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Stlvinnie's 2008 NFL Mock Draft

Team1st Round

Miami Logo

1. Miami Dolphins - Chris Long DE, University of Virginia - Bill Parcels will think back to the days of Lawrence Taylor when he sees Chris Long. With Jason Taylor and Matt Roth as the current ends the Dolphins will need to upgrade and prepare for the end of Taylor's career. Jason will also be a good teacher for Chris. The Dolphins have so many hole they really could go in any direction with this pick, but I believe Chris Long will be too hard to pass up. Matt Ryan is not solid enough of a can't miss prospect to take this early.
St. Louis Rams Draft Logo 2. St. Louis Rams -Vernon Gholston DE, Ohio State - The solid choice here is Jake Long, however I really think with the signing of Jacob Bell and a ton of bodies coming back from injuries the Rams may get aggressive and take Vernon. If Chris Long is still available this will be a very tough pick. The Rams need to help out their defense which was 31st in points allowed. With an impact DE they can help thier linebackers and secondary without even adding to those areas.
Atlanta Falcons Draft Logo3. Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan QB, Boston College - Jake Long will be hard to pass up here, but I have 3 names for you, Byron Leftwich, Joey Harrington, and Chris Redmon. This is a team in need of an identity and someone to make them forget about Michael Vick. Matt Ryan will be the choice here. This is a team with low expectations so there will be no rush to gethim killed. Let him learn and slowly work him in as the new starter later in the year.

Oakland Raiders Draft Logo

4. Oakland Raiders - Darren McFadden RB, Arkansas - Well I still have Jake Long on the board here, but sorry Jake this is Al Davis. Al missed on not getting Adrian Peterson last year and he is going to be hell bent to not have that happen again. It does not seem to matter ow many running backs the Raiders already have, Darren is going to be the man here.

Kansas City Chiefs Draft Logo

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Jake Long OT, University of Michigan - Well in this draft everything has fallen the Chiefs way, and they get their man Jake Long. There will not be much to think about here. The Chiefs have to replace Roaf, Shields, and Wiegmann. Larry Johnson may chip in part of his salary for this pick. ***NOTE*** LJ seems a bit selfish the the Chiefs better not plan on him giving them money any time soon.
NY Jets Draft Logo6. New York Jets - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB, Tennessee State- Well this draft did not go the way the Jets had hoped. With thier current roster and their off-season signing who knows what the Jets are thinking. With only 4 draft picks in the 2007 draft, the Jets need to get some solid players in this draft. I know they picked a corner last year but what are they going to do. I think this is too early for Kenny Phillips so DRC is the man here. At over 6 feet, and blazing speed the Jets will build around a solid secondary and try to get a top wide receiver in round 2.
New England Patriots Draft Logo7. New England Patriots (From 49ers) - Leodis McKelvin CB, Troy State - Well the rich just keep getting richer. The 49ers handing this pick to the Patriots will help them out tremendously. After losing 3 cornerbacks in the off-season the Patriots will get the top rated corner in most mock draft circles.

Ravens Logo

8. Baltimore Ravens - Ryan Clady OT, Boise State - Glenn Dorsey is still somehow on my board but I think the Ravens will also pass on him. Brian Brohm is a possiblity here but I think it is still too high for him and the Ravens have to look ahead to replacing Jeff Ogden who is getting near the end of his career. Ryan coud end up being the best of this years offensive tackles. Since Baltimore plays the 3-4 do not be surprised if they pick up Dorsey.

Cincinnati Bengals Draft Logo

9. Cincinnati Bengals - Glenn Dorsey DT, LSU - It is the Bengals lucky day as Doresy falls all the way down to the number 9 spot. For a team that needs a ton of defense this will be the easy choice. After losing Justin Smith they could switch to the 3-4 with the added abilities of Dorsey.
New Orleans Saints Draft Logo10. New Orleans Saints - Keith Rivers OLB, USC - This should be a battle between Sedrick Ellis and Rivers. The Saints have a lot of around the block linebackers out there and it is about time to add a difference maker. I believe teams with a losing attitude should always go for players with a winning background. Bringing in a USC Trojan will help this team in more than one way.
Buffalo Bills Draft Logo

11. Buffalo Bills - FS, Miami - Wow this is a very tough pick I feel for these teams going through this process. Can Bills pass on Sedrick Ellis at 11? They need a big receiver but I think there are 5 receivers with no clear cut star. You also have to pick a WR that can play in lot of cold weather games. I am stepping out here, Ellis looks like the choice but I am going with the hard hitting hammer in Phillips. The top WR on the board in round 2 will be their next pick.

