Tuesday, May 20, 2008

St. Louis Rams For Sale?

St. Louis Rams For Sale

Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports reported on Tuesday that the St. Louis Rams are for sale. Well isn't that nice. Season ticket bills were due May 1st, back when Chip Rosenbloom and daughter Lucia Rodriguez were so happy to own the Rams and were going to do everything in their power to keep them in St. Louis. Well welcome to reality and greed only a couple of months later. Once again the Rams organization is doomed by the simple fact that it is being run by non-football people. In typical John Shaw, president of the St. Louis Rams fashion, he declined to comment on the team's potential sale. The Rams lease is up in 2012 at the Edward Jones Dome. The Rams just came in at #111 in the 2008 ESPN franchise rankings. The Edward Jones Dome has been taking a beating lately by fans and media alike. Fans are not going to want to buck up for a new stadium only 13 years later. Will the Rams really move again? Do you care? Please write us and let us know your thoughts?

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Aeneas Williams to Join Cardinals Ring of Honor

The Arizona Cardinals are going to induct Aeneas Williams into the Cardinals Ring of Honor at halftime of the Monday Night Football Game vs. San Francisco 49ers on Monday November, 10th. Scott from Raisingzona.com wrote the great article below. We at Ramblinfan.com would like to say congrats and thank you to Aeneas for his great play and leadership with the St. Louis Rams. Aeneas should have won a ring in 2001 with the St. Louis Rams. Enjoy the honor you deserve it.
I read today that former Cardinals CB Aeneas Williams is going to be inducted into the Cardinals Ring of Honor at halftime of the Monday Night Football Game vs. San Francisco on Monday November, 10th. This is a great honor for so many reasons, none greater than the fact he was a hard playing, hard hitting, hard to run past, corner.

If the Cardinals had 53 Aeneas Williams on their roster, this team would win the Super Bowl every year. It’s a shame a player of his caliber didn’t see more team success during his tenure in Arizona. Sure he saw some success at the end of his career in St. Louis. However he will always be remembered as a Cardinal. The Cardinal Organization obviously recognizes that as well, hence the reason for the honor.

I would take Aeneas anyday over the Deion Sanders, Antonio Cromartie, Chris McAllister, Dre Bly, Ronnie Lott, and Eric Allen’s of the world, just to name a few. He kept his mouth shut. Never said a bad word about anyone. He played hard and went about his business as if he was trying to put food on the table rather than trying to put himself in celebrity. He was genuine, athletic, and never stepped down from a challenge from a top receiver.

It’s too bad we don’t have more Aeneas Williams in today’s game. I think some really talented defensive backs, safeties, and corners could really learn from watching how Aeneas kept command of the defensive secondary. It’s too bad that there aren’t more individuals like Aeneas in the game. Take away the athleticism and professionalism, and you still had character. Are you listening D’Angelo Hall? Are you paying attention Adam “Pacman” Jones?

Go Cards!

The below names are in the Cardinals Ring of Honor

Charles Bidwill, Owner (8/12/2006)
Jimmy Conzelman, Coach (8/12/2006)
Dan Dierdorf, T (10/16/2006)
John "Paddy" Driscoll, QB (8/12/2006)
Marshall Goldberg, HB (8/12/2006)
Dick "Night Train" Lane, DB (8/12/2006)
Ollie Matson, HB (8/12/2006)
Ernie Nevers, FB (8/12/2006)
Charley Trippi, HB/QB (8/12/2006)
Roger Wehrli, CB (10/14/2007)
Larry Wilson, S (9/10/2006)
Pat Tillman, S (11/12/2006)

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Matt Walsh Sends Spygate Tapes to NFL, Rams Win Superbowl XXXVI!

Well Matt Walsh finally gave the elusive spygate tapes to the NFL, but not THE tape. According to FoxSports "The tapes sent to the NFL show the Patriots recorded signals in regular-season games against Miami, Buffalo, Cleveland and San Diego, and against Pittsburgh in the 2002 AFC championship game." Walsh is now supposed to meet with Roger Goodell next Tuesday. What happen to that tape of the Rams walkthrough? Walsh's lawyer stated that Walsh never said he had a tape of the St. Louis Rams Superbowl walkthrough. How convenient that the tape that started most of this investigation now does not exist. More Spygate? What are your thoughts? I for one hate the Patriots and the mad genius and the love fest that ESPN has with this team and Boston for that matter. I think it is simple we won Superbowl XXXVI, case over.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

St. Louis Rams Sign 12 Rookie Free Agents

The St. Louis Rams agreed to terms with 12 rookie free agents on April 28th. I heard the names of many of these players before the draft and during the late rounds. The Rams almost made Marc Magro Mr. Irrelevant. Once again the Rams are looking at production. These players simply made plays in college. I am a big fan of these pick ups. I believe camp is going to be very interesting. I do not think there will be many free passes given to veteran players in 2008. Are the Rams actually improving? If you are a fan of any of these college players send us your thoughts on their chances of making the Rams.

