskgiving Day,
When the Lions fans gather to watch their team play,
Cause they no longer have a GM who is killing,
Their hopes and their dreams, so Goodbye Matt Millen,
The last 7 seasons have been less than thrilling,
So Welcome back Lions and Goodbye Matt Millen ...


The Worst Team In Missouri Is...

Well while we are drowning our 0-3 sorrows we would like to thank Bodog for also piling on. However their current odds do have us slightly ahead of our state rival the Kansas City Chiefs, which in this case is a bad thing because the Chiefs would get the top overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft while our St. Louis Rams would pick second. While the Rams could definitely use Michael Oher, or Michael Johnson, if Marc Bulger does not turn it around this battle could be for Matt Stafford

Which team will have the #1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft?

Kansas City Chiefs 3/2

St. Louis 7/4

Detroit 5/2

Cleveland 10/1

Cincinnati 12/1

Houston 15/1

Other 3/1


St. Louis Rams To Lose Every Game?

Don't bet on it. We would like to thank Tom Martin over at for the inspiring information that the St. Louis Rams are currently 150-1 to go winless in 2008. The Kansas City Chiefs are 250-1, which means Las Vegas has much more faith in them winning a game than the Rams.

Thanks Tom but I am staying with my prediction that the St. Louis Rams will upset the Buffalo Bills this weekend at the Edward Jones dome, we guarantee it!


Rams Bills Tickets For Just Six Bills

St. Louis Rams tickets to the game this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills at the Edward Jones Dome are on sale for as low as 6 bills. Thats right, six dollars can get you into an NFL football game to see the 3-0 Buffalo Bills. I know the Rams are playing terrible right now, and the future does not look all that promising either but 6 bucks. Come on lets get the Jones Dome jumping to some hip-hop for Steven Jackson, and from Trent Green touchdown passes! I told you once and I am going to tell you again the St. Louis Rams will beat the Buffalo Bills this weekend. I welcome all smack talk, and I will be right here again on Monday to defend my pick should the Rams not come through. If you ever wanted to take your kids to a game but could not afford it here is your chance, don't miss out. You can view all the tickets for sale here.


Trent Green To Start For Rams On Sunday

Trent Green to startI guess coach Scott Linehan finally heard the wake up call last week when owner Chip Rosenbloom said that changes would be made if things didn't get better. Scott is going to finally step up and bench QB Marc Bulger after his three games of just horrid play. I don't want to hear about the O-line, or his lack of confidence, or Steve Jackson still getting up to speed, or the play calling. Our 65 MILLION dollar quarterback has been horrid! So that's right folks, Trent Green our local Vianney High School product will be taking over Sunday down at the Edward Jones Dome against the 3-0 Buffalo Bills.

This is great news and as a Rams fan I am now fired up to go to the game this Sunday. I know people are saying they still suck, they are still going to lose. Well I "Guarantee" a victory this Sunday against the Bills. I believe things will change. Nobody wants to see sad-sack Bulger in the huddle. Trent is going to pump spirit and life into the O-line. Trent is also very familiar with Al Saunders offensive. In addition Trent has had more work with Donnie Avery in camp than Marc Bulger had. The Rams can even use Eddie Kennison this week as well, who Trent performed with while playing in Kansas City.

Trent Green has had 6 years with over 3000 passing yards in the NFL. In Addition Trent has thrown for 162 touchdowns and amassed over 27,000 total passing yards. He could quite possibly be the best backup QB in the NFL today so why not start him? Trent is only 2000+ yards from being in the top 30 all time for passing yardage. If he plays the final 13 games for the Rams he will move onto that list.

While Scott is actually thinking about making some moves, here's a thought how about you also bench Tye Hill, Alex Barron, Corey Chavous and Psia Tinoisamoa. What do you have to lose?


Kurt Warner - A Side Note

Kurt Warner Superbowl ChampionI just thought since I was guaranteeing wins, and speaking out about Marc Bulger, that while I was at it I would like to share one more thought with Chip Rosenbloom. Fans in this town as well as in Los Angeles remember the greats and like to see them honored. In that spirit I would like to question why Brock Berlin who has thrown all of 28 passes in the NFL is wearing a #13 St. Louis Rams jersey? There are many, many fans that I have talked to that believe this is an injustice and shows a lack of class on the part of the Rams organization. There are 99 numbers to choose from to dress 53 players, I believe we can get by while #13 hangs in the rafters of the Edward Jones Dome don't you?

