Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tony Kornheiser is an Ass

I have watched football as a hard core fan for about 35 years. I believe I know quiet a lot about the sport and love to watch it. If you are like me, than you must know that Tony Kornheiser is just awful on ESPN’s Monday Night Football telecast. I am not sure what has happened to ESPN over the years with their use of Michael Irvin, Joe Theisman, and now Tony Kornheiser. He brings nothing to the broadcast except ignorance. If you want to join me in ending this nonsense please write to ESPN and asked for him to be removed. I will soon put the link up on my site as well to give him the boot! If you disagree with me that is fine, however I find him to be an ignorant, arrogant, ass that has probably never touched any balls in his life except his own. Give him the boot!!!!