Sunday, March 16, 2008

How Did the St. Louis Rams do in the 2007 Draft?

With everyone looking for the St. Louis Rams to improve their talent level during the 2008 NFL Draft, do you remember what they got in the 2007 NFL Draft? Below is a quick recap of the Rams draft from Jason Feller of

The top two picks for the Rams in the 2007 draft had decent rookie seasons, but aside from that pair the rest of the class struggled.Expected to be an anchor in the middle of the Rams’ defense, DT Adam Carriker did not have an outstanding year but proved durable and willing to put forth the effort to get better.He finished with 30 tackles, two sacks and a safety, while demonstrating a decent motor.

Leonard had a nice start to his career with three straight productive games from Weeks 3-5, but after that he seemed to go through a wall when teams adjusted to his skills. He will have to get back to his early play if he hopes to become a main cog in the Rams’ offense.

The remainder of this draft class has plenty of room to grow and did not produce many results in the 2007 season.

We simply did not do well enough in the 2007 draft. If Steven Jackson did not get hurt, Leonard would have pretty much been a waste as Linehan used mostly one back sets and brought in useless Owens to play Full Back instead of Brian. That leaves us with Adam Carriker that was so good that the Rams moved him to tackle and had him put on a bunch of weight to start with. With the 13th pick in the draft we should have gotten more value. Carriker still has big upside but playing tackle I don’t think he will ever be a stud. Jonathan Wade was a bit of a reach and his inability to add anything to the special teams made him a disappointment.

The 2008 NFL Draft needs to be much better and there is no reason for it not to be. Recent rumors are the Miami Dolphins may take Matt Ryan, which means the Rams can have their pick of the Longs. Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post Dispatch seems to keep hinting that the Rams are looking hard at Glenn Dorsey from LSU. Sure he could be a force, but injury issue has to make him a pass at this time. Wroten was a beast nside coming out of LSU as well and he has done nothing to date. Don’t mess it up, don’t make it too complicated, don’t think too much. Take the sure thing and get a Long in here now. If the Rams get Chris Long in the first round they can still get an OT in round two with Sam Baker, Anthony Collins, and Gosder Cherilus still being available. If the Rams want to replace Isaac Bruce they could always pick up a talent like Early Doucet. However the Rams do it they will need to do it better than in 2007.


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