Monday, October 6, 2008

St. Louis Rams Hit Bumpus In The Road

It took the St. Louis Rams 8 minutes and 16 seconds to hit a Bumpus in the road on Sunday at Quest Field against the Seattle Seahawks. At the 8 minute and 16 second mark Michael Bumpus took a ten yard pass from Matt Hasselbeck into the end zone to give the Seahawks a very early 10-0 lead over the St. Louis Rams. It was at this moment it hit me that another Rams game was over and that they would go on to lose their 16th game in their last 19 tries. That feeling was closely followed by the thought of how pathetic the Rams have become and how mad I am at them for allowing that to happen. We have went from the penthouse to the outhouse as they say.

The Rams went on to lose 37-13 today to the Seahawks. The details are really not that important at this time. We need to forge ahead with a plan to rebuild this franchise from the top down, and we need to put that plan into action now, not later. I do not understand why people want to wait until the bye week, or wait until the end of the season to make some moves? Why? If you think of the Rams as a Billion dollar store you would just not waste week after week of your store being ran into the ground from poor leadership would you? This is close to a billion dollar team being led by nobody!

The time is now to stop the bleeding and start the healing. If Scott Linehan or Jim Haslett is not fired by sunup there is a huge problem with this franchise. It is time for the excuses to end.



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