Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why Sam Bradford Should Be The #1 Pick

Well I still think that Sam Bradford is the pick the St. Louis Rams need to make to start the 2010 NFL Draft. During my radio interview with BlogTalkRadio on Friday I gave some reasons as to why I believe Bradford is the pick for the Rams. Below is a recap of the reasons I believe that make Bradford the pick:

To win in this NFL you need a accurate quarterback and Sam Bradford was deadly accurate in college. It is time to get a quarterback that can get the ball to the wideouts. Look at the quarterbacks of the 12 teams that made the playoffs in 2009 and you will see a lot of stars on that list.

The Super Bowl featured Drew Brees against Peyton Manning. Do you know the names of the defensive tackles in that game? Exactly we need a stud quarterback and that is Sam Bradford.

The St. Louis Rams were 29th in attendance last year and a big name quarterback could put some butts in the seats and spark some interest in a franchise which has been losing its fan base.

The Rams averaged 10.9 points per game in 2009. The Rams are in dire need of playmakers and some offensive weapons.

The Rams missed out on taking Cutler, Flacco, Ryan, Sanchez and Bradford how long can they wait to draft a top tier QB?

Steven Jackson will be 27 when the season starts it is time to get him some help and take some pressure off of him.

The Rams already have defensive tackles Adam Carriker, Clifton Ryan, Darell Scott and Fred Robbins on the roster do we truly need to spend 60 million dollars on a DT?

Is a defensive tackle that costs 60+ million really a good value? Albert Haynesworth who signed a 100 million dollar contract with the Washington Redskins is on the trading block. Haynesworth has averaged only 42 tackles a year over the last year years. Is that impact? Glenn Dorsey who had the same accolades in 2008 as Suh is getting now has averaged 50 tackles and one sack per year for the Chiefs who still have an awful defense.

People say if Bradford is a bust he will set the franchise back a decade. Why? The Rams gave Chris Long was given 29 million guaranteed and Jason Smith was given 33 million and we have not received much in a way of return from them yet. How come they don't set the franchise back a year? At some point you have to try. You have to pull the string and make the selection, why not now.

I am very worried with the Rams ownership in flux that Chip and Lucinda will continue to just save money and that means trading down. The Rams could trade down with either Washington or Cleveland and take Jimmy Clausen if they believe he is as talented as Bradford. The guaranteed money at #4 or $7 would be much less than at #1 plus he would be the second qb drafted. Would the Rams really trade down just to save money, I think they would.

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