We remember, why don't you?


Great Day For Missouri Tigers Football

Missouri Tigers FootballToday was another great day for the Missouri Tigers football program. Chase Daniel was the subject of the article Heisman Chase on Yahoo Sports. With the Missouri Tigers currently ranked 6th in the AP Top 25 poll, and 5th in the USA Today poll, this coverage will further help recruiting. The Tigers may become a National power for a few years if we are lucky. Olin Buchanan, senior writer for college football currently has Chase Daniel #2 on his Heisman ballot.
2. Missouri QB Chase Daniel: He hasn't had anything even remotely resembling a mediocre performance. Daniel had 431 passing yards and two touchdowns in this past weekend's victory over Buffalo, which was his second consecutive 400-yard game.

You can share your opinion by voting on their site here. Currently Chase is the leading vote receiver with 24.1% of the vote. Note that Tim Tebow is not on their poll for some reason.

If that was not enough since the Tigers have a bye this week coach Gary Pinkel was on ESPN College Football Live today as well as many other ESPN media sources today. You can see the video of coach Pinkel discussing the Missouri Tigers here.


Our Fan-Sided Blog Network On Fox Sports

Fox SportsWe are very excited to announce that our Fan-Sided Blogs network was featured on the front page of the Fox Sports website today. The featured article is titled Hey Chiefs, Rams -- Show Me something. We would like to give a shout out to Scott Allen for providing the NFC West breakdown which you can also view over at RaisingZona. The full story was also given top billing on the Fox Sports Funhouse. Again I congratulate you all.


Rams To Top 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Steve Spurrier 1976 Tampa Bay BuccaneersOn the same day that we receive the uplifting news that we will not have to sit through 3+ hours of Marc Bulger this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports is trying to bring us down. Not only does Michael have the St. Louis Rams ranked 32nd overall but he also makes the comment "Are the ‘76 Bucs getting nervous?" Well this is not going to bring me down. I welcome Trent Green and a win this week down at the Edward Jones Dome! That's right I predict a Rams win over the Buffalo Bills this week. We will have more details on this later in the week. The Miami Dolphins started 0-13 just last year before beating the Baltimore Ravens. The 1976 Tampa Bay Bucceneers are still the only winless team in modern NFL history going 0-14. Do you believe there is a chance for the 2008 St. Louis Rams to go 0-16? Even the ole ball coach, Steve Spurrier could not help the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Rams stuck in time

It is official. The time of the greatest show on turf has ended. The show went from prime time with Super Bowl tickets in beginning of the century to a solid spot in the postseason a few years later to cancellation without hope of much more than a number one pick now. The Rams cannot run, they cannot pass, and they cannot defend. End the charade and trade away the expensive contracts of Bulger, Holt, and Jackson. It is not worth keeping these guys if the are not given the chance to put up Pro Bowl numbers.

That is right. They are not given the chance. The line is awful and the offensive coordination is juts as bad. It is time to arrange a fire sale for draft picks. As each NFL season has come to pass it has become more and more obvious that free agency is holding less and less talent, so the only way to rebuild is through the draft.

This team and the fans need to accept that the next few seasons at Edward Jones Dome are going to be painful to watch. It is time for the Rams to try and get as many picks in the first three rounds as possible. We need more Chris Long picks, more young players coming in to be the new face of the franchise. If anyone thinks the defense just needs some tweaking, they have not been watching. Replace the whole crew on both sides.

The first step to making Rams tickets bearable again is to rebuild the line. Jacob Bell is the only young guy with talent that is starting. Orlando Pace is getting older and is being forced to play in an impossible situation. Let him go, maybe get something in return for him, but let him go to someplace where every Sunday does not carry the dread that the Rams have brought on. Go into the next draft and pick up a the new tackles, guards, and centers needed to let the quarterback stand in the pocket and the running back find holes to run through.

Maybe Jackson should not go, but he does the franchise no good averaging three yards a carry. He is much better than that and is probably only getting more than two yards because he is so good. Any quarterback the Rams get will be unable to perform until that line is fixed and any talented receiver will be running meaningless routes as the current quarterback is pressured into submission.

The time has come to start over and look to the future instead of holding onto the past and letting the club deteriorate before everyone's eyes.


