Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Steven Jackson A Holdout!

Friday the St. Louis Rams reported that Steven Jackson is officially a hold out. We are now three days into a hold out that may go on for a little while. Jay Zygmunt the Rams President is no longer negotiating with Eugene Parker who is Steven Jackson's agent. Until Jackson is in camp the Rams vow to carry on without Jackson while fining him $15,000 per day for an unexcused absence. Jackson currently has rung up $45,000 in fines. Hopefully this will play out well for the Rams and we will get a franchise back under contract for 5+ years. With Brian Leonard as our only backup, Jackson has a lot of cards to play. Hopefully the Rams will be able to get him into camp and ready to go, prior to the first preseason game August 10th. I think we have seen that it is important for the Rams first team offense to get in more work in the preseason. Scott Linehan knows he can not afford to start off 0-8 again because he will be on the street. I am still not a supporter of Linehan. When Jackson told him he would not be making the flight to training camp, Linehan said "I have such respect for Steven and he was respectful with letting me know he wasn’t going to be on the plane.” Is he really this naive? Did he think Steven was hopping on a different plane? After incidents with Claude Terrell, & Dominique Byrd along with game faces from Marc Bulger, Steven Jackson, and Torry Holt I am still not sold that the Rams are behind him. Are you?

The Associated Press
Jackson's agent turned down the Rams' latest offer Friday afternoon and the Rams responded by cutting off talks until the running back was in camp. Coach Scott Linehan's concise update on Saturday: "Nothing that I know of."

St. Louis Rams
Rams running back Steven Jackson officially became a hold out on Friday morning when he missed the team’s first official meeting of training camp.

Zygmunt received a call from Parker on Friday afternoon informing him that Jackson would not be accepting the offer. At that point, Zygmunt informed Parker that Jackson would be fined (the maximum is $15,000) for any and all missed time at training camp and any further negotiations would continue only if Jackson arrives at camp.

Steven Jackson a holdout. I swear when I saw this headline I thought they meant Stephen Jackson was holding the police off. That's much more interesting than Rams football news.

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