Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sam Bradford Jersey - St. Louis Rams #8

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sam Bradford Las Vegas Odds

The odds below are courtesy of BoDog and seem to imply that at least Las Vegas believes Sam Bradford will play in 2010 NFL regular season and will play quite a bit. Las Vegas who wants equal amounts of money on each side of a bet seems to believe Sam Bradford will throw for 2500 yards and 12 or 13 TDs. What are your thoughts?

Sam Bradford - Total Passing Yards 2010 Regular Season
Over / Under 2500

Sam Bradford - Total TD Passes 2010 Regular Season
Over / Under 12.5

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Rams Sign 13 Undrafted Free Agents

The St. Louis Rams signed 13 undrafted free agents right after the 2010 NFL Draft. The Rams who failed to address getting a backup running back for Steven Jackson during the draft signed two on Monday. Keith Toston is the more well known of the two. Toston had over 2700 yards rushing and 27 touchdowns while playing four years at Oklahoma State. The Rams also failed to fill their two outside linebacker positions in my opinion and really missed out by not taking Ricky Sapp in the 5th round. Sapp was the 7th rated OLB on DraftCountDown and I believe would have been more valuable than picking up a blocking tight end.

Jermelle Cudjo, DT, Central Oklahoma
Freddie Harris, LB, Central Oklahoma
Cardia Jackson, LB, Louisiana-Monroe
Jeromy Jones. S, Idaho
Simoni Lawrence, LB, Minnesota
Thaddeus Lewis, QB, Duke
Jamie McCoy, FB/TE, Texas A&M
Brandon McRae, WR, Mississippi State
Roderick Owens, WR, Florida State
Darian Stewart, S, South Carolina
Kennedy Tinsley, FB, North Carolina
Keith Toston, RB, Oklahoma State
DeMaundray Woolridge, RB, Idaho

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 St. Louis Rams Draft Picks

The St. Louis Rams had 11 picks in this years 2010 NFL Draft. The Rams biggest splash was made by holding onto the top pick and selecting Sam Bradford. Sam Bradford now becomes the face of the franchise. I still love this pick. You need a quarterback to win in the NFL and Bradford fits that bill and more. Bradford is a great athlete, a winner, has played against some of the top competition in the country and along with his strong arm and tremendous accuracy also appears to be a leader.

The Rams followed up the Sam Bradford selection with some nice picks that filled some needs. In the second round the Rams were able to get the massive 6'5" 315lb OT Rodger Safford out of Indiana. The Rams now have bookend top tackles with Jason Smith and Safford and their top job will be to protect Bradford. In the 3rd round the Rams selected a large press corner Jerome Murphy from USF. Murphy has a ton of experience playing 51 games while at USF. Murphy along with Bradley Fletcher give coach Spagnuolo two press cover corners. The Rams lack pass rush and appear to want to make up for that with strong press coverage of the ball. If we can get a little more coverage from the start of plays perhaps we can get a little more time to get to the quarterback more. In the fourth round the Rams finally selected a playmaker that we all have been waiting for. The selection was the lightning quick Mardy Gilyard from Cincinnati. Gilyard had almost 2500 receiving yards over the last 2 seasons at Cincinnati. Gilyard should also take over kickoff return duties as well. Avery and Gilyard will be hard to stay with if we can get them on the field at the same time.

Later in the draft the Rams made some questionable selections in my opinion. I feel the Rams failed to address their need of a top catching tight end. The Rams are also still very thin with quality at LB. Hopefully the selection of George Selvie may help with our lack of a pass rushing DE. We could also have used a bigger receiver like Riley Cooper who I thought would have been a nice selection. The Rams also failed to get a quality backup or speed back to spell Steven Jackson. Overall I believe the Rams had a very nice draft but I believe they missed on a couple opportunities to even have a better draft. Overall I would give them a Grade of B.

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St. Louis Rams Select Josh Hull, LB PSU

Josh Hull seems like the type of late round player coach Steve Spagnuolo and GM Billy Devaney like to select. Hull is a small (235lb) LB that is just a football player. His measurable are not great but he is a football player. Hull played four years at Penn State and had 116 tackles in 2009. Hull is another player that could add depth to our thin linebacker core and special teams. Hull reminds me a lot of David Vobora and Chris Chamberlain two other late round picks of the St. Louis Rams.