Denver Broncos Draft Logo

12. Denver Broncos - Sedrick Ellis DT, USC - This will be a no brainer here if Ellis is on the board. Time for the Broncos to actually get a player on the D-line instead of filling in with cast offs. They will take a hard look at Jeff Otah but if Ellis is on the board the Broncos will sprint to the podium.

Carolina Panthers Draft Logo13. Carolina Panthers - Jeff Otah OT, Pittsurgh - This will be between Otah and Chris Williams who is moving up some boards. We will stay with the higher rated player at the moment and select Otah. Brian Brohm could be a sserious consideration here, but I think the Panthers will stick with Jake Delhomme and David Carr for now.

Chicago Bears Draft Logo

14. Chicago Bears - Rashard Mendenhall RB, Illinois - What a fun pick this is. I was waiting just to get here. I just can't pass him up. Sure the Bears need a QB but haven't they needed a QB every year over the past 30 years? Sure Jonathan Stewart and Felix Jones are strong players but come on. Don't they already have Cedrick Benson? University of Illinois player playing for Chicago. Does Dick Butkus ring a bell? Who can't see the drunken, half naked Bears fan with a bottle of Chicago's finest standing and screaming for that Mendenhall 4 yard run!

Detroit Lions Draft Logo

15. Detroit Lions - Jonathan Stewart RB, Oregon - I know it is Matt Millen's turn and I have EVERY wide receiver still on the board. He wouldn't do it again would he? He just can't do it again. Too many quality needs still on the board. As a bonus he can also return kicks and the Lions are currently using Troy Walters for that. Stewart could be this years Adrian Peterson. I am going with Stewart, a short, powerful, quick back. Does that remind you of anyone? Hmmmmm
Arizona Cardinals Draft Logo16. Arizona Cardinals - Derrick Harvey DE, Florida - With Mike Jenkins still on the board the Cardinals will think about it but I just think they can't pass up Harvey. This is an impact player at #16, and could improve the Cardinals defense instantly. Harvey reminds me a lot of Richard Dent. For those not as old as I he may remind you of Javon Kerse.

Minnesota Vikings Draft Logo

17. Minnesota Vikings - DeSean Jackson WR, California - Here is my pick of the draft. This may be off from what others are picking but how fun is this. You already have Adrian Peterson and now you can add a speed burning threat at wide receiver. Minnesota will have at least 9 games in a dome stadium in 2008. This kid can fly and he is a great kick returner. Watch out, this division is loading up on stars.
Houston Texans Draft Logo18. Houston Texans - Chris Williams OT, Vanderbilt - Lets get a clue Texans. You are losing games because your QB has been staring at the ceiling since you got the franchise. You must block for your QB and keep him upright. Williams is a mean nasty tackle that will help you start building a line. Chris Williams could quite possibly end up the top OT in this draft. Take him now and don't over think.
Eagles Logo19. Philadelphia Eagles - Malcolm Kelly WR, Oklahoma -Well Andy Reid ALWAYS takes defense and loves lineman, however I think enough is enough, a top WR has to come here. All of them are still on the board. This could easily be Limas Sweed or Devin Thomas but I like Kelly. With Mike Jenkins on the board Reid could take a CB even tough they picked up Samuel. They could get set up with stud corners for the future and continue to look to move Lito Sheppard.
Tampa Bay Bucanneers Draft Logo20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Aqib Talib CB, Kansas - I really do not know what to do with this pick. It seems like this team got old overight. Will a team with four quarterbacks take Broham? They are in need of a WR under 50, so Limas Sweed orDevin Kelly are also possible here. I know Mike Jenkins is still on the board but I am not a big fan. I like the upside and play making ability of Talib. Wiht Ronde Barber on the other side Tampa can become better defensively. There will still be plenty of receivers to choose from in round 2.
Washington Redskins Draft Logo

