Monday, October 6, 2008

Missouri Tigers End 30 Years Of Frustration

Missouri TigersIt only took the Missouri Tigers 59 seconds on Saturday night to take the lead at Lincoln Nebraska, and go on to an enormous 52-17 victory against the Nebreaska Cornhuskers. This was another great win for the Tigers. This is not the Tigers of the 80's or 90's these are the 2008 Missouri Tigers and they seem to be special. Not short bus special, but the kind of special that does not care about the past or what you think. These Tigers are going to take the ball and score. These Tigers don't care if you don't like their running game, or use of the play clock, or that sometimes the defense gives up a big play. These Tigers are going to hang half a hundred on you and do it with a chip on their shoulder. Even last night at halftime Mark May was asked if the Tigers have the best offense in college football and he said "they have the third best offense in the Big 12." Well Mark the Tigers put up 52 again and they are looking forward to playing all comers.

This was another solid game for the Tigers on National TV. These games are huge for recruiting and this was another showcase of the Missouri Tigers offense. So many weapons so little time. The Tigers played their starters for only 3 quarters again. In those three quarters they quickly put up 52 points. The points came from Jeremy Maclin, Derrick Washington, Jimmy Jackson, Danario Alexander, and even Brock Christopher took an interception back for 6 points. The whole time you are watching the Tigers it seems like they could be doing even more but time just seems to run out. Last night after the first catch for Maclin he was pretty quiet. Chase Coffman caught 5 balls and always seems open. Chase Daniel only completed 18 passes. Still the team put up 52 points. How good are they? How good can they be? Chase Daniel never even had to run for yardage. The Tigers have not went 3 and out one time all year with Chase Daniel at QB. This team is for real and I look forward to watching them every week. The #4 Missouri Tigers will take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys next Saturday and I will look forward to it.

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