Thursday, February 28, 2008

Goodbye Brruuuuucccccccceeeeeeeeeee

The St. Louis Rams released Hall of Fame wide receiver Isaac Bruce on Thursday. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch Isaac turned down a 3 million dollar base salary and the St. Louis Rams were not going to pay Isaac the 2 million dollar roster bonus that was due. While I admit $5 million for a 35 year old Isaac Bruce to play in 2008 seems a little high the Rams should have made sure that he finished his career as a St. Louis Ram. Am I old school, do I believe they owe it to him? Yes I do. In what I feel is another terrible personnel move by the Rams they lost another piece of their heart and sole. The issue is not the 5 million dollars, the issues are how they keep letting things come down to this. When they gave an unproven, over-rated Drew Bennett 30 million dollars as a 2007 free agent pickup, the writing was on the wall for Isaac. However the Rams had all of 2007 to restructure a contract that you knew they were not going to pay. Why wait until the day before free agency to tell a grown professional man, and heart and sole of your team, and game winning catch receiver from your only Superbowl victory that you were going to stick it to him and NOT pay him the 2 million dollar roster bonus that you had once promised. Why, I'll tell you why because that is how the St. Louis Rams operate. Teams win in the NFL from the top down and the St. Louis Rams continue to be a poorly ran organization. While they were busy cutting Isaac Bruce, they in-turn restructure the contract for Leonard Little. He of the 19 total tackles and 1 sack in 2007, and we will not even mention his off the field issues. Character, it is all about character. I as a St. Louis Rams fan and PSL holder expect, and want a little more from our St. Louis Rams. Goodbye to you Isaac and we wish you luck. You are a proud, and great football player and we will miss you!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Problem is Solved, Rams Sign Travis Minor

For those of you who thought the St. Louis Rams were off to a slow start this off-season never fear Travis Minor is in the house. Minor who was unrestricted free agent is now back in the Rams fold. Minor who had 68 yards rushing in 2007 for the Rams is currently the 4th string back at best and I am not sure why you would not just take a shot at a league minimum back, or a 7th round pick type guy to fill this slot. Minor has only 1200+ yards rushing after 7 years in the NFL so do not look at this signing as having any impact at all on the Rams roster other than sucking up a roster spot. Hopefully this is not the work of Billy Devaney, because we will need to put together a much more solid 53 man roster in 2008 to compete.

2008 NFL Franchise & Transition List

The below 12 players have been "tagged" by their teams, and will not be changing teams or coming to the St. Louis Rams this year. We can now turn our attention to this years free agent class. Stay tuned for more thoughts coming soon..

DE Jared Allen
Kansas City

Non-exclusive franchise
$8.879 million

OT-OG Stacy Andrews
Non-exclusive franchise
$7.455 million

CB Nnamdi Asomugha
Exclusive franchise
$9.465+ million

OLB Karlos Dansby
Non-exclusive franchise
$8.065 million

OT Jordan Gross
Carolina Panthers
Non-exclusive franchise
$7.455 million

S Ken Hamlin
Dallas Cowboys

Non-exclusive franchise
$4.396 million

DT Albert Haynesworth
Tennessee Titans

Non-exclusive franchise
$7.250 million

TE L.J. Smith
Philadelphia Eagles

Non-exclusive franchise
$4.522 million

OT Max Starks
Pittsburgh Steelers


$6.895 million

OLB-DE Terrell Suggs
Baltimore Ravens
Non-exclusive franchise
$8.065 million

CB Marcus Trufant
Seattle Seahawks
Non-exclusive franchise
$9.465 million

DT Corey Williams
Green Bay Packers

Non-exclusive franchise
$6.363 million

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Leonard Little Must Go!

Leonard Little will count $9.531 million against the St. Louis Rams overall 2008 cap. Leonard Little is the St. Louis Rams highest paid player. Why? Let's get Chris Long and save 9 million dollars! Little is due $7.17 million in a roster bonus next week. DO NOT PAY!!!