Thursday, July 31, 2008

St. Louis Rams Single Game Tickets

St. Louis Rams single game tickets will go on sale at 10AM CST Friday August 1st. You can buy the single game tickets from Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster outlets, and from the St. Louis Rams website.

*****NOTE***** Tickets for the Dallas and Chicago games require the purchase of a predetermined second game. Dallas’ second game is the Buffalo Bills; and Chicago’s second game is the New York Giants. The selection is automatic during the purchase process and there are no exceptions.

I would like to point out that Rams single game tickets for several games are still available on the net for UNDER face value. As of tonight Rams single game ticket to the Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, and San Francisco 49ers can all be purchased under face value from Stubhub. Thats right you can get St. Louis Rams single game tickets for as low as $19 to see the Arizona Cardinals our division rivals. There are well over 100 tickets remaining to the Cardinals game for under $40. Why buy two tickets when you can just bye single tickets from Stubhub?

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Scott Linehan A Wuss?

Is Scott Linehan a Wuss?St. Louis Rams coach Scott Linehan often makes me scratch my head. I have said before that when he was hired I felt like I was a fan of a college team that would now endure 4 years of mediocrity. I never thought that Linehan was qualified to be a head coach in the NFL so I figured we would have to ride out the wave, or four years if you will. Linehan has a 11-21 career record with the Rams. Sure you can't totally blame him with all the injuries and being a new coach taking over for Mike Martz, however I have always had the feeling that he will be here until his time is up and the Rams can replace him with someone better. Linehan was never a head coach in college, and was really not with any major programs. Scott was with Washington and Louisville but they were not real powers at the time and he was the offensive coordinator with each. Since joining the Rams I feel Linehan is not respected by his players. Last year we all saw the looks that Marc Bulger, Torry Holt and Steven Jackson gave him on the sidelines. In addition Linehan took everything from Claude Terrell and Dominic Byrd before finally cutting them loose.

Now comes this weeks examples:
When Steven Jackson told him he would not be making the flight to training camp, Linehan said “I have such respect for Steven and he was respectful with letting me know he wasn’t going to be on the plane.” Is he really this naive? Did he think Steven was hopping on a different plane?

Now today reported It was perhaps the hottest session of practice since the team arrived and it showed according to coach Scott Linehan. In the middle of practice, Linehan called his team to the middle of the field and gave an impassioned plea for a better effort.

The high temperature today in Mequon, Wisconsin was 87 degrees. There are already at least 13 players with nagging injuries a couple pretty serious and we are already whining when it is 87 on July 30th and have to give the players a pep talk. As the kids would say WTF. This is the same Scott Linehan that is being the bizzaro Linehan in 2008. He wanted to move camp away from home, have tougher practices and play the starters more in preseason games. I get no impression at all that he can be tough with these players and make them perform above their abilities.

Is Scott Linehan more suited for college coaching like Pete Carroll? Is Scott Linehan a wuss? What are your impressions of coach Linehan?

If you would like to discuss this or have any other opinions you would like to share remember to check out the RAMblin’Fan forum, or if you are a fan of another NFL club check out our NFL forums at Fansided forums, were all bloggers check in to chat routinely.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Donnie Avery Injured

Donnie Avery InjuredSt. Louis Rams Donnie Avery has a crack in his pelvic bone (stress fracture). That is the report today from St. Louis Rams training camp in Mequon, Wisconsin. The only place we have seen this report is from Jim Thomas of and on Team 1380 sports talk radio. Thomas reports that Avery was injured after catching a ball in practice on Monday and landing on his hip. Team doctors said they have not seen a stress fracture in this area before so they are looking into how they will treat Avery. Avery who just watched practice from the sideline on Tuesday could be out for any length of time but team sources have said a few days to a few weeks. We would like to thank Jim Thomas for breaking this story on the radio for fans that want to be up to date on the latest St. Louis Rams news. This could be a crushing blow to the Rams, who have no clear cut #3 receiver behind Torry Holt and Drew Bennett. It is very important that Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton pick up the Al Saunders offense as soon as possible.

Donnie Avery was the Rams second-round pick, and 33rd pick overall in the 2008 NFL draft.

In other St. Louis Rams injury news Chris Draft has back spasms; Mark Setterstrom has an injury to his leg, and Anthony Becht, Vince Hall & Oshiomogho Atogwe all have nagging hamstring injuries. I have not found any word yet on Victor Adeyanju's finger surgery.

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Steven Jackson Holdout - Day 4

St. Louis Rams Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson is still a holdout. Day four provided the interesting news that Steven Jackson is keeping in touch with coach Scott Linehan and players via text messaging. Scott Linehan said "I see how he's doing and what he's doing," Linehan said. "Obviously, we've got to take care of this first, but I just kind of let him know where we're at, and some of the things that are going on. "He's real focused on what's going on in camp, his head's definitely in the right place." This is far from old school you would think the head coach would ignore the player until he arrives.

