Monday, October 6, 2008

Kurt Warner - A Side Note

Kurt Warner Superbowl ChampionI just thought since I was guaranteeing wins, and speaking out about Marc Bulger, that while I was at it I would like to share one more thought with Chip Rosenbloom. Fans in this town as well as in Los Angeles remember the greats and like to see them honored. In that spirit I would like to question why Brock Berlin who has thrown all of 28 passes in the NFL is wearing a #13 St. Louis Rams jersey? There are many, many fans that I have talked to that believe this is an injustice and shows a lack of class on the part of the Rams organization. There are 99 numbers to choose from to dress 53 players, I believe we can get by while #13 hangs in the rafters of the Edward Jones Dome don't you?

We remember, why don't you?



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