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St. Louis Rams Select George Selvie, DE USF

George Selvie was the bookend to Jason Pierre-Paul at the University of South Florida. Selvie is a very light pass rushing defensive end. Selvie played in 51 games for USF and gathered 29 sacks. In 2007 Selvie was dominant and recorded 14.5 sacks. Selvie has never seemed to quite recover from a ankle surgery in 2008. Selvie could be a great speed pass rusher that the Rams can possibly rotate in on third and long. This could be the type of situational player that Steve Spagnuolo can get the best use out of.

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Rams Select Marquis Johnson, CB Alabama

I like the selection of Marquis Johnson a 5'11" 190lb CB from Alabama. There is no shame being the third best cornerback on Alabama. Johnson played in every game the last two years for Alabama and collected 3 interceptions. Any cornerback that has played for coach Nick Saban will have a nice head start trying to make it in the NFL. The Rams need depth at cornerback and special teams so Johnson should have a shot to make the Rams roster.

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St. Louis Rams Select Eugene Sims, DE WTAMU

Eugene Sims is a very small (235lb) DE from West Texas A&M the same school that Keith Null played for. Apparently coach Steve Spagnuolo thinks their is a pipeline of great NFL talent down there. I once again do not understand this choice. This is another player that most likely would have gone undrafted. DraftCountdown does not even have him listed as one of the top 40 defensive ends. Just a total reach even if he pans out. I believe the Rams should have selected one of the many big named school players that were still on the board.

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St. Louis Rams Select Fendi Onobun, TE Houston

Fendi Onobun is the second tight end the St. Louis Rams have selected on Day 3. Believe it our not Fendi had 2 catches his entire NCAA career because he played four years on the Arizona basketball team. Onobun is a freakish athlete with little to no experience at football at the NCAA level. No matter how great he may be years down the road this is an awful pick for a team that needs players that can play today. With players like Jonathan Dwyer, LeGarrette Blount, and Anthony McCoy on the board we could have taken a risk with players that already performed at a high level, and against a high level of competition.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

St. Louis Rams Select Hall Davis, DE ULL

The Rams selected DE Hall Davis from Louisiana-Lafayette with the 149th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. Davis played in 48 NCAA games for ULL and recorded a total of 50 tackles, 11 for loss and 6.5 sacks. Not much to write home about here. I think the Rams could have picked a more polished player with the 149th overall pick. Their 5th round picks were not good in my opinion.

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Rams Select Michael Hoomanawanui, TE Illinois

I must say I am not a big fan of this selection. All of the good tight ends left were taken in the 4th round the Rams should have moved back into the 4th round to get one, instead they take a blocking tight end. The Rams have far too many needs for this selection.

From DraftCountDown:

Good height and bulk with long arms --- Big, reliable hands --- Strong and Powerful --- Terrific Blocker --- Stout at the point of attack --- Gets a good push in the run game --- Able to fit in space --- Knows how to use size to his advantage --- Uses hands well --- Tough and can take a hit --- Runs hard after  the catch and will break tackles --- Team  Player.

Just average speed --- Not real explosive and lacks a burst --- Isn't a polished route runner --- Doesn't get much separation --- Not a vertical threat who will stretch the field --- Isn't very elusive --- Some issues with conditioning --- Was not  very productive --- Upside is likely limited.

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St. Louis Rams Select Mardy Gilyard, WR Cincinnati

WOW the St. Louis Rams filled a ton of needs with one pick in the 4th round of the NFL Draft. Mardy Gilyard is lightning quick more than he is fast, think Steve Smith. Mardy put together back to back 80+ catch seasons at Cincinnati with 11 touchdown receptions each year as well. Gilyard averaged almost 15 yards per reception in his college career. If the Rams can get Gilyard and Avery on the field at the same time we should be able to make some plays. In addition to Gilyard's quickness and receiving skills he is a kick returner. He averaged 30+ yards on kickoff returns and took two to the house. He is great in space and I look forward to him working with Sam Bradford.

From DraftCountDown:

Super smooth athlete --- Good height --- Exceptionally quick --- Fast with excellent acceleration --- Explosive with a burst --- Terrific feet and change of direction skills --- Soft, reliable hands --- Nice body control and ball skills --- Extremely elusive and a real terror in space --- Superb vision --- Shows the ability to separate --- Tough and not afraid to work the middle --- Experienced --- Productive --- Also a fantastic return man.

Needs to add weight and bulk up --- Isn't real strong --- Not a polished route runner --- Struggles to beat the jam --- Won't really climb the ladder --- Has lapses in concentration at times --- Isn't necessarily a vertical threat --- Despite giving solid effort is just an average blocker at best --- Might have some character issues --- Durability  is a concern.

