Monday, April 19, 2010

Do The St. Louis Rams Want To Win

I know the Rams were 6-42 over the last three years and need to upgrade their talent and they basically hired a new coaching staff heading into 2009 so why do I still question their desire to win? It is simply because I have not seen nor heard of a plan. What is their plan? We heard about the four pillars but then the team discarded Will Witherspoon and Chris Draft, while keeping Leonard Little on the roster. The Rams want to get younger and rebuild but they went out and added aging free agents. During the free agent period the St. Louis Rams have signed QB A.J. Feeley, TE Darcy Johnson, DT Fred Robbins, CB Kevin Dockery and C Hank Fraley. Not really household names or players that are going to fire up the fan base. So do the Rams really want to win? Is the current ownership only interested in saving money?

Just within the last week 4 young players with ability have been traded in the NFL all for 5th round draft picks. Santonio Holmes 26 years old and coming off a 79 reception, 1248 yards and 5 TD year was dealt to the New York Jets. Ted Ginn Jr. 25 years old, a former 1st round draft pick comes off a 38 reception 454 yard 1 TD year. He is best known for his ability to return kicks. In 2009 Ginn Jr. returned 52 kickoffs for 1296 yards, a 24.9 yard average and 2 TDs. Ernie Sims a 25 year former first round selection of the Detroit Lions had 49 tackles in only 11 games last year. The previous 3 season Sims had at least 113 tackles each season. Tony Scheffler a 27 year old 6'5" 255lb TE with great speed who had 31 receptions for 416 yards and 2 TDs in 2009 was also dealt. I know we are looking for value in the draft but 3 of these players were first round draft picks and the other was a second round selection so isn't getting them for a 5th round pick great value?

The St. Louis Rams have THREE 5th round draft picks in the 2010 NFL Draft. You may be able to point out issues with each of these players but I doubt you can make an argument that they would not improve the Rams roster. The Rams lack starters and have a huge depth need across the board and they fail to engage with other teams to acquire talent. Why?

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Blogger Jay said...

April 23rd, 2010 at 8:32 am
Rams blunder. Once again the rams have solidified a few more years of cellar dwelling!! Should have waited for Jake Locker next year and traded the first pick for more. Doesn’t seem like a team trying to rebuild.
All thier eggs in one basket. I for one will no longer be a rams fan!!
Bradford a average QB. Won’t leave a mark on this francise more like a mark on the ground where the golf cart comes to pick him off the field.

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