St. Louis Rams Hit Bumpus In The Road

It took the St. Louis Rams 8 minutes and 16 seconds to hit a Bumpus in the road on Sunday at Quest Field against the Seattle Seahawks. At the 8 minute and 16 second mark Michael Bumpus took a ten yard pass from Matt Hasselbeck into the end zone to give the Seahawks a very early 10-0 lead over the St. Louis Rams. It was at this moment it hit me that another Rams game was over and that they would go on to lose their 16th game in their last 19 tries. That feeling was closely followed by the thought of how pathetic the Rams have become and how mad I am at them for allowing that to happen. We have went from the penthouse to the outhouse as they say.

The Rams went on to lose 37-13 today to the Seahawks. The details are really not that important at this time. We need to forge ahead with a plan to rebuild this franchise from the top down, and we need to put that plan into action now, not later. I do not understand why people want to wait until the bye week, or wait until the end of the season to make some moves? Why? If you think of the Rams as a Billion dollar store you would just not waste week after week of your store being ran into the ground from poor leadership would you? This is close to a billion dollar team being led by nobody!

The time is now to stop the bleeding and start the healing. If Scott Linehan or Jim Haslett is not fired by sunup there is a huge problem with this franchise. It is time for the excuses to end.


Week 3 Preview: St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks

Rams vs. Seattle GameDayThe St. Louis Rams will take on the Seattle Seahawks Sunday afternoon at 3:05PM CST. Seattle will be without all six of thier receivers due to injury. Deion Branch, Nate Burleson, Bobby Engram, Ben Obomanu, Bobby Engram and Seneca Wallace who they converted into a WR will all be on the sidelines for this one. The Seahawks picked up both Koren Robinson who has experience with this offense and Keary Colbert in a trade with the Denver Broncos this week. I have never seen a team enter a game without one single player off their roster being able to fill a position.

One of the biggest problems with the Rams is confidence, the lack of it. The media has picked on the Rams pretty good the last few days and for good reason. The Rams are last in total defense, and 31st in points allowed. Now heading into this game they are going to bench their #1 cornerback Tye Hill. So I would say lets take a look at the offense to get something positive going but we can't even do that! The Rams are last in scoring, last in total offense, and 31st in rushing offense and have not run a single play from the Red Zone yet. With Josh Brown and Donnie Jones at least we have great special teams. Not so fast the Rams are 29th in punt return average and 28th in Kickoff return average. Note to coaching staff Dante Hall should be cut immediately! To make matters even worse they are 26th in punt coverage. YIKES!!!

Aside from the stat the Rams are taking a pounding everywhere they turn. They are 31st or 32nd in almost ever Power Rankings on the planet. In addition in a poll in the St. Louis Post Dispatch 36% of the people have the Seahawks winning by 14 points or more! How can we lose by 14 or more? How can we be a 10 point underdog in Las Vegas to a team without wide receivers? In addition 92% overall pick the Seahawks to win. There is only one reason, there is no faith in Scott Linehan turning this around. The quotes below from Linehan and Al Saunders show you how desperate they are.
Linehan said “In my mind, we’re going to beat Seattle,” he said. “I’m not making any guarantees. In my mind we’re going to beat Seattle and we’re going to right this ship, OK, because we don’t have a choice. I don’t have a choice and neither does anybody else around here.”

“I think it’s a fragile group and we’ve got to stay the course,” offensive coordinator Al Saunders said. “I’m disappointed, certainly. I’m not discouraged about these guys, because I know what we can do down the road.”

I could analyze individual matchups like Patrick Kerney against Alex Barron. However this game will not be about x's and O's it will be about execution and mental edge. On Paper Bulger, Holt, Jackson, and McMichael should have the edge on Hassleback and Julius Jones. However when it comes down to execution can the Rams come through? Last week sure they lost 41-13 but did they execute. No, they did not. We can blame a lot of people but you have to execute as well. Steven Jackson shot through a huge hole and fell down on what would have been a 50+ yard TD. Dane Looker was by the Giants secondary by 10 yards and Bulger threw the ball so far away from him he could not get to it. The TD pass to Torry Holt was under thrown by at least 5 yards. That is 21 points the Rams should have had from just simple execution. Mentally the Rams are very fragile. The emotionless Scott Linehan was almost in tears at the press conferences this week. Torry Holt is calling out the O-line. Marc Bulger comes across as a scared child. Is this a team that can go into Seattle and execute? I just do not feel like they can at this point.

