Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ESPN and First-Time "offender"

It is very interesting that every time ESPN says anything about Michael Vick they fit in the first-time "offender" phrase. What exactly is meant by first time offender? Most companies have a no drug policy. If you are a truck driver and test positive for drugs, are you still driving for that company the next day? Well you might still have a job but you would be in a world of hurt, you would not have many people stating that you are a first-time "offender". If the crime is murder is it still important that you are a first-time "offender”? Maybe most punishments are based on the frequency of problems with that person but does the crime alone ever become enough to just skip to the dismissable stage? It is my opinion IF these charges are indeed fact, and even before sentencing or conviction it is know that Vick had a dog ring, was part of the dog disposal and knew all of this was going on within his property he should be removed from the NFL for life. First time should be his last time!


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