The Players:

Name, Pos. ... Ht., Wt. ... College

Yvenson Bernard, RB ... 5-8, 204 ... Oregon State

Vernon Bryant, DT ... 6-2, 285 ... Hampton

Matt Caddell, WR ... 6-0, 187 ... Alabama

Vincent Hall, LB ... 5-11, 238 ... Virginia Tech

Rodney Hardeway, DE ... 6-3, 230 ... Louisiana-Lafayette

Joshua Hyman, WR ... 5-11, 191 ... Virginia Tech

Doug Jones, TE ... 6-4, 275 ... Cincinnati

Marc Magro, LB ... 6-3, 240 ... West Virginia

Brandon McAnderson, FB ... 5-11, 238 ... Kansas

Justin McKinney, CB ... 5-10, 188 ... Kansas State

Stephen Sene, OT ... 6-5, 326 ... Liberty

Joshua Thompson, DT ... 6-0, 301 ... Auburn

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Tony Temple Goes From Cleveland Browns to Buffalo Bills

After getting cut from the Cleveland Browns, Tony Temple was invited to the Buffalo Bills mini-camp. With back to back 1000 yard seasons for the Missouri Tigers and 4.47 speed Tony has a good shot at making an NFL club in 2008. Temple was ranked 33rd on the nfldraftcountdown list of running backs in the 2008 NFL Draft.

Missouri\'s Tony Temple in Big 12 Championship Game


Good athleticism...A natural runner with good patience, vision and instincts...Plays faster than he times...Tough and runs hard...Terrific balance and agility...Might be able to contribute as a return man...He will break some tackles..Pretty productive.

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Zacrey Atterberry from Lindenwood Signs with Chicago Bears

Zacrey Atterberry P from Lindenwood University signed with the Chicago Bears on Tuesday as a rookie free agent. Zacrey can really boom the ball and it is great to see a local player from an NAIA school get a chance in the NFL. Brad Maynard is the Chicago Bears current punter. Brad is 34 and averaged 41.8 yards per kick, with a 37.4 yard net average in 2007. Brad was 25th in the league in average and 16th in net average. Sounds like Zacrey will have a shot. Let's wish him luck. If you have any pictures of Zacrey please send them and we will post one here.

The Bleacherreport.com reports:

So who are some of the top players from schools you’ve probably never heard of? Here’s my list of this years potential draftees:

Zacrey Atterberry, P, Lindenwood: Atterberry averaged 41.6 yards per punt with a long of 72 for the NAIA school out of Missouri. The Lions compete in the Heart of America Athletic Conference – I don’t even have a joke for that – and finished with a 10-2 record this year. If Atterberry wants to stay in the Heart of America, he’s going to have some difficulties, though – St. Louis Rams punter Donnie Jones averaged over 47 yards per kick last year.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

ESPN Franchise Rankings St. Louis Rams #111

The 2008 ESPN franchise rankings have been released and the St Louis Rams are coming in at #111. We would also like to point out that Ramblinfan.com has been mentioned in the on-line version of the article. I don't know what is more surprising the fact that we were able to get into the article or the fact that there are 2 coaches ranked worse than Scott Linehan! Sorry that was a cheap shot but we had to take it. We also had more issues with the Rams over the weekend. The Rams Draft Day Party was from 1PM-5PM CST. Why was it scheduled like that? The 2008 NFL Draft started at 2PM, so we were allowed to stay in the dome for 3 hours of the draft. That is nice but at 5PM the Rams still had not made their 2nd pick. So basically after the Rams took Chris Long with the #2 overall pick around 2:10PM people were leaving since you would not even see the complete 1st round coverage while at the Edward Jones Dome.

Last Year's Rank: 81
Title Track: 32
Ownership: 109
Coaching: 120
Players: 109
Fan Relations: 109
Affordability: 111
Stadium Experience: 114
Bang for the Buck: 111

Seems like just yesterday this was the "Greatest Show on Turf." Now fans sound as if they just want this circus to leave town. At the very least, another big top is in order: The Edward Jones Dome has awful acoustics and dim lighting and remains behind the high-tech times. "The once-state-of-the-art JumboTron is now like a 20" TV in a hall of plasmas," grumbles Vincent Vitale of http://ramblinfan.com. And the stadium's proximity to both the Big Muddy and the Lumière Casino results in a dearth of tailgate real estate too. "There are little pods of tailgaters instead of one massive party," Vitale complains. And even if the team hadn't stumbled through a 3-13 season, those $8 stadium brews (yes, the NFL's priciest brewski is poured in Anheuser-Busch country) would make a comfortable spot for a pregame sixer a necessity. -Andy Kamenetzky