I would like to point out to fans that you never miss what you have until it is gone. For those of you that are tired of Steven Jackson I would like you to watch the video below. At 6'-2" and 230 pounds Steven Jackson is a rare explosive power back. Jackson is only 25 years old and already is close to 6000 total yards in his career. You don't drive away a feature back, you sign him!

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Victor Adeyanju Breaks Finger

Victor Adeyanju broke his middle finger in practice at Rams training camp on Sunday. The break must be pretty bad because Victor has been sent back to St. Louis on Monday to possibly have surgery to place metal pins into the finger to stabilize it. Some reports say Victor will miss at least four weeks and possibly all of the preseason games. Scott Linehan said once Victor is cleared to play he could get some work in with a club on his hand. I don't know about you but I think an NFL DE needs 100% of his hands to be effective, this could be a huge blow to Adeyanju. I heard Jim Haslett on a local radio station the other day state that Victor is the Rams best defensive lineman against the run. In addition I am tired of watching Pisa Tinoisamoa try to play with one arm in the NFL, it just does not work. The Rams seem to always have problems with depth, hopefully Victor will not be gone too long. C.J. Ah You is listed as the next in line to be the backup left defensive end. C.J. has zero tackles in the NFL. Lets wish Victor a speedy recovery!

In other St. Louis Rams injury news Chris Draft is suffering from back spasms and Oshiomogho Atogwe is hamstring issues.

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Steven Jackson A Holdout!

Friday the St. Louis Rams reported that Steven Jackson is officially a hold out. We are now three days into a hold out that may go on for a little while. Jay Zygmunt the Rams President is no longer negotiating with Eugene Parker who is Steven Jackson's agent. Until Jackson is in camp the Rams vow to carry on without Jackson while fining him $15,000 per day for an unexcused absence. Jackson currently has rung up $45,000 in fines. Hopefully this will play out well for the Rams and we will get a franchise back under contract for 5+ years. With Brian Leonard as our only backup, Jackson has a lot of cards to play. Hopefully the Rams will be able to get him into camp and ready to go, prior to the first preseason game August 10th. I think we have seen that it is important for the Rams first team offense to get in more work in the preseason. Scott Linehan knows he can not afford to start off 0-8 again because he will be on the street. I am still not a supporter of Linehan. When Jackson told him he would not be making the flight to training camp, Linehan said "I have such respect for Steven and he was respectful with letting me know he wasn’t going to be on the plane.” Is he really this naive? Did he think Steven was hopping on a different plane? After incidents with Claude Terrell, & Dominique Byrd along with game faces from Marc Bulger, Steven Jackson, and Torry Holt I am still not sold that the Rams are behind him. Are you?

The Associated Press
Jackson's agent turned down the Rams' latest offer Friday afternoon and the Rams responded by cutting off talks until the running back was in camp. Coach Scott Linehan's concise update on Saturday: "Nothing that I know of."

St. Louis Rams
Rams running back Steven Jackson officially became a hold out on Friday morning when he missed the team’s first official meeting of training camp.

Zygmunt received a call from Parker on Friday afternoon informing him that Jackson would not be accepting the offer. At that point, Zygmunt informed Parker that Jackson would be fined (the maximum is $15,000) for any and all missed time at training camp and any further negotiations would continue only if Jackson arrives at camp.

Steven Jackson a holdout. I swear when I saw this headline I thought they meant Stephen Jackson was holding the police off. That's much more interesting than Rams football news.

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Fakir Brown Injured At Rams Training Camp

Fakir BrownThe St. Louis Rams have reported that Fakir Brown suffered a rotator cuff injury at training camp. With Brown getting suspended early in 2007 we certainly do not need this snow ball once again to start rolling down hill. Ron Bartell & Jonathon Wade need to be more consistent for the Rams not to rely heavy on Brown. Bartell and Wade have not been solid enough to prove they can be starters in the NFL. This may also provide a opportunity for Justin King to step up and try to win a nickel back role or even more. I believe it will be important for the Rams to have a 100% healthy Fakir Brown to start the 2008 NFL season.

The first semi-serious injury of this training camp has hit. Cornerback Fakhir Brown has a partial tear of his rotator cuff in his left shoulder and is expected to be out for two to three weeks. Brown did some running on the side but is likely to miss the first preseason game. Ron Bartell stepped into his spot in the starting lineup on Saturday afternoon

Cornerback Fakhir Brown was in full sight on the sideline, his left shoulder in a brace. Brown was hurt midway through Friday's opening practice, and an MRI exam Saturday disclosed a slight tear of his rotator cuff, coach Scott Linehan reported.

Brown, who won't need surgery, is likely to be sidelined two to three weeks. That means he'll sit out the Rams' first preseason game, Aug. 9 at Tennessee.

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