21. Washington Redskins - Philip Merling DE, Clemson - Another tough pick. The Redskin starters on offense and defense are fairly solid. I like Limas Sweed or Early Ducet here as well but I am going to go with pass pressure. If you learned anything last year it is that you can beat good teams with pass pressure. I think the skins pick a solid player in Merling with this pick.
Dallas Cowboys Draft Logo22. Dallas Cowboys (From Browns) - Limas Sweed WR, Texas - I can't really pass up Limas Sweed all the way down at #22 can I? The great Texas receiver will follow his dreams to play for the Dallas Cowboys. Mike Jenkins and Aqib Talib are also very possible picks at this position.
Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Logo23. Pittsburgh Steelers - Devin Thomas WR, Michigan State - Thomas can provide Big Ben with a big receiver that can do a lot of things. For his size Thomas has great speed and some have him as the top receiver in the draft. The Steelers could easily go with Branden Albert from Virginia as a long term replacement for Faneca, but I just feel it is time to upgrade their receiving core. This is a franchise based on power running and D but we will go against the grain here.
Tennesse Titans Draft Logo24. Tennessee Titans - James Hardy WR, Indiana - The Titans have been lacking a receiver for some time. One year Drew Bennett was their top reciever and that is not saying much. I am going to get Vince Young a huge target here. Tennessee likes to get great athlete and they will add another right here.

Seattle Seahawks Draft Logo

25. Seattle Seahawks - Branden Albert OG, Virginia - Seattle has a pretty solid roster in a weak division. They now have a stable of running backs. I can't relly believe Albert is still available at #25 but here he is. The Seahawks need to blow open bigger holes since they no longer have Alexander turning the corner. Albert will be a steal if still here at #25.
Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Logo26. Jacksonville Jaguars - Kentwan Balmer DT, North Carolina - The Jaquars will probably go DE here but I like replacing Stroud and getting some pressure up the middle. I also do not like taking a DT in the first round but down at #26 it is not so bad.
San Diego Chargers Draft Logo27. San Diego Chargers - Gosder Cherilus OT, Boston College - With only one pick before round 5 the Chargers will most likey trade down however this mock is based on no trading. They have to replace Olivea, and Cherlius or Baker will be the choice here.
Dallas Cowboys Draft Logo28. Dallas Cowboys - Mike Jenkins CB, South Florida - With two picks in the first round the Cowboys may try to make some noise and move up but based on no trades it is time to get a starting CB with this selection. With Mike Jenkins still on my board at #28 the Cowboys will jump on him here.
San Francisco 49ers Draft Logo29. San Francisco 49ers (From Colts) - Lawrence Jackson DE, USC - The 49ers picked up Mike Martz and have a lot of average receivers which he can turn into 1000 yard receivers. Frank Gore should have a huge year in this offense. The 49ers need more speed and consistant pass rush from the line. Jackson from right around the corner at USC will give them that. Groves is also a choice here but I like the bigger Jackson from USC for the niners.
Green Bay Packers Draft Logo30. Green Bay Packers - Tracy Porter CB, Indiana - The Packers are pretty loaded. Time to develope someone behind Woodson and Harris. I like the speed burner Tracy Porter here. He needs to get bigger but playing and learning behind Harris, and Woodson will allow him time to get bigger and learn the skills needed in the NFL. Alos with this speed good be good on special teams and back up Koren Robinson in case they have an injury.

New England Patriots Draft Logo


New York Giants Draft Logo

31. New York Giants - Cliff Avril OLB, Purdue - Even though this team seemed to win the Superbowl with their defense they will be looking to add to that side of the ball with most of their draft. Gibril Wilson was lost to the Riaders. Kawika Mitchell and Reggie Torbor were also lost. A starting safety would be a nice pick here but I like the versitile Avril here that can bring even more pass rushing ability to a loaded D-line. The Giants will look to pick up a safety in the later rounds.

