Saturday, October 18, 2008

NFL Week 6 Predictions

Every week I will make my NFL gameday predictions. We would love it if you share your opinions, or your own predictions in the comment area or our Fan-Sided forum area. All picks will be straight-up, not against the spread. We are doing pretty good so far going 46-28. My NFL Week 6 Predictions are below. Good Luck to you. Well last week did not turn out well. I had the Houston Texans upset nailed but they through it away. The Eagles blew a 14-0 lead, Baltimore lost late to the Titans, and somehow Green Bay lost at home to Atlanta. I am going to try Houston one more time. We will try to rebound this week.

Chicago Bears
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints
New York Jets
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Washington Redskins
Denver Broncos
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
Seattle Seahawks
San Diego Chargers
New York Giants

Last Week 7 - 7

Year to Date 46 -28



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