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St. Louis Rams Select Jerome Murphy, CB USF

The Rams selected CB Jerome Murphy a CB from USF with the 65th overall pick in the 3rd round of the 2010 NFL draft. Murphy is a 6'195 lb press corner out of the Big East conference.

From - Murphy was a productive two-year starter for the Bulls. He is a tall, lean secondary defender with deceptive strength. He is a tough hardnosed perimeter defender who lacks great quickness and speed to play out on an island in man coverage's. Murphy is a physical corner who can jam and reroute receivers off the line of scrimmage and he's a solid run support defender. He is an instinctive player who leverages the ball well in coverage as well as maintaining proper body positioning defending the run. He can be inconsistent in block protection and wrapping up in the open field, but he is very aggressive for the cornerback position. Murphy is a good football player who has some limitations but should contribute as a rookie in a Cover 2 defensive scheme.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

St. Louis Rams Select Jerome Murphy, CB USF

The Rams selected CB Jerome Murphy a CB from USF with the 65th overall pick in the 3rd round of the 2010 NFL draft. Murphy is a 6'195 lb press corner out of the Big East conference.

From - Murphy was a productive two-year starter for the Bulls. He is a tall, lean secondary defender with deceptive strength. He is a tough hardnosed perimeter defender who lacks great quickness and speed to play out on an island in man coverage's. Murphy is a physical corner who can jam and reroute receivers off the line of scrimmage and he's a solid run support defender. He is an instinctive player who leverages the ball well in coverage as well as maintaining proper body positioning defending the run. He can be inconsistent in block protection and wrapping up in the open field, but he is very aggressive for the cornerback position. Murphy is a good football player who has some limitations but should contribute as a rookie in a Cover 2 defensive scheme.

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St. Louis Rams Select Rodger Saffold, OT Indiana

The St. Louis Rams have selected Rodger Saffold a 6'4" 315lb Offensive Tackle from Indiana with the 33rd pick overall in the 2010 NFL Draft.

From - Saffold is a good collegiate lineman who started at left tackle for three consecutive years at Indiana. He lacks the massive stature that teams are looking for in a left tackle and may be lacking a step in quickness to play on the left side but should be able to find a home on the right side or even inside at guard. He has above-average initial quickness and does a good job of getting a fit with his hands to control and steer opponents on by the hole or pocket. He understands blocking angles and does a good job of recognizing stunts and twists up front and keeps his head on a swivel when in pass pro. While he doesn't really jump off the screen at you, the end result is that he consistently gets the job done and often makes it look pretty easy.

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What Will The Rams Do At #33

With Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy still on the board the Rams should be getting plenty of calls throughout the night to trade. The question is, is it worth moving down. Is the player the Rams want already there ready for the picking?

The Rams can go several ways on Friday. Do they get a weapon like Golden Tate to help Sam Bradford? Do they get Sergio Kindle OLB from Texas to play next to James Laurinaitis. Do you take a new pass rushing DE like Everson Griffen to replace Leonard Little and to bookend with Chris Long. I believe the fourth choice would be to take their highest rated OT on their board however I think #33 is too high to take any of the remaining tackles. It would be interesting to find out if the Rams were sitting on Jahvid Best RB California before the Detroit Lions moved up to select him number 30 overall. We will find out Friday night!

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Sam Is The Man

The St. Louis Rams did indeed select Sam Bradford with the first overall selection in the 2010 NFL Draft. I believe Sam Bradford was the correct selection for the St. Louis Rams. He will now become the face of the St. Louis Rams. Sam will need quite a lot of help to get the Rams where they need to be. The Rams will need to continue to be productive in rounds 2 through 7 of the remaining 2010 NFL Draft. The below scouting report on Sam Bradford is from DraftCountdown.


Prototypical height with a frame that is still filling out --- Very intelligent with a good feel for the game --- Extremely accurate --- Outstanding touch, timing and anticipation --- Quick delivery --- Consistently throws a pretty spiral --- Decent athleticism --- Nice footwork and moves well within in the pocket --- Shows great ball handling ability --- Makes good decisions and takes care of the ball --- Tough and will stand tall against the rush --- Calm and composed --- Very competitive --- A team leader both on and off of the field --- Excellent work ethic --- Super productive.


Durability is a huge concern --- Just average arm strength --- Mechanics are not textbook and drops down to three-quarters at times --- Will have to adjust to working from under center --- Must learn to read defenses and go through progressions in a pro style offense --- Does not have a good feel for pressure --- Won't make a lot of plays with his feet --- Limited  experience --- Stats were  inflated by a spread system.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010 NFL Draft What To Watch For

There are some great story lines and trade possibilities leading up to the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. In addition to following the St. Louis Rams I am very interested in how the entire first round will play out. I am very interested in the items below:

Will the St. Louis Rams trade with either the Washington Redskins or Cleveland Browns prior to the draft or even after they make their selection?