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Rams Select Chris Long With The 2nd Pick

St. Louis Rams Select Chris Long with #2 Pick

I love the selection by the St. Louis Rams of Chris Long DE - Virginia with the second overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. The Rams really could not go wrong with this selection. They were sitting on Glenn Dorsey or Chris Long, or the possibility of trading down. I believe Chris Long is the correct choice here. With Leonard Little and James Hall as the starting DEs going into 08' you have to be worried about injuries and production. Inside the Rams can get by with Adam Carriker, Clifton Ryan, LeRoy Glover and Claude Wroten. The Rams needed a legit pass rusher and Long is that guy. In addition to his ability the Rams will add football intangibles.

See Chris in action:

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Rams Select Donnie Avery With The 33rd Pick

St. Louis Rams Select Donnie Avery with 33rd Pick - Andrew Goldhawn

The St. Louis Rams selected Chris Avery WR - Houston University with the 33rd overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. This was a shocking picking by many. When the Rams picked at #33 EVERY WR was still on the board. Chris Avery a speed burner from Houston was not considered to be in the top 10 receivers in the draft. Considering we need an offensive lineman still and every WR was still on the board I believe pick #33 would have been probably better served by selecting a lineman and shooting for a WR in round 3. The Rams had Avery in as part of the 30 players invited to Rams Park a couple of weeks ago so it is not completely surprising but @ #33 this seems to be way to early. They picked Long over Dorsey I believe mostly based on him being a safer choice. Then at 33 when they could have picked Devon Thomas or Malcolm Kelly the safer choice or DeSean Jackson the speed burner return man from California. Jackson seems to be a perfect fit for Al Saunders. Only time will tell with this pick. For now I see it as a reach.

See Donnie in action:

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Rams Select John Greco With The 65th Pick

St. Louis Rams Select John Greco with 65th Pick - Steve Sheiner

The St. Louis Rams selected John Greco OT - Toledo with the 65th overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. This was the pick many predicted from the start. The Rams had Greco in as part of the 30 players invited to Rams Park a couple of weeks ago. At 6'5" and 305 pounds and great feet this was a nice pick up for the Rams. The key to Greco is versitility. With his size and feet he should make a very good guard in the NFL and can also fill in at tackle if the Rams have injury problems in 2008. With Jacob Bell and John Greco the Rams are starting to add some depth to the squad. John was a top 5 guard with most scouting firms.

See John in action:

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Rams Select Justin King With The 101st Pick

St. Louis Rams Select Justin King with #101 Pick - Greg Herrington

The St. Louis Rams selected Justin King CB - Penn State with the 101st overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. The theme for the 2008 draft so far would be speed. Justin is a flat out speed burner with a 4.31 40 time. Justin is average size at about 5'11" and 190 pounds. With only 3 picks at Penn State during his career his ball skills have been question. Justin will give the Rams more depth in the secondary and also special teams. Along with Donnie Avery, Justin can also return kicks. Donte Hall did not have a great weekend I think he may be expendable in 2008.

See Justin King's speed in action:

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Rams Select Keenan Burton With The 128th Pick

St. Louis Rams Select Keenan Burton with 128th Pick

The St. Louis Rams selected Keenan Burton WR - Kentucky with the 128th overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. The run on speed continues. Keenan can run a 4.45 40 and can also return kicks. Keenan is great after the catch, which is why Scott Linehan likes Donnie Avery. I like the fact he knows how to score. Keenan had 21 touchdowns over the last two years at Kentucky. At 6' and 205 pounds he is more physical than Donnie Avery. This could be a player we can use to go over the middle. Injury issues have dropped him down this far in the draft. Keep that speed on special teams coming. Hopefully will compete with Avery for the #3 receiver position in 08'

See Keenan in action:

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Rams Select Roy Schuening With The 157th Pick

St. Louis Rams Select Roy Schuening with 157th Pick - Greg Herrington

The St. Louis Rams selected Roy Schuening OG - Oregon State with the 157th overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. The Rams are adding more O-line depth here with Schuening. At 6'4" and 305 pounds this is another large versitile body for the Rams to work with. John Greco and Roy Schuening have both been mentioned as being like Logan Mankins. Roy is listed as the #3 OG on nfldraftcountdown which means he could be a steal at pick number 157 in the 5th round. The Rams suddenly have about 10 bodies to choose from for their O-line. Hopefully youth and competite will help this line shape up for 08'.

See Roy in action:

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