Monday, October 6, 2008

Big XII, As Good As The SEC?

Big XIIThe Big XII is just dominate right now. The Big XII has four teams in the top seven in the AP Top 25 poll including Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and Texas Tech? These four teams are currently 16-0 and have out scored their opponents 795 - 242, an average victory of 50-15. However out of the 16 only two were of quality over Illinois and TCU. The lack of quality non-conference opponents usually hurts the Big XII but this year they are already at the tops of the polls. The lack of quality opponents however may effect how ready they are for big games. The SEC has five teams in the top thirteen featuring Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida and Auburn. Big 12 will start conference play this week which will shake some things up for sure. Missouri plays at Nebraska where they have not won in 30+ years. Texas will play Oklahoma next week, followed by Missouri on October 18th. As good as the Big XII seems to be they do not have the mystique of the SEC. Can you picture Oklahoma going down to Alabama or LSU and winning on the road? Maybe, but it still seems those teams have the edge at home, at their stadiums with some of the best fans in the country. At the moment I still give the power edge to the SEC but look out this could be the year that the Big XII rises to the top!

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