Monday, October 6, 2008

Week 4 Preview: Buffalo Bills vs St. Louis Rams

Rams vs. Seattle GameDayThe St. Louis Rams will take on the Buffalo Bills Sunday afternoon at 3:05PM CST. Well as reported by Peter King of SI (who earlier in the week predicted a Rams victory) if the Rams lose today to the Bills Scott Linehan will be fired. Normally this would make any NFL contest more interesting, however after this week at Rams Park this is just another in a long line of odd things going on.

Off field issues for the Rams are even more in the news this week then their poor play on the field. After going 0-3 and being outscored 116-29 over the first 3 games Scott Linehan thought it was time to shake things up over at Rams Park. The first move was to bench Marc Bulger which seems to have alieninated the O-Line, Steven Jackson, and Torry Holt. Then the he cut Fakhir Brown our starting corner back from the roster. I still think this was a big FU to Jim Haslett. So this is an additional riff with Jim Haslett, and all of the secondary is now silent. How can you cut Fakhir Brown after watching Tye Hill and Corey Chavous the first 3 weeks.

Well that is enough about the week gone by lets get to today's game against the 3-0 first place Buffalo Bills. The Bills will be bringing in one of the hardest working teams into the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday. The Bills are extreamly tough up the middle on D. Kyle Williams, Marcus Stroud, and Paul Posluszny will be in Trent Green's face all day long. Expect the Bills to try and stuff Steven Jackson and then come hard up the middle with their base while mixing in some blitzes.

On Offense the Bills will feature QB Trent Edwards, RB Marshawn Lynch, and WR Lee Evans. Buffalo is averaging 26 points per game and is very solid with the ball. The Bills will try to get ahead early Sunday and take the Rams out of the game. I look for Marshawn to dominate early and get the Bills out to a lead. Marshawn has 4 TDs already but has not had a monster game yet, but today could be that day.

With the dysfunction of the Rams this week, and the seemingly hatred or indifference of coach Scott Linehan I do not expect much from the Rams today.


Buffalo Bills 30 - St. Louis Rams 10

P.S. Trent Green stay safe!



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