Thursday, May 8, 2008

Matt Walsh Sends Spygate Tapes to NFL, Rams Win Superbowl XXXVI!

Well Matt Walsh finally gave the elusive spygate tapes to the NFL, but not THE tape. According to FoxSports "The tapes sent to the NFL show the Patriots recorded signals in regular-season games against Miami, Buffalo, Cleveland and San Diego, and against Pittsburgh in the 2002 AFC championship game." Walsh is now supposed to meet with Roger Goodell next Tuesday. What happen to that tape of the Rams walkthrough? Walsh's lawyer stated that Walsh never said he had a tape of the St. Louis Rams Superbowl walkthrough. How convenient that the tape that started most of this investigation now does not exist. More Spygate? What are your thoughts? I for one hate the Patriots and the mad genius and the love fest that ESPN has with this team and Boston for that matter. I think it is simple we won Superbowl XXXVI, case over.

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