Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bulger and Carriker in The House

The St. Louis Rams shelled out almost 80 million dollars in contract offers to Marc Bulger and Adam Carriker this weekend. WOW how great is that? The St. Louis Rams make a great effort at keeping the nucleolus of this franchise locked up, which makes watching them a lot of fun. In the age of the salary cap you do not always get to watch your favorite players for more than a couple of years. We should be grateful to the Rams that we have been able to watch Faulk, Bruce, Holt, Pace, Bulger, etc for many years, and hopefully we can add Adam “The Beast” Carriker to that list now as well. If we can keep a strong core and continually build around it we should be in the playoff hunt year in and year out. Way to go Rams!

#90 The Beast

Well St. Louis Rams training camp has opened. The St. Louis Rams have had three practices open to the public. One thing that you always notice at a St. Louis Rams practice is the size of Orlando Pace. Now in 2007 you will immediately notice a huge figure on the defensive side of the ball, and that figure is Adam Carriker. Adam at 6’-6” and about 315 pounds just looks huge out on the field. He has played extensively inside at tackle and is just dominating. Weather going against Andy McCollum or Richie Incognito, Adam seems to be able to push them around. I believe Adam “The Beast” Carriker will be great to watch in 2007. I can not wait to watch him in the first Pre-season game on August 10th against the Minnesota Vikings. I know you don’t get any wins in training camp but I am very excited about finally having a quality big man that seems athletic enough to dominate inside. If Little and Carriker come from the same side it could be lights out for our opponents.

Go Rams – Bring the Beast in 2007!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ESPN and First-Time "offender"

It is very interesting that every time ESPN says anything about Michael Vick they fit in the first-time "offender" phrase. What exactly is meant by first time offender? Most companies have a no drug policy. If you are a truck driver and test positive for drugs, are you still driving for that company the next day? Well you might still have a job but you would be in a world of hurt, you would not have many people stating that you are a first-time "offender". If the crime is murder is it still important that you are a first-time "offender”? Maybe most punishments are based on the frequency of problems with that person but does the crime alone ever become enough to just skip to the dismissable stage? It is my opinion IF these charges are indeed fact, and even before sentencing or conviction it is know that Vick had a dog ring, was part of the dog disposal and knew all of this was going on within his property he should be removed from the NFL for life. First time should be his last time!

Where is Michael Vick on ESPN?

Currently on ESPN (7/18) the front page story has Tiger Woods picture and an article about the British/US Open. Are you kidding me, where is the big picture of Vick and what is going on? Sure Michael Vick is on the front of the NFL section but isn't this story a littl more important then Tiger Woods playing in the British Open that has not even started yet?

Chris Mortensen on Michael Vick – Wrong Again

As I stated weeks ago when the story broke it was UNBELIEVABLE that the day the original indictments came out, Chris Mortensen stated all day that Vicks’ name is not on any paperwork and there is no way he will be suspended by the NFL. Chris is just a terrible journalist as ESPN has suddenly turned into a you heard it here first network.
From the original story:
“Additionally, Vick is unlikely to be indicted in the dog fighting federal investigation, according to information gathered by the NFL and Atlanta Falcons, sources tell ESPN's Chris Mortensen.”
Who are these sources that he always has? Does he know people in the FBI, apparently not. Why does Chris constantly seem to have a need to tell us about his sources? Common sense would tell you if you bought someone in your family an extremely expensive house then that is a relative you probably visit once in a while. Were we to believe if he only called his brother on the phone that he would not hear 60+ dogs barking? Please, continual coddling of these players is a joke.
Knowing how ESPN is covering sports these days you will probably hear in the near future how Chris will be the first to interview Michael Vick in jail!

Friday, July 13, 2007

NFL Suspends Fakhir Brown from

St. Louis, MO (Sports Network) - St. Louis Rams cornerback Fakhir Brown has been suspended without pay for the team's first four games of the 2007 campaign for violating the NFL Substance Abuse Policy. Brown's suspension begins on Friday, August 31, and he is eligible to return to the active roster on October 1 following the team's September 30 game against the Dallas Cowboys. The Grambling alum signed with the Rams as a free agent in 2006, and posted three interceptions and six passes defensed in 14 games. He started his career in San Diego in 1999 and played two seasons with the Chargers prior to a four- year stint with the Saints. Brown is eligible to participate in all preseason practices and games.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 reports Bulger may hold out

Marc Bulger told Sirius NFL Radio Tuesday that he won't rule out a holdout if the Rams don't sign him to a contract extension prior to training camp.
Bulger says he does expect to complete a new deal before the start of camp. The Rams can't afford to let Bulger hold out as they get new faces Randy McMichael and Drew Bennett incorporated into the offense. Bulger and his agent may be attempting to force the issue to get negotiations jumpstarted.