The Rams O-line is just frankly not playing well enough to win games in the NFL. Are they good enough to win and just not put in the best situations? This week watch Pace, Goldberg, Leckey, Incognito and Barron. Those are the only 5 guys you will need to watch. Can they execute and make a hole for Jackson and give Marc 3-4 seconds once in a while to get the ball down field. I say no. The coaching and sense of urgency never seems to make them play any better. I definitely think this is a game the Rams could win. However I am from the Show Me State and until I see something different emotionally, I don't think they can close it out. The Rams are 3-15 in their last 18 games.


St. Louis Rams 16 - Seattle Seahawks 20


St. Louis Rams Are Road Dogs

Rams are road dogs!Well it probably comes as no surprise that the St. Louis Rams are 10 point underdogs this week to the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks will be without their top FIVE receivers Nate Burleson, Bobby Engram, Deion Branch, Ben Obomanu and Logan Payne and they just lost 33-30 to the San Francisco 49ers! The Rams are currently the laughing stock of the NFL.

Scott from Raising Zona says:
St. Louis @ Seattle: Will the Rams score this week? Will they finally run an offensive play inside the red zone? Will Rams coach Scott Linehan still have a job come Monday morning? Too many questions to answer. Seattle is hurting big time, but their third string can beat the Rams first string any day. Plus it is in Seattle and no way Seattle starts 0-3. Seattle 45 St. Louis 7

Is this what it has come to? Arizona Cardinals fans are talking smack and have us losing by 38 to a team without any receivers from their opening day roster!

Below you will find major sports sites all ranking the Rams at or near the bottom of the league in their Power Rankings, and with some disparaging words as well!
The offense has scored one touchdown in two games. The defense has given up nearly 1,000 yards. Not good. (MS)

CBS Sports
This is a team that looks headed for a coaching change. They just don't look very good. The two lines are getting whupped. Scott Linehan's postgame news conference shows he's feeling the heat.

Fox Sports
One could make an extremely good case that the Rams are by far the most terrible team in football, judging from losses by a combined score of 79-16. The only silver lining: They faced the Eagles and Giants, two of the NFC's top-tier teams, both seemingly Super Bowl contenders.

One could make an extremely good case that the Rams are by far the most terrible team in football, judging from losses by a combined score of 79-16. The only silver lining: They faced the Eagles and Giants, two of the NFC's top-tier teams, both seemingly Super Bowl contenders.


Torry Holt Speaks Out, Why Him, Why Now?

Torry Holt as Captain ObviousThe Associated Press reports that Torry Holt blames the offensive line for much of the Rams' problems when they have the ball. Well thank you Captain Obvious. I must admit that I am glad that someone said something but isn't it a little late? Is it news that the O-line sucks? The bigger question I have is, after the looks of distain from Marc Bulger, Torry Holt and Steven Jackson last year why was Scott Linehan brought back for 2008? Why did it take two weeks for a star player to speak out? Does Marc Bulger have any fire? When players run around or over his line to maul him why does he get up off the ground like a puppy? Can you not grab one of those lineman by the facemask and cuss a blue streak into their sorry ass! Do something the fans are sick of it. Let's fire up the squad. Out of 53 guys there must be someone there that wants to win and has a infectious personality. The St. Louis Rams slogan for 2008 is "Bring It" talk about irony. If you are unsure what the Rams need to do to improve please read the below quotes from Torry Holt.
Holt said Friday that the St. Louis line has to step up and protect quarterback Marc Bulger better.

"Those guys, the offensive line guys, have to continue to take more pride in what they're doing to keep the quarterback clean."

"It's going to come down to the guys up front that's protecting Marc and giving Steven [Jackson] running lanes and giving us time to get open in the secondary to make things happen."

"A win there would be huge for us."

"We need a victory. It would mean a tremendous amount to our football team."

Thanks for the tips Torry

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NFL Week 3 Predictions

Every week I will make my NFL gameday predictions. We would love it if you share your opinions, or your own predictions in the comment area or our Fan-Sided forum area. All picks will be straight-up, not against the spread. Good Luck.

Atlanta Falcons
New England Patriots
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Washington Redskins
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San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles
Indianapolis Colts
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Last Weeks Results - 9 - 6

Year-To-Date Results - 20 -11


Disgruntled Rams Fan Speaks Out

As you can tell from getting on any Rams forum, the fans are not happy with the St. Louis Rams or Scott Linehan. We are the laughing stock of the NFL, and there are already talks on every sports show about when will Linehan get fired. We asked for some fans to speak out. We have chosen Steve kowalczyk, self proclaimed Rams fanatic to share his current view of the Rams situation. What do you other Rams fans think about Steve's opinion? Sounds like we may need to talk him off a bridge! We would like to thank Steve for sharing...