Ramblinfan is listed in the Mock Database

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

St Louis Rams 1st Round Draft Picks, A Look Back

Since moving to St. Louis in 1995 the St. Louis Rams have had 16 number one draft picks. As you can see by the list this is not always a sure deal. Who will the St. Louis Rams pick in the 2008 NFL Draft? Will we get Torry Holt type quality or another Lawrence Phillips? Only time will tell but to be competitive in 2008 the Rams will need to select two very productive picks with their #2, and #33 selections. Bill Devaney will need to be on top of his game on April 26th. Out of 16 picks I would say only 5, to date have really hit the mark. Kevin Carter, Orlando Pace, Grant Wistrom, Torry Holt, & Steven Jackson have been very good pro players. The jury is still out on a couple of others. Notice other than Jackson, the other four were selected in the top 10 in the draft. Only Lawrence Phillips was a top 10 bust, and talent wise he probably was good enough, but mentally well.....

  • Kevin Carter
  • Lawrence Phillips
  • Eddie Kennison
  • Orlando Pace
  • Grant Wistrom
  • Torry Holt
  • Trung Canidate
  • Damione Lewis
  • Adam Archuleta
  • Ryan Pickett
  • Robert Thomas
  • Jimmy Kennedy
  • Steven Jackson
  • Alex Barron
  • Tye Hill
  • Adam Carriker

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Glenn Dorsey at LSU Pro Day - Todd McShay Says “Great Fit”

Todd McShay of says that Glenn Dorsey is a “Great Fit” for the St. Louis Rams with the second pick in the 2008 NFL draft. The below video is of Glenn Dorsey at his Pro Day work out and is from Tim Krumrie works Dorsey through some lineman drills. Word around the internet is mixed on Dorsey’s performance. He performed well but nothing off the chart. Dorsey is still thought to be the top DT in this years draft, and many think he will go in the top 5 picks.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

St. Louis Rams Looking at Reche Caldwell

The St. Louis Rams had free-agent wide receiver Reche Caldwell in town of Thursday for a visit. Reche is a former 2nd round pick by the San Diego Chargers. Reche was an outstanding player at the University of Florida. In 2006 Caldwell led the New England Patriots in receptions (61) and yards (760), and scored 4 touchdowns. In 2007 Reche was on the Washington Redskins where he only played in 8 games catching 15 balls for 141 yards. 15 catches is more than every current Rams wideout had in 2007 except Torry Holt and Drew Bennett. This would be a very nice pickup for the Rams who need a little of everything and only have so many draft picks in the upcoming 2008 NFL Draft. He is at least worth a look. Some of these players will have to be picked up as free agents or off the street for us to fill up a competitive 53 man roster. The Redskins have already made an offer to Reche. I am kind of worried if he does come here we may over pay. Maybe Al Saunders can make decent receivers of Derek Stanley and Marques Hagans? reports “The Rams are really scratching the bottom of the barrel here. Caldwell carries concerns about a chronic knee issue.”

AOL Fanhouse says “Washington still needs a wideout, and they have another offer on the table. And they’re still waiting to hear back … from Reche Freaking Caldwell. No, really. Good Lord, has it come to that? “

You might remember Reche most for his popping eye ball photos.

St. Louis Rams Sign CB David Macklin

The St. Louis Rams signed free agent cornerback David Macklin to a one-year contract on Thursday. Terms of the deal were not released as of the time of the signing. Macklin is an 8 year veteran, with 335 tackles in his career along with 14 interceptions, while playing for the Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals, and Washington Redskins. Reading between the lines it seems the Rams are still worried about Fakir Brown possibly being suspended in 2008. The signing Macklin hopefully can provide depth. However signing someone that had 6 total tackles in 2007 is not exactly huge news. In addition do you really have to sign a free agent to a contract to find someone that can make this roster? It seems like the Rams should be able to find some previously cut street free agents with this level of skill.

Here is my favorite part of the signing. The St. Louis Post Dispatch has a quote from Scott Linehan the head coach of the St. Louis Rams:

"He's got starting experience," coach Scott Linehan said. "We played against him in the division before (at Arizona). We had good grades on him last year."