Full text from

Sunday, July 8, 2007

What happened to just playing football

Below are the top 5 stories today on www.NFL .com. Why do we only hear about bad things going on it the world of sports today? If good things are happening let'spost them as well. Also let's hope the commissioner continues to remove the bad seeds from the NFL, the greatest sport in the world!

Feds: Dog fights held at house since 2002; Vick not named

Ex-lineman Maas arrested on drugs, weapons charges

NFL bans Broncos DE Peterson for four games Rhodes Cox

Two owners, three HOFers to be presenters in Canton

DUI charges against Tank Johnson dropped

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Red Zone Woes are Over

The Rams offense will be scary in 07. This will be the second year under Linehan's new system. It was obvious late in the year that Bulger was really catching on to the system. In addition check out the roster. With the size and power we have in the red zone now we should be able to romp into the end zone at will. S-Jack, Leonard, and Hedgecock are just huge powerful athletic backs. In addition we have the 6' 5" Bennett, 6-3 McMichael, and 6-5 Klopfenstein. This is all without even mentioning HOFers Holt and Bruce who have over 23,000 receiving yards! Wow I can't wait for the season to start.

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Big Three

The St. Louis Rams big three of Steven Jackson, Torry Holt, and Isaac Bruce could be considered the best in the NFL. Steven Jackson is coming off of a 2300+ total yard season and claims he will hit 2500 in 07'. Torry Holt coming off an almost 1200 yard year had off season surgery and should be healthier than he has been the last couple of years, that could be almost scary. Add to this Isaac Bruce who posted another 1000+ yard season towards his HOF numbers and you are looking at possibly the best trio in the league. Only the Indianpolis Colts with Addai, Harrison and Reggie Wayne, along with the Patriots trio of Maroney, Stallworth and Randy Moss can even come close. I believe this group will have close to 5000 total yards in 07' which would be amazing!

Jonathan Wade could be the answer

Jonathan Wade has size and speed the St. Louis Rams have never had before. He was one of the fastest players at the combine. In addition playing in the SEC gives him pro type experience prior to even getting into the NFL. Hopefully Wade will get to play right away unlike Hill who did not get playing time for quite a while. I would like to see them teamed up early to start a cornerstone of great D. Thefact that the Rams signed him early is a great sign. For

Adam Carriker is up to 313 pounds

USA Today states that Adam Carriker is up to 313 pounds from the 296 he carried at the combine. There are several things now weighing heavy on my mind.

1. Adam Carriker is very athletic and played great as a DE at Nebraska. The Rams desperately need a pass rush to help their defense yet the plan to play Carriker at nose tackle a a DT in the 4-3 D.

2. With the added playing weight on his frame he will now be more likely to get injure and will play inside in a pile of bodies and wash that constantly falls on DTs. Can we afford to waste another #1 pick?

3. Rams camp starts in 21 days and Adam Carriker is not yet under contract as a St. Louis Ram.

Well I do not know about you but I am not arm and fuzzy yet.

Does Vick Have Skeletons?

Friday July 6th a property owned by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was used as the "main staging area for housing and training the pit bulls involved" in an alleged dogfighting operation, according to court documents ( wire reports). What should this mean? What do you think the commissioner should do? If there is even one bone found in that back yard should the league give Vick the boot. He always seems to be right on the brink of trouble but never quite in it. Given his brothers package is this a case of looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck? An informant has told authorities as many as 30 dogs could be buried on the property. They keep stating way too quickly on NFL Network and ESPN that they do not believe Vick will be suspended and that he is not listed in any of the documents this week. Well it is his property and there seem to be players covering for him since the original stories. Vick has never thrown for over 3000 yards, and has a passing rating in the 70's over the past 3 years, can the league do without him. I believe so...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wroten taking us down the same path

It seems like we have been down this path before. Wroten a slight risk at draft time and falling down everyone's board was the Rams thought, a steal. Now a possible problem child has another run in with the law at LSU. Byrd is almost a sure bust already and now Wroten is heading down this path. Do you think the Rams should keep him on board or wait until he sinks his own ship?