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers really attempt to trade two time Super Bowl Champion Ben Ben Roethlisberger?

Will the top playmaker in the draft C.J. Spiller go in the top 10? I believe he is a perfect fit for the Seattle Seahawks.

I believe the Kansas City Chiefs really want out of the #5 slot but will they be forced to just take the BPA?

We have heard the experts but do the teams actually value Bradford over Clausen, Suh over McCoy, and Okung over Williams?

Will the Oakland Raiders once again reach and make a horrible top 10 selection?
Will the New York Jets create an insane secondary by selecting Taylor Mays?

Seattle and San Francisco have 4 picks within the top 17 selections in the draft. Both teams have an outstanding chance to greatly improve their roster. How much further ahead of the Rams will they pull with these selections?

Denver seems like a logical fit for Dez Bryant but will a team trade up and beat them to the punch?

Which top 10 talent will free fall, Berry, Spiller, Haden, Clausen?

Will Tim Tebow find himself selected in the first round?

What are you looking forward to watching, let us know.

Draft Day is here ENJOY!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

St. Louis Rams 2010 Regular Season Schedule

The NFL released the 2010 NFL schedule tonight live on NFL Network and We already knew that the St. Louis Rams had one of the easier schedules with a SOS (Strength of Schedule) of .449, now we know the exact order of the games which can directly affect success or failure of an NFL team. The Rams face a much easier schedule and order of schedule in 2010 than they did in 2009. Last season the Rams started with two straight road games. To make matters worse the Rams first four games had them facing Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, thanks NFL. 2010 is a completely different story however.

The NFL has opened its heart to our beloved Rams and has given them the best chance to succeed. If you throw out games against the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints and the San Diego Chargers the Rams will play teams that had a combined record of 89-224 (.397) in 2009. It does not get any easier that that. The Rams play four last place finishers from 2009. So the teams alone give the Rams a shot to win some games, now lets look at the order of the schedule.

The Rams not only get to start the season at home in the Edward Jones Dome against the rival Arizona Cardinals minus Kurt Warner, the actually get to play three of their first four games at home and four of the first six. With early games against the Lions and Raiders the Rams may actually be able to put a win or two on the board early. Week three will be interesting as Rams fans will get to see Donovan McNabb in a Washington Redskins uniform, one week prior to his return to play the Philadelphia Eagles. The Rams once again have their bye week during week 9. Weeks 12 through 14 will be the toughest as the Rams play three straight on the road including a game against the New Orleans Saints. Overall as a Rams fan you have to be pretty pleased with this schedule.

2010 St. Louis Rams Regular Season Schedule

Week 1 – Cardinals at Rams – 3:15

Week 2 – Rams at Raiders – 3:05

Week 3 – Redskins at Rams – 3:05

Week 4 – Seahawks at Rams – Noon

Week 5 – Rams at Lions – Noon

Week 6 – Chargers at Rams – Noon

Week 7 – Rams at Bucs – Noon

Week 8 – Panthers at Rams – Noon

Week 9 – Bye Week

Week 10 – Rams at 49ers – 3:15

Week 11 – Falcons at Rams – 3:05

Week 12 – Rams at Broncos – 3:15

Week 13 – Rams at Cardinals – 3:15

Week 14 – Rams at Saints – 3:05

Week 15 – Chiefs at Rams – Noon

Week 16 – 49ers at Rams – Noon

Week 17 – Rams at Seahawks – 4:15

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St. Louis Rams 2010 Schedule

St. Louis Rams 2010 Schedule

The 2010 St. Louis Rams Regular Season Schedule has been released.

9/12 - Cardinals 3:15
9/19 - @ Raiders 3:05
9/26 - Redskins 3:05
10/3 - Seahawks 12
10/10 - @ Lions 12
10/17 - Chargers 12
10/24 -@ Buccaneers 12
10/31 - Panthers 12
11/14 - @ 49ers 3:15
11/21 -Falcons 3:05
11/28 - @ Broncos 3:15
12/5 - @ Cardinals 3:15
12/12 - @ Saints 3:05
12/19 - Chiefs 12
12/26 - 49ers 12
1/2 - @ Seahawks 3:15

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Do The St. Louis Rams Want To Win

I know the Rams were 6-42 over the last three years and need to upgrade their talent and they basically hired a new coaching staff heading into 2009 so why do I still question their desire to win? It is simply because I have not seen nor heard of a plan. What is their plan? We heard about the four pillars but then the team discarded Will Witherspoon and Chris Draft, while keeping Leonard Little on the roster. The Rams want to get younger and rebuild but they went out and added aging free agents. During the free agent period the St. Louis Rams have signed QB A.J. Feeley, TE Darcy Johnson, DT Fred Robbins, CB Kevin Dockery and C Hank Fraley. Not really household names or players that are going to fire up the fan base. So do the Rams really want to win? Is the current ownership only interested in saving money?