I never know if Scott means everything he says or does he just think fans don't know anything? He states that the Rams had good grades on him last year. He only played in 6 games with the Washington Redskins and only made a total of 6 tackles for the year! It must not take much to get a good grade. The Rams did not play Washington and Macklin was way down on their depth chart. I hope Billy Devaney is making decisions for Rams personnel because I don't trust Scott Linehan to grade talent.

St. Louis Rams Sign Brett Romberg

The St. Louis Rams signed Brett Romberg to a one-year contract on Thursday; Romberg is currently 28 years old and played in 9 games for the Rams in 2007, at the center position. Terms of the new contract were not released. Brett is an undrafted player out of the University of Miami. He spent four years with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a backup and joined the Rams two years ago. In those two seasons, Romberg played in 19 games and had 10 starts. Romberg is the 4th lineman the Rams have signed in the last couple of weeks. The Rams have signed Jacob Bell, as well as resigning Romberg, Adam Goldberg, & Brandon Gorin. This singing while not huge will provide the Rams with more bodies and competition in camp. Romberg will probably battle Mark Setterstrom, Dustin Fry, and Nick Leckey for the starting job in 2008.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brandon Chillar Goes Back to the Bay

St. Louis Rams linebacker Brandon Chillar was signed to a two-year contract worth $5.2 million by the Green Bay Packers on Wednesday. Brandon was the Rams starting outside linebacker for most of the games played over the last two years. I would normally not think of this as much of a loss but the Rams depth is lacking. We now have another hole to fill. Chillar’s biggest upside is that he is only 25 and seemed to be coming around under Jim Haslett. Bernie Miklasz on ESPN 1380AM said we have depth at linebacker. I am not sure how Bernie comes up with that statement. The Rams now have a linebacker core of Will Witherspoon, Pisa Tinoisamoa, Quinton Culberson, Tim McGarigle & Chris Draft. That is certainly not a great linebacker core or a team with any depth. Witherspoon is a solid player even playing out of position. Chris Draft is an older player good at spot action and very good in the locker room. Quinton Culberson is basically a walk on who made the most out of his opportunities last year, mostly on special teams. Pisa Tinoisamoa is the walking wounded and I have no faith in him getting past game one of the season. When healthy he is ok but not outstanding. That only leaves Tim McGarigle who had a total of 6 tackles in 2007. With the 2008 NFL Draft right around the corner and everyone looking for the Rams to get a DE to play on the other side of the line from Leonard Little, or an OT to backup Orlando Pace and Alex Barron, and a WR to replace Isaac Bruce, we now have a huge hole to fill at linebacker as well. With the draft right around the corner the Rams have a lot of work to do.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Steelers Steal Justin Hartwig From Rams

Well it is hard for me to believe that the St. Louis Rams did not jump all over Justin Hartwig once the Carolina Panthers let him go. On Tuesday the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to sign Justin to a two year, $4 million dollar contract, which will include a $975,000 signing bonus. The Steelers which were 3rd in the NFL in 2007 in rushing yards once again know that you win with a solid O-line. Hopefully the Rams will one day get it. Hartwig if healthy would have been the solid center piece of the line in 2008. After all of the troubles the Rams had in 2007 to even field 5 players they should have signed Justin in a heart beat. For $2 million a year that is pennies in this league for a solid player. After paying $4 million towards the cap for Trent Green to carry a clip board, this could have been a much better move, and improved the Rams O-line immediately. Justin has started 63 games at center in the NFL and that is experience the St. Louis Rams could desperately use. The Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams were all said to be interested in Hartwig, however the Steelers came through with the right move. Shame on the Rams for not picking up a nice piece of the puzzle. Billy Devaney so far is not doing much for me. Hopefully his draft evaluation will be top notch.

