Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chris Mortensen on Michael Vick – Wrong Again

As I stated weeks ago when the story broke it was UNBELIEVABLE that the day the original indictments came out, Chris Mortensen stated all day that Vicks’ name is not on any paperwork and there is no way he will be suspended by the NFL. Chris is just a terrible journalist as ESPN has suddenly turned into a you heard it here first network.
From the original story:
“Additionally, Vick is unlikely to be indicted in the dog fighting federal investigation, according to information gathered by the NFL and Atlanta Falcons, sources tell ESPN's Chris Mortensen.”
Who are these sources that he always has? Does he know people in the FBI, apparently not. Why does Chris constantly seem to have a need to tell us about his sources? Common sense would tell you if you bought someone in your family an extremely expensive house then that is a relative you probably visit once in a while. Were we to believe if he only called his brother on the phone that he would not hear 60+ dogs barking? Please, continual coddling of these players is a joke.
Knowing how ESPN is covering sports these days you will probably hear in the near future how Chris will be the first to interview Michael Vick in jail!


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