Just within the last week 4 young players with ability have been traded in the NFL all for 5th round draft picks. Santonio Holmes 26 years old and coming off a 79 reception, 1248 yards and 5 TD year was dealt to the New York Jets. Ted Ginn Jr. 25 years old, a former 1st round draft pick comes off a 38 reception 454 yard 1 TD year. He is best known for his ability to return kicks. In 2009 Ginn Jr. returned 52 kickoffs for 1296 yards, a 24.9 yard average and 2 TDs. Ernie Sims a 25 year former first round selection of the Detroit Lions had 49 tackles in only 11 games last year. The previous 3 season Sims had at least 113 tackles each season. Tony Scheffler a 27 year old 6'5" 255lb TE with great speed who had 31 receptions for 416 yards and 2 TDs in 2009 was also dealt. I know we are looking for value in the draft but 3 of these players were first round draft picks and the other was a second round selection so isn't getting them for a 5th round pick great value?

The St. Louis Rams have THREE 5th round draft picks in the 2010 NFL Draft. You may be able to point out issues with each of these players but I doubt you can make an argument that they would not improve the Rams roster. The Rams lack starters and have a huge depth need across the board and they fail to engage with other teams to acquire talent. Why?

By Stlvinnie -

NFL 2010 Regular Season Schedule Release

The NFL Network will reveal the 2010 NFL schedule live on a special NFL Total Access presented by GMC Sierra, set to coincide with the interactive schedule release on Opponents for each team already have been determined, now dates and times will be announced. The second and third rounds will be presented on Friday April 23 starting at 6 p.m. and Rounds 4-7 will be held Saturday April 24 starting at 10 a.m. ET. You can Watch the entire draft live on NFL Network.

The St. Louis Rams could really use a schedule that will help them get off to a better start in 2010. The Rams have the second easiest strength of schedule this year but as we know the order of the games can be crucial. The Rams had to play 3 of their first 4 games on the road to start the 2009 season and it was all down hill from there. In 2008 the Rams started against Philly and the Giants and quickly were 0-2 and allowed 79 points against. Maybe we can get lucky and start off with the Lions and Raiders and actually try to get out of the gate. For the past 3 seasons the Rams have lost at least their first four games in each season. The fan base will not take much more.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why Sam Bradford Should Be The #1 Pick

Well I still think that Sam Bradford is the pick the St. Louis Rams need to make to start the 2010 NFL Draft. During my radio interview with BlogTalkRadio on Friday I gave some reasons as to why I believe Bradford is the pick for the Rams. Below is a recap of the reasons I believe that make Bradford the pick:

To win in this NFL you need a accurate quarterback and Sam Bradford was deadly accurate in college. It is time to get a quarterback that can get the ball to the wideouts. Look at the quarterbacks of the 12 teams that made the playoffs in 2009 and you will see a lot of stars on that list.

The Super Bowl featured Drew Brees against Peyton Manning. Do you know the names of the defensive tackles in that game? Exactly we need a stud quarterback and that is Sam Bradford.

The St. Louis Rams were 29th in attendance last year and a big name quarterback could put some butts in the seats and spark some interest in a franchise which has been losing its fan base.

The Rams averaged 10.9 points per game in 2009. The Rams are in dire need of playmakers and some offensive weapons.

The Rams missed out on taking Cutler, Flacco, Ryan, Sanchez and Bradford how long can they wait to draft a top tier QB?

Steven Jackson will be 27 when the season starts it is time to get him some help and take some pressure off of him.

The Rams already have defensive tackles Adam Carriker, Clifton Ryan, Darell Scott and Fred Robbins on the roster do we truly need to spend 60 million dollars on a DT?

Is a defensive tackle that costs 60+ million really a good value? Albert Haynesworth who signed a 100 million dollar contract with the Washington Redskins is on the trading block. Haynesworth has averaged only 42 tackles a year over the last year years. Is that impact? Glenn Dorsey who had the same accolades in 2008 as Suh is getting now has averaged 50 tackles and one sack per year for the Chiefs who still have an awful defense.