Scott Linehan and the Rams Attend University of Virginia Pro Day

Several players worked out during the University of Virginia’s Pro Day on Tuesday. Let’s face it, everyone was there to see Chris Long. With rumors swirling that the Dallas Cowboys would like to trade up into the Miami Dolphins spot and take Darren McFadden could the St. Louis Rams really get Chris Long? I don’t think the Rams can go wrong with either Long, but a talent like Chris Long with Howie Long’s character should be too much to pass up. The 2008 NFL Draft is very deep at OT and if the Rams are lucky enough to get Chris Long I still think they can pickup a great tackle in round 2. As for the pro day here is what Scott Linehan had to say about Chris Long…

“Can’t go wrong with a player like this,” said St Louis Rams Head Coach Scott Linehan. “He’s got an unbelievable amount of football ability and his character on top of that is unbelievable. So when you get that kind of package, you’re looking at a guy that is going to impact a team right away.”

Source - NBC

St. Louis Rams Take a Look at Matt Ryan

Dick Daniels, St. Louis Rams scout was in Chestnut Hill, Mass on Tuesday to watch Matt Ryan during his Pro Day. Does this mean the Rams are looking to draft Matt with the second pick of the 2008 NFL Draft? Of course it does not mean that, but it is important that the Rams take a good look at as many players as possible. Sure they will have the choice of any possible player other than who the Miami Dolphins take, but it is just as important to have the appearance that you are not set on one player. If the other 31 teams have no idea who the Rams are going to take it is possible that we may get more offers for our #2 pick. I do not think the Rams have to trade down but why not get all of the offers possible from your foes.

The Kansas City Chiefs do need a QB and here is what Herman Edwards had to say about Matt Ryan's workout.

“I thought he pressed a couple times, trying to throw the ball a little too hard,” Edwards said. “That’s generally what happens with quarterbacks, when you get the media there. It used to be 10-15 years ago, the workouts, five people were there. Now, depending who you are, what school you’re at, and where people slate you being drafted, it becomes this. Which is kind of good, because it puts a lot of pressure on the kids, and the game everyone plays, there is going to be pressure on them. You look at that, and also understand that they’re going to press some. He pressed some throws, but the thing this guy has is his ability to win. That’s the thing you like about quarterbacks — some guys win, some guys don’t. You can look at all the stats, arm strength, you can look at all the different things, but at the end, can he win games? This guy has done that.”

Source - The Boston Globe

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How Did the St. Louis Rams do in the 2007 Draft?

With everyone looking for the St. Louis Rams to improve their talent level during the 2008 NFL Draft, do you remember what they got in the 2007 NFL Draft? Below is a quick recap of the Rams draft from Jason Feller of

The top two picks for the Rams in the 2007 draft had decent rookie seasons, but aside from that pair the rest of the class struggled.Expected to be an anchor in the middle of the Rams’ defense, DT Adam Carriker did not have an outstanding year but proved durable and willing to put forth the effort to get better.He finished with 30 tackles, two sacks and a safety, while demonstrating a decent motor.

Leonard had a nice start to his career with three straight productive games from Weeks 3-5, but after that he seemed to go through a wall when teams adjusted to his skills. He will have to get back to his early play if he hopes to become a main cog in the Rams’ offense.

The remainder of this draft class has plenty of room to grow and did not produce many results in the 2007 season.

We simply did not do well enough in the 2007 draft. If Steven Jackson did not get hurt, Leonard would have pretty much been a waste as Linehan used mostly one back sets and brought in useless Owens to play Full Back instead of Brian. That leaves us with Adam Carriker that was so good that the Rams moved him to tackle and had him put on a bunch of weight to start with. With the 13th pick in the draft we should have gotten more value. Carriker still has big upside but playing tackle I don’t think he will ever be a stud. Jonathan Wade was a bit of a reach and his inability to add anything to the special teams made him a disappointment.

The 2008 NFL Draft needs to be much better and there is no reason for it not to be. Recent rumors are the Miami Dolphins may take Matt Ryan, which means the Rams can have their pick of the Longs. Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post Dispatch seems to keep hinting that the Rams are looking hard at Glenn Dorsey from LSU. Sure he could be a force, but injury issue has to make him a pass at this time. Wroten was a beast nside coming out of LSU as well and he has done nothing to date. Don’t mess it up, don’t make it too complicated, don’t think too much. Take the sure thing and get a Long in here now. If the Rams get Chris Long in the first round they can still get an OT in round two with Sam Baker, Anthony Collins, and Gosder Cherilus still being available. If the Rams want to replace Isaac Bruce they could always pick up a talent like Early Doucet. However the Rams do it they will need to do it better than in 2007.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where is Justin Hartwig?

