Friday, March 21, 2008

St. Louis Rams Sign CB David Macklin

The St. Louis Rams signed free agent cornerback David Macklin to a one-year contract on Thursday. Terms of the deal were not released as of the time of the signing. Macklin is an 8 year veteran, with 335 tackles in his career along with 14 interceptions, while playing for the Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals, and Washington Redskins. Reading between the lines it seems the Rams are still worried about Fakir Brown possibly being suspended in 2008. The signing Macklin hopefully can provide depth. However signing someone that had 6 total tackles in 2007 is not exactly huge news. In addition do you really have to sign a free agent to a contract to find someone that can make this roster? It seems like the Rams should be able to find some previously cut street free agents with this level of skill.

Here is my favorite part of the signing. The St. Louis Post Dispatch has a quote from Scott Linehan the head coach of the St. Louis Rams:

"He's got starting experience," coach Scott Linehan said. "We played against him in the division before (at Arizona). We had good grades on him last year."

I never know if Scott means everything he says or does he just think fans don't know anything? He states that the Rams had good grades on him last year. He only played in 6 games with the Washington Redskins and only made a total of 6 tackles for the year! It must not take much to get a good grade. The Rams did not play Washington and Macklin was way down on their depth chart. I hope Billy Devaney is making decisions for Rams personnel because I don't trust Scott Linehan to grade talent.


Anonymous Travis said...

Great interview with Billy Devanney on this website talks about Macklin, Caldwell, and the Draft defintely check it out

3/22/2008 01:31:00 AM  

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