People say if Bradford is a bust he will set the franchise back a decade. Why? The Rams gave Chris Long was given 29 million guaranteed and Jason Smith was given 33 million and we have not received much in a way of return from them yet. How come they don't set the franchise back a year? At some point you have to try. You have to pull the string and make the selection, why not now.

I am very worried with the Rams ownership in flux that Chip and Lucinda will continue to just save money and that means trading down. The Rams could trade down with either Washington or Cleveland and take Jimmy Clausen if they believe he is as talented as Bradford. The guaranteed money at #4 or $7 would be much less than at #1 plus he would be the second qb drafted. Would the Rams really trade down just to save money, I think they would.

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Stlvinnie - Live Mock Draft on Blog Talk Radio

Friday on BlogTalkRadio I represented the St. Louis Rams and selected Sam Bradford QB from the University of Oklahoma. Each team was given 3 minutes to explain their pick. If you would like to listen to the entire draft click here. Fantasy Sports Group presents NFL Breakdown with hosts John Carson, George Kurtz and Greg Brosh. Every selection made is listed below. Feel free to add your thoughts on our blog.

STL - Sam Bbradford - QB
DET - Ndamakong Suh - DT
TB - Gerald McCoy - DT
WAS - Russell Okung - OT
KC - Eric Berry - S
SEA - Bryan Bulaga - OT
CLE - Jimmy Clausen - QB
OAK - Trent Williams - OT
BUF - Anthony Davis - OT
JAC - SJ Spiller - RB
DEN - Dez Bryant - WR
MIA - Brandon Graham - DE
SF - Joe Haden - CB
SEA - Derrick Morgan - DE
NYG - Rolando Mcclain - MLB
TEN - Jason Pierre-Paul - DE
SF - Earl Thomas - S
PIT - Devin Mccourty - CB
ATL - Everson Griffen - DE
HOU - Ryan Matthews - RB
CIN - Jermaine Gresham - TE
NE - Jared Odrick - DE
GB - Mike Iupati - OG
PHI - Kyle Wilson - CB
BAL - Sergio Kindle - OLB
ARI - Patrick Robinson - CB
DAL - Mourkice Pouncey - C
SD - Terrence Cody - DT
NYJ - Jerry Hughes - OLB
MIN - Kareem Jackson - CB
IND - Brian Price - DT
NO - Sean Witherspoon - OLB

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Rams Workout Bradford One Last Time

Friday the St. Louis Rams worked out Sam Bradford for the last time prior to the 2010 NFL Draft which will start on Thursday April 22nd. Only Pat Shurmur and quarterbacks coach Dick Curl of the Rams were at the session. The Rams worked out Bradford as if he was going through a practice. Unlike his pro day workout the Rams asked Bradford to perform different activities to check out his footwork, mobility and decision making. Also Bradford only threw to two different receivers tight end Jermaine Gresham and wideout Adron Tennell. I find it interesting that Billy Devaney and Steve Spagnuolo would not attend but they are probably busy stacking their board for the upcoming draft. Bradford seems to be able to do anything asks of him during his workouts and should be the #1 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

St. Louis Rams Draft Day Party

The St. Louis Rams are having NFL Draft Day parties at Buffalo Wild Wings Thursday April 22nd from 5:30 - 9PM. I will be attending the party at the St. Charles location. Rams players will be at each location. Donnie Jones will be at the St. Charles location. There are supposed to be giveaways throughout the evening including Season tickets, autographed items, as well as other prizes. For more information check out the St. Louis Rams website. See you there.

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St. Louis Rams Training Camp Returns

The St. Louis Rams announced Friday that the Rams will once again hold their training camp at the Russell Training Center in Earth City, Mo. Steve Spagnuolo said" This year we feel it is in the best interest of our football team to conduct training camp at Russell Training Center.” Dates and times will be announced later. This is great news for local Rams fans who like to watch the Rams practice. The Russell Training Center allows fans to get up close to the players.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stlvinnie - Mock Draft Live on Blog Talk Radio

Tomorrow I will be on Fantasy Sports Channel, taking part in a one round mock draft representing the St. Louis Rams pick. Each team will get a 3 minute segment to make and discuss their selection. There will be participants from,, NFL Draft Bible, and several other BTR Show hosts, and fantasy sports writers. The show starts at 4PM EST and will go until 6PM. If you would like to listen or be part of the live chat register for a free account at .

Top 10 selectors are listed below.