Justin Hartwig was released by the Carolina Panthers on Tuesday. Should the St. Louis Rams be making a move to pick him up? The Rams currently have Brett Romberg, Andy McCollum & Nick Leckey listed at the center position. McCollum is about done and lost the starting job in 2007 to Brett Romberg. I don’t believe Scott Linehan is very high on McCollum who seems more likely to play Guard on the Rams in 2008, if he plays at all. Romberg and Leckey are ok but I believe Justin Hartwig would be a step up. Justin is being replaced in Carolina by Ryan Kalil. Justin had a knee injury late in 07, and missed most of 06 with a serious groin injury. In Tennessee Justin was the anchor of a pretty solid O-line. Justin could add the depth that we badly need on the offensive line. In a blink of an eye we could line up with Pace, Incognito, Hartwig, Bell & Barron. Add Jake Long in the 1st round and we could go from a weak O-line to a very good O-line with depth behind the starters. I say sign Justin Hartwig now. The Panthers were able to sign a healthy Hartwig to a 5 year 17 million dollar contract. After his latest injuries I don’t believe the cost would be very high for Hartwig. I don’t think he will be available too long, so I hope the Rams make their move soon.

David Carr vs. Trent Green

I would once again like to talk about the St. Louis Rams signing Trent Green to a 3 year contract worth almost 9 million dollars and 4 million of that counting against the 2008 NFL salary cap. I know that Al Saunders is back and he knows the system, but let's look deeper into the issue. Trent will be 38 before the 2008 season starts. Trent will never be the QB that will replace Marc Bulger. We are spending 4 million of our cap dollars for someone to hold a clipboard when the team needs added depth at every position. The positive that everyone is talking about, is the Saunders connection, the familiarity with the offense, and Trents ability to help Marc Bulger. Once again I question why our $65 million dollar QB needs help. Trent is one blow to the head from being out of the NFL forever, is he the answer?

I believe the smarter move would have been to pick up David Carr or a player like David Carr. Exactly what do I mean by this? Well the New York Giants were able to get David Carr to sign just a one year contract, for a reported 1 million dollars plus incentives. I think it is easy to see why this would have been a much better move by the Rams. David Carr is 28 years old and a former #1 overall draft pick. In addition David played 5 straight years for the Houston Texans and only missed 4 games while being sacked more times than any other QB in the league. He is durable and has a strong arm and a QB rating just as good as Trent Green over the last couple years. He is just as big as Trent Green and is over 9 years younger. The Rams are obviously rebuilding so why not get younger and cheaper. A player like David Carr would have been a much better pickup than Trent Green.

I would love your comments, and to hear who you would like to have seen the Rams pick up.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

With the Second Pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams Select...

Jake Long from Michigan

Is there really any doubt that the St. Louis Rams will select Jake Long from Michigan with thier #2 pick in the 2008 NFL draft? I will tell you, that there is no doubt. Here are the reasons why.

The Rams have the second overall pick in the draft so everyone will be available except for whoever the Miami Dolphins take. Let's assume for the moment Bill Parcells thinks back to his New York Giants days and select Chris Long as his new Lawrence Taylor pass rushing specialist. That will leave the Rams with the following choices.

Matt Ryan - A QB who is not even the top rated QB on some boards, and we already have Marc Bulger locked up to long term $65 million dollar contract. Draft answer =NO

Darren McFadden - A RB who has some characters issues, although I think his are over rated and he will be a nice player. However love him or hate him Steven Jackson is our man and not going anywhere. Those that complained about Steven all year, are those that will be screaming to get him in August come fantasy football time. This top 5 NFL Pro Bowl back will not be replaced or moved by the Rams. Draft answer = NO

Glenn Dorsey - A DT that has already slipped to the number 9 pick in the WalterFootball latest mock draft. Can we really offer to use another first round pick on a DT. This smells of another LSU player with character issues, possible weight issues, and he already has weight issues. Draft answer = NO

