Monday, October 6, 2008

Scott Linehan Will Be Fired After Sundays Game

As shocking as it seems Peter King of SI believes Scott Linehan will be fired if the St. Louis Rams lose to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome.
PETER KING REPORTING LINEHAN COULD BE CANNED: On the Notre Dame halftime show on NBC this afternoon SI's Peter King reported that if the Rams lose to the Bills on Sunday that Scott Linehan is expected to be given his "walking papers" as King put it.

The benching of Marc Bulger looks to be the last straw in light of the ripple effects it has caused through the locker room. Steven Jackson and apparently other offensive players believe the blame for the offense's troubles have been placed solely on Bulger and it doesn't sit well with a lot of the men who voted Bulger to be one of the offensive co-captains.

Funny I thought the 3-13 record in 2007 and the looks of distain on National TV from Bulger, Holt, and Jackson were enough. I guess the fans were supposed to put up with another whole year of this. Hopefully around 6:30PM on Sunday this bad dream will be over. Everyone seems to want to know what we will do next. Well what we are not going to do is put up with Scott Linehan any longer and that is step number 1 in our 12 step program.



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