1 - 4:15:00 4:18:00 St Louis Rams - Vince Vitale -

2 - 4:18:00 4:21:00 Detroit Lions - Greg Kellogg -

3 - 4:21:00 4:24:00 Tampa Bay Bucs - Charlie Campbell -

4 - 4:24:00 4:27:00 Washington Redskins - Brian Jester -

5 - 4:27:00 4:30:00 Kansas City Chiefs - Andy Burns -

6 - 4:30:00 4:33:00 Seattle Seahawks - Scott Engel -

7 - 4:33:00 4:36:00 Cleveland Browns - Steve DiMatteo -

8 - 4:36:00 4:39:00 Oakland Raiders - Rob Calogne -

9 - 4:39:00 4:42:00 Buffalo Bills - Patrick Moran -

10-4:42:00 4:45:00 Jacksonville Jaguars - Tony Cincotta -

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St. Louis Rams Pre-Draft Visits

The 22 players listed below will be in for pre-draft visits with the St. Louis Rams, some interesting choices in my opinion. If you are interested in Sam Bradford you need to be interested in Jermaine Gresham so I am curious about his absense from this list. I would like to see Ben Tate or some other running backs that will be available after the first round. Jerry Hughes or Devin McCourty could be nice pickup at #33 but I wish the Rams would also bring in Kareem Jackson CB from Alabama. I also like Dennis Pitta the mature 25 year old TE on Brigham Young.


Sam Bradford; QB; Oklahoma
Dez Bryant; WR; Oklahoma State
Selvish Capers; OT; West Virginia
Jimmy Clausen; QB; Notre Dame
Ed Dickson; TE; Oregon
Clayton Harbor; TE; Missouri State
Ryan Mathews; RB; Fresno State
Colt McCoy; QB; Texas
Damian Williams; WR/PR; Southern California


Nate Allen; S; South Florida
Chris Cook; CB; Virginia
Jermaine Cunningham; DE/LB; Florida
Clifton Geathers; DE; South Carolina
Jerry Hughes; DE/LB; TCU
Kareem Jackson; CB; Alabama
Linval Joseph; DT; East Carolina
Myron Lewis; CB; Vanderbilt
Devin McCourty; CB/KR; Rutgers
Gerald McCoy; DT; Oklahoma
Ndamukong Suh; DT; Nebraska
Kyle Wilson; CB/PR; Boise State
Corey Wootton; DE; Northwestern

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Stan Kroenke Now Wants To Buy Rams

Tonight Stan Kroenke exercised his right of first refusal under the St. Louis Rams Partnership Agreement to purchase full controlling interest in the St. Louis Rams. Kronke would have to buy out the remaining 60% and have the NFL league approve of the sale.

The biggest question I have is why did Kroenke take the full 60 days to make his decision? Stan has plenty of money, in 2009 he was #117 on Forbes’ list of the 400 richest Americans with a net worth of $2.7 billion. In addition his wife Ann a Wal-Mart heiress was #110 with a net worth of $2.9 billion. That's right they are worth almost 6 billion dollars! I don't believe the remaining 60% would cost him more than 500K. So he was not trying to scrap together funds, so what was he waiting for?

The National Football League cross-ownership rules currently prevent owners from having a majority share of an NFL team in one city if they own a majority of another major-league team in another market. Kronke currently not only owns the Denver Nuggets in the NBA but also the Colorado Avalanche of the NHL. Both franchises will be in the upcoming playoffs of both sports. Perhaps Kronke was waiting longer to get closer to the end of both season where he could possibly try to sell both after exciting post seasons? It is not likely a business man like Kroenke wants to sell two high profile professional franchises. It is more likely that Kroenke is planning on getting the NFL to make an exception for him. Kroenke also currently owns 28.7% of the English premier soccer club Arsenal. Perhaps he would sell the Nuggets and Avalanche to fully purchase the Arsenal from Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov.

For now we will have to wait and see if Stan Kroenke can talk the NFL into letting him purchase the Rams from Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez. Fans will continue to play the waiting game to see how this plays out. Hopefully none of this will affect the St. Louis Rams drafting. With the Rams holding the #1 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft they will most likely need to shell out 30+ million on a guaranteed contract.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stlvinnie's 2010 NFL Mock Draft

This is our first version of our 2010 NFL Mock Draft. With the 2010 NFL Draft less than two weeks away we still have more questions than answers. I believe the first round of this draft is going to be very entertaining. The top 10 has stories all around. Some experts have Jimmy Clausen ahead of Sam Bradford, McCoy ahead of Suh, Earl Thomas above Eric Berry, so there is no consensus. The biggest question is how many teams will take the BPA over their top need? How many top 10 talents like CJ Spiller and Dez Bryant fall out of the top 10? Of the teams that could use a QB like the Rams, Seattle, Browns, and Bills how many will take one in round 1? Please go to our Mock Draft page at see our full draft with comments.

