Monday, October 6, 2008

Scott Linehan In Panic Mode

After the week two 41-13 loss to the New York Giants, Scott Linehan was almost in tears at the weekly press conference. Now this week he may ave fully cracked after benching Marc Bulger in favor of Trent Green, and cutting Fakhir Brown. I won't argue with the move to Green, if the Rams can keep him upright I believe he will much better than the current scared version of Marc. However the move to cut Brown is clearly a move to incise Jim Haslett. Haslett brough over both Glover and Brown. The St. Louis Rams are once again in the bottom of the league in vertially every defensive stat. Instead of being a leader and getting after Haslett or even firing him, apparently Linehan thought he would make a statement releasing Brown. In reality he has weekend the team further and probably fractured all ties with the secondary which must be questioning this move. As you can see below Hub Arkush & the media believe Scott is in panic mode and on the way out the door. Once again, why is this taking so long?



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