Thursday, March 13, 2008

With the Second Pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams Select...

Jake Long from Michigan

Is there really any doubt that the St. Louis Rams will select Jake Long from Michigan with thier #2 pick in the 2008 NFL draft? I will tell you, that there is no doubt. Here are the reasons why.

The Rams have the second overall pick in the draft so everyone will be available except for whoever the Miami Dolphins take. Let's assume for the moment Bill Parcells thinks back to his New York Giants days and select Chris Long as his new Lawrence Taylor pass rushing specialist. That will leave the Rams with the following choices.

Matt Ryan - A QB who is not even the top rated QB on some boards, and we already have Marc Bulger locked up to long term $65 million dollar contract. Draft answer =NO

Darren McFadden - A RB who has some characters issues, although I think his are over rated and he will be a nice player. However love him or hate him Steven Jackson is our man and not going anywhere. Those that complained about Steven all year, are those that will be screaming to get him in August come fantasy football time. This top 5 NFL Pro Bowl back will not be replaced or moved by the Rams. Draft answer = NO

Glenn Dorsey - A DT that has already slipped to the number 9 pick in the WalterFootball latest mock draft. Can we really offer to use another first round pick on a DT. This smells of another LSU player with character issues, possible weight issues, and he already has weight issues. Draft answer = NO

Sedrick Ellis or Vernon Gholston- On the bubble. Do the Rams reach for one of these two players with the #2 overall pick. They just can't. You knew Gholston would be a work out wonder but was he really rated that high prior to that? Sedrick Ellis is a fine player, but he played on a loaded team and you have to wonder if he was just the product of great surrounding talent. Can you afford to reach or guess at #2. Draft answer =NO

So there you have it, with a new offensive coordinator, and a locked up QB, and Pro Bowl running back it is just common sense. Don't make this more complicated then it is. You win with the big ugglies and that is Jake Long. Jake will keep Marc off his back, and open holes for Jackson. Just think once you pick up Jake Long you now have Pace, Barron, Long, Romberg, & Incognito. You can then play this many ways but the most important thing is you have a pillar on the o-line, and a future backup for Orlando Pace.


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