Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Turk Visits 10 St. Louis Rams On Friday

The TurkThe St. Louis Rams cut 10 players on Friday to get down to a 66 man roster. League rules mandate that the Rams cut 13 more players prior to 3PM on Saturday. Marques Hagans and Jerome Carter were the only big names released today. Carter drafted out of Florida State just never has improved his safety play. Hagans just became part of the numbers game. Simply put he is not one of the Rams top 6 receivers. See the full list of Rams released below. We will post the final 13 cuts tomorrow once they are announced by the Rams. I don't expect many surprises.

  • Jerome Carter

  • Marques Hagans

  • Matt Caddell

  • Nick Cleaver

  • Tanard Davis

  • Cortney Grixby

  • Donovan Raiola

  • Marcus Riley

  • Henry Smith

  • Willie Williams


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