Sedrick Ellis or Vernon Gholston- On the bubble. Do the Rams reach for one of these two players with the #2 overall pick. They just can't. You knew Gholston would be a work out wonder but was he really rated that high prior to that? Sedrick Ellis is a fine player, but he played on a loaded team and you have to wonder if he was just the product of great surrounding talent. Can you afford to reach or guess at #2. Draft answer =NO

So there you have it, with a new offensive coordinator, and a locked up QB, and Pro Bowl running back it is just common sense. Don't make this more complicated then it is. You win with the big ugglies and that is Jake Long. Jake will keep Marc off his back, and open holes for Jackson. Just think once you pick up Jake Long you now have Pace, Barron, Long, Romberg, & Incognito. You can then play this many ways but the most important thing is you have a pillar on the o-line, and a future backup for Orlando Pace.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

St. Louis Rams Sign Trent Green for Three Years

The St. Louis Rams signed Trent Green to a three year contract worth $8.9 million and includes a $2.1 million signing bonus. With bonuses and base salary Green will make $4 million in 2008. He will then make $2 million in 2009 and $2.9 million in 2010 at the age of 40! How many more ways can the Rams waste money prior to the 2008 season? I do not understand why a team that needs to rebuild for the future is returned to it's past. Trent has only managed to start 13 of his last 32 possible starts, and has been hurt badly the last two years. So badly that he thought about retirement several times. How and why would the Rams sign him to a three year contract?

Maybe there are some facts to back up this strange move by the Rams. Let's take a look. Green had 5 starts in 2007. Green would have been 26th in QB rating if he would have played enough to even be rated. 21 QBs completed as many passes in 2007 as he has completed over the last two years. The $65 million dollars the rams paid to Marc Bulger means Green is not the future or the present, and will get paid $9 million dollars to hold a clipboard. Where do I sign up for that job?

The Rams need to have a great draft and free agent class to rebuild this franchise. Instead we are digging bigger holes and throwing more money out the window. This was just not a great move by the Rams. With Bulger signed long term the Rams can not change QBs, so they should be looking for a young talented QB to groom for a couple years. Instead we spent more PSL dollars on a brittle old memory.


Friday, March 7, 2008

The Mock Draft Experts Say...

The Mock Draft experts have changed their tune over the last month with Chris Long making a huge move up the charts. Out of the top 20 Mock Drafts (8) now have the St. Louis Rams selecting Chris Long from Virginia. Jake Long OT from Michigan is the solid second choice on (7) other sites. Glenn Dorsey from LSU is the Rams choice on (4) of the boards with (1) lone vote for Vernon Gholston DE from Ohio State, which I can't imagine the Rams would take over Chris Long.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2008 St. Louis Rams Schedule

The 2008 St. Louis Rams Schedule has been released, dates and times to be announced later. The St. Louis Rams 2008 schedule is pretty balanced based on strength of schedule SOS. The St. Louis Rams play teams with a 49% winning percentage. Of the games that will be played at the Edward Jones Dome those teams had a 48% winning percentage while their road games are against teams with a 50% winning percentage in 2007. The St. Louis Rams will play the AFC & NFC East outside their division with Chicago and Atlanta as their odd games.

Home: Arizona 8-8 San Francisco 5-11 Seattle 10-6 Dallas 13-3 New York Giants 10-6 Buffalo 7-9 Miami 1-15 Chicago 7-9

Away: Arizona 8-8 San Francisco 5-11 Seattle 10-6 Philadelphia 8-8 Washington 9-7 New England 16-0 New York Jets 4-12 Atlanta 4-12

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

St. Louis Rams Sign Jacob Bell OG to Shore Up O-line

The St. Louis Rams signed Jacob Bell a free agent from the Tennessee Titans to a six year contract on Tuesday. When talking about Marc Bulger, Bell said "My job is definitely to keep him clean and off the ground." That is good news for Rams fans who never hear much from their O-line other than they are hurt and unable to play.

Jacob Bell- Bio -Pos: OG Team: StL College: Miami (Ohio) Drafted: Drafted by Tennessee in 2004 (5/138). Ht: 6-4 Wt: 295 lbs