Monday, October 6, 2008

Disgruntled Rams Fan Speaks Out

As you can tell from getting on any Rams forum, the fans are not happy with the St. Louis Rams or Scott Linehan. We are the laughing stock of the NFL, and there are already talks on every sports show about when will Linehan get fired. We asked for some fans to speak out. We have chosen Steve kowalczyk, self proclaimed Rams fanatic to share his current view of the Rams situation. What do you other Rams fans think about Steve's opinion? Sounds like we may need to talk him off a bridge! We would like to thank Steve for sharing...

How do you think the Rams will do against Seattle Seahawks this week? The Hawks have no WRs to throw to. Can the Rams secondary cover even these journeymen? Is Adam Carriker a bust? Why couldn't we make him a defensive end? Will the offense ever do anything? Sacked 10 times in 2 games. Throwing for 4 yards per attempt. Rushing for 50 yards per game. 16 points in 2 games. 4 scoring plays-- 2 50 yd FGs, a 40 yard FG, and a 40 yard tipped lucky grab catch. Have yet to take an offensive snap in the red zone! Hell, the League should give us points for crossing midfield--and that would be pity points, we still wouldn't threaten to actually win the game! If the Rams don't show some sign of life this week, we could easily be looking at 0-8 or 0-9, and a final record of 2-14 or 3-13 again.

This team has too much talent for that. World-beaters, no. You look at the 6-10 teams in this league, we should be able to play with them. 6 wins is twice what we got, it's twice what we're probably going to get!
Scott Linehan is a waste of life. I hated that guy before he ever coached a game for us. I watched one of our local news stations have a preview of the season before his first year, where Linehan took the crew
on a tour of the training facility. I saw right then the guy was a friggin' idiot. I can't trust him to take a camera crew on a tour, why in the world would I trust him to lead my NFL Football Team. Good Lord!
He can't come up with a game plan, his play-calling sucks, he can't prepare a team to be ready to play. He can't inspire anyone. The team can't come out of the gate to start a game. He can't make halftime
adjustments. He's not a first half coach, he's not a 2nd half coach. It seems to me, he's lost this team. They have no confidence or respect for the guy. Toss his kiester on a train car and send him screaming out of town on a greased rail! With Jim Haslett on a side-car....



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