Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Zacrey Atterberry from Lindenwood Signs with Chicago Bears

Zacrey Atterberry P from Lindenwood University signed with the Chicago Bears on Tuesday as a rookie free agent. Zacrey can really boom the ball and it is great to see a local player from an NAIA school get a chance in the NFL. Brad Maynard is the Chicago Bears current punter. Brad is 34 and averaged 41.8 yards per kick, with a 37.4 yard net average in 2007. Brad was 25th in the league in average and 16th in net average. Sounds like Zacrey will have a shot. Let's wish him luck. If you have any pictures of Zacrey please send them and we will post one here.

The reports:

So who are some of the top players from schools you’ve probably never heard of? Here’s my list of this years potential draftees:

Zacrey Atterberry, P, Lindenwood: Atterberry averaged 41.6 yards per punt with a long of 72 for the NAIA school out of Missouri. The Lions compete in the Heart of America Athletic Conference – I don’t even have a joke for that – and finished with a 10-2 record this year. If Atterberry wants to stay in the Heart of America, he’s going to have some difficulties, though – St. Louis Rams punter Donnie Jones averaged over 47 yards per kick last year.

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