Monday, October 6, 2008

Al Saunders Where Have You Gone?

Al Saunders where have you gone?Al Saunders who has coached in four different decades seems to have gotten caught up in the St. Louis Rams losing ways. Al this is not the Greatest Show on Turf (GSOT). This is a team that needs an identity. This is a team that needs to slow games down and allow the defense to rest. This is a team that needs to get back to the basics. This is not a high powered offense ready to explode for 40 points, it is a team in need of just getting into the red zone. Your offense requires a polished pocket passer that can make every throw and put them all on the money. Marc Bulger is currently a pocket passer with no confidence in his line or many of the reads he is making either. Al open your eyes and simplify.

Isaac Bruce has more yards receiving than every St. Louis Rams receiver on the roster. Isaac Bruce had more yards receiving on Sunday than Marc Bulger had net yards passing today. We went out of our way to get Pittman the ball in preseason but he has 1 carry in the regular season. Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton aquired to spread the field and add speed to the Rams roster have combined for ZERO catches through two games.

Al what are you doing? On sunday we had fullbacks and two tight end sets etc. and still gave up 6 sacks. We must back off the other teams pass rush. The New York Giants had 11 guys within 10 yards of the line of scrimage on almost every player. They were never afraid of being burnt. We have 3 or 4 players in motion every play and a different set of players out there every play. That is great but you are not tricking any one with the motion or putting the best players in a place to succeed. On one play today Dante Hall was split out on one side, and Randy McMicheal on other. That was it. I don't care if they criss-cross and do a dance nobody is going to get open on that play. Donnie Avery was finally dressed for a game and he ran back one kick off. What a great use of a roster spot. How about 3 wide with Torry Holt, Avery and Burton, with Steven Jackson in the backfield and Randy McMichael in tight to block. That gives you 7 blockers for Bulger and spreads the field for Jackson to find room to run. Open the game with smoke screen to Burton or Avery, you get Bulger a quick completion and make the defense respect your team speed. Keep it simple!



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