Monday, October 6, 2008

Rams Bills Tickets For Just Six Bills

St. Louis Rams tickets to the game this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills at the Edward Jones Dome are on sale for as low as 6 bills. Thats right, six dollars can get you into an NFL football game to see the 3-0 Buffalo Bills. I know the Rams are playing terrible right now, and the future does not look all that promising either but 6 bucks. Come on lets get the Jones Dome jumping to some hip-hop for Steven Jackson, and from Trent Green touchdown passes! I told you once and I am going to tell you again the St. Louis Rams will beat the Buffalo Bills this weekend. I welcome all smack talk, and I will be right here again on Monday to defend my pick should the Rams not come through. If you ever wanted to take your kids to a game but could not afford it here is your chance, don't miss out. You can view all the tickets for sale here.



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