How do you think the Rams will do against Seattle Seahawks this week? The Hawks have no WRs to throw to. Can the Rams secondary cover even these journeymen? Is Adam Carriker a bust? Why couldn't we make him a defensive end? Will the offense ever do anything? Sacked 10 times in 2 games. Throwing for 4 yards per attempt. Rushing for 50 yards per game. 16 points in 2 games. 4 scoring plays-- 2 50 yd FGs, a 40 yard FG, and a 40 yard tipped lucky grab catch. Have yet to take an offensive snap in the red zone! Hell, the League should give us points for crossing midfield--and that would be pity points, we still wouldn't threaten to actually win the game! If the Rams don't show some sign of life this week, we could easily be looking at 0-8 or 0-9, and a final record of 2-14 or 3-13 again.

This team has too much talent for that. World-beaters, no. You look at the 6-10 teams in this league, we should be able to play with them. 6 wins is twice what we got, it's twice what we're probably going to get!
Scott Linehan is a waste of life. I hated that guy before he ever coached a game for us. I watched one of our local news stations have a preview of the season before his first year, where Linehan took the crew
on a tour of the training facility. I saw right then the guy was a friggin' idiot. I can't trust him to take a camera crew on a tour, why in the world would I trust him to lead my NFL Football Team. Good Lord!
He can't come up with a game plan, his play-calling sucks, he can't prepare a team to be ready to play. He can't inspire anyone. The team can't come out of the gate to start a game. He can't make halftime
adjustments. He's not a first half coach, he's not a 2nd half coach. It seems to me, he's lost this team. They have no confidence or respect for the guy. Toss his kiester on a train car and send him screaming out of town on a greased rail! With Jim Haslett on a side-car....


Who Will Be Fired First Scott Linehan vs. Lane Kiffin

Who will be fired first?Well it did not take long for the polls and odds to surface on the internet about which NFL head coach will be fired this season. Since the St. Louis Rams 41-13 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday the talk is not about if Scott Linehan will be fired but when. Some have him being fired if they lose to the Buffalo Bills this Sunday, others say wait until the bye week. Now on top of all of that, actual Las Vegas odds have been posted on which coach will be fired first. Bodoglife has the current odds with Lane Kiffin at -120 and Scott Linehan at -110.

Who do you believe will be fired first? What are your solutions for the Rams future?


Al Saunders Where Have You Gone?

Al Saunders where have you gone?Al Saunders who has coached in four different decades seems to have gotten caught up in the St. Louis Rams losing ways. Al this is not the Greatest Show on Turf (GSOT). This is a team that needs an identity. This is a team that needs to slow games down and allow the defense to rest. This is a team that needs to get back to the basics. This is not a high powered offense ready to explode for 40 points, it is a team in need of just getting into the red zone. Your offense requires a polished pocket passer that can make every throw and put them all on the money. Marc Bulger is currently a pocket passer with no confidence in his line or many of the reads he is making either. Al open your eyes and simplify.

Isaac Bruce has more yards receiving than every St. Louis Rams receiver on the roster. Isaac Bruce had more yards receiving on Sunday than Marc Bulger had net yards passing today. We went out of our way to get Pittman the ball in preseason but he has 1 carry in the regular season. Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton aquired to spread the field and add speed to the Rams roster have combined for ZERO catches through two games.

Al what are you doing? On sunday we had fullbacks and two tight end sets etc. and still gave up 6 sacks. We must back off the other teams pass rush. The New York Giants had 11 guys within 10 yards of the line of scrimage on almost every player. They were never afraid of being burnt. We have 3 or 4 players in motion every play and a different set of players out there every play. That is great but you are not tricking any one with the motion or putting the best players in a place to succeed. On one play today Dante Hall was split out on one side, and Randy McMicheal on other. That was it. I don't care if they criss-cross and do a dance nobody is going to get open on that play. Donnie Avery was finally dressed for a game and he ran back one kick off. What a great use of a roster spot. How about 3 wide with Torry Holt, Avery and Burton, with Steven Jackson in the backfield and Randy McMichael in tight to block. That gives you 7 blockers for Bulger and spreads the field for Jackson to find room to run. Open the game with smoke screen to Burton or Avery, you get Bulger a quick completion and make the defense respect your team speed. Keep it simple!