Rams - Sam Bradford - QB
Det - Ndamukong Suh - DT
TB - Gerald McCoy - DT
Wash - Russell Okung - OT
KC - Eric Berry - S
Sea - C.J. Spiller - RB
Clev - Jimmy Clausen - QB
Oak - Trent Williams - OT
Buff - Sergio Kindle - OLB
Jack - Jason Pierre-Paul - DE
Den - Dez Bryant - WR
Mia - Dan Williams - DT
SF - Joe Haden - CB
Sea - Bryan Bulaga - OT
NYG - Rolando McClain - ILB
Ten - Derrick Morgan - DE
SF - Anthony Davis - OT
Pitt - Mike Iupati - OG
Atl - Brandon Graham - DE
Hou - Kyle Wilson - CB
Cin - Jermaine Gresham - TE
NE - Golden Tate - WR
GB - Bruce Campbell - OT
Phil - Maurkice Pouncey - C
Balt - Kareem Jackson - CB
Arz - Sean Weatherspoon - ILB
Dall - Earl Thomas - S
SD - Ryan Mathews - RB
NYJ - Taylor Mays - S
Minn - Jahvid Best - RB
Indy - Jared Odrick - DE
NO - Everson Griffen - DE

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

St. Louis Rams To Sign Na'il Diggs

Jim Thomas reports the St. Louis Rams will sign Na'il Diggs on Wednesday. The Rams visited with Na'il Diggs back on March 16th and will apparently sign him. Diggs can play weakside LB and special teams. Diggs will add depth to the roster that is very lean at the linebacker position. Last year Diggs had 38 tackles while playing in 14 games for the Carolina Panthers. Diggs is another veteran having played 10 years in the NFL, spending six with the Green Bay Packers and the last four on the Panthers. Diggs will turn 32 prior to the 2010 NFL season. Diggs has 601 career tackles, 11 sacks and 5 interceptions. The Rams continue to make small moves to try and improve depth but as of yet no big splash has been made into the free agent pool.

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Happy Birthday Marc!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The St. Louis Rams Have Released Marc Bulger

The wicked witch of the NFC West is dead! The St. Louis Rams released or as I prefer shit-canned Marc Bulger today. To top it off it is Marc's birthday! What a great day. Time to start saving for my Sam Bradford jersey.

Marc Bulger was absolutely horrible over the last 3 years compiling a 5-32 record when starting, leading to the Rams overall 6-42 record during that period. From 2004 through 2006 Marc had three straight seasons with a QB rating of 92.9 or greater, including 2006 when he threw for 4301 yards, so what happened?

The Bulger apologist like to blame Marc's poor production on the offensive line, poor play calling, lack of talent, but never on Marc Bulger himself. Well Marc had his best year in 2006 while being sacked 49 times, so how great did the O-line play that year? I do not want to question an athletes heart or manhood but here is my own opinion on what happened to Marc Bulger. Marc Bulger is a very good athlete from a family of very good athletes. Marc at 6'3" and 200+ pounds looks the part of an NFL QB. Marc's father Jim was a quarterback at Notre Dame. I believe Marc like many kids followed or was led down the path their family usually chooses. Marc has great accuracy and played very well while at West Virginia. Marc was finally given the chance to play in 2002 after a series of injuries to Kurt Warner. It is horrible to say but Marc comes across as someone that is gifted at something but does not really care or have a passion for that gift. Even when playing well I never believed Marc enjoyed or wanted to be a winner in the NFL. He appears to go through the motions and he is actually so good that he could get by on that for quite a while. After being sacked 49 times in 2006 Marc has been awful and afraid to stand in the pocket and make the throws capable of moving the ball down the field in the NFL. It is no longer worth it to him to stand there and take the pounding so he basically packed it in. If he was a gamer, or a fighter, or a true NFL player that leaves it all on the field this never would have happened. The 62.5 million dollar contract Marc signed after the 2006 season including 27 million guaranteed money set Marc up for life. Many other things contributed to the Rams fall from grace as well but the quarterback is the key and Marc can no longer even pretend to be one.

According to Chris Mortensen the Washington Redskins were interested in dealing for Marc Bulger but once the Redskins traded for Donovan McNabb there was apparently no more reason to continue to hold onto Bulger who was slated to make 8.5 million dollar in 2010. Will Lovie Smith continue to add ex-Rams to the Chicago Bears roster?

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