Monday, October 6, 2008

Rams stuck in time

It is official. The time of the greatest show on turf has ended. The show went from prime time with Super Bowl tickets in beginning of the century to a solid spot in the postseason a few years later to cancellation without hope of much more than a number one pick now. The Rams cannot run, they cannot pass, and they cannot defend. End the charade and trade away the expensive contracts of Bulger, Holt, and Jackson. It is not worth keeping these guys if the are not given the chance to put up Pro Bowl numbers.

That is right. They are not given the chance. The line is awful and the offensive coordination is juts as bad. It is time to arrange a fire sale for draft picks. As each NFL season has come to pass it has become more and more obvious that free agency is holding less and less talent, so the only way to rebuild is through the draft.

This team and the fans need to accept that the next few seasons at Edward Jones Dome are going to be painful to watch. It is time for the Rams to try and get as many picks in the first three rounds as possible. We need more Chris Long picks, more young players coming in to be the new face of the franchise. If anyone thinks the defense just needs some tweaking, they have not been watching. Replace the whole crew on both sides.

The first step to making Rams tickets bearable again is to rebuild the line. Jacob Bell is the only young guy with talent that is starting. Orlando Pace is getting older and is being forced to play in an impossible situation. Let him go, maybe get something in return for him, but let him go to someplace where every Sunday does not carry the dread that the Rams have brought on. Go into the next draft and pick up a the new tackles, guards, and centers needed to let the quarterback stand in the pocket and the running back find holes to run through.

Maybe Jackson should not go, but he does the franchise no good averaging three yards a carry. He is much better than that and is probably only getting more than two yards because he is so good. Any quarterback the Rams get will be unable to perform until that line is fixed and any talented receiver will be running meaningless routes as the current quarterback is pressured into submission.

The time has come to start over and look to the future instead of holding onto the past and letting the club deteriorate before everyone's eyes.



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