Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rams Chargers Gameday What To Watch

San Diego ChargersSt. Louis Rams7PM CST Saturday night.

Here are a few of the things we will be watching when the St. Louis Rams play the San Diego Chargers at the Edward Jones Dome tonight.

  • As a St. Louis Rams fan and PSL holder I will be looking closely at my tickets and wondering why I have to pay full price to a preseason game that will be missing Steven Jackson & LaDainian Tomlinson. Why does the NFL continue to charge full price for these games

  • Orlando Pace - Orlando did not look ready to be on the field last week against the Tennessee Titans. I am pretty sure if he would have had to play 60+ plays against Kyle Vanden Bosch last week he would of ended up in the hospital. Even Big-O stated that he is still afraid to punch out with his left arm. I will be watching tonight to see how well he can run and pass block against Luis Castillo.

  • Chris Long - Chris is a rookie lets remember this. Tonight I will be watching to see if Chris can play a whole have of football at a high level, and how well he can play the run and stay in his lane. Do not expect 10 sacks from Chris in 2008. It is just as important that Chris can keep the O-line off of his linebackers as well.

  • Richie Incognito - Richie will be playing left guard and will be trying to block Nose Tackle Jamal Williams 6'3" 348 pounds. Brett Romberg seems to have the center position locked down so Richie needs to get in some solid work at left guard.

  • Marc Bulger - I know you have a $65 million dollar contract but do you have a fire in your belly? Marc is still looking more at the rush than his own receivers. Marc is also one of the least emotional QBs in league. Maybe it is time to be a leader, if you don't want to get hit maybe you should say something to your O-line once in a while. Can Marc play a decent game without great protection?

  • Secondary - With Justin King out for the year and Fakhir Brown already injured the Rams are very thin in the secondary. Can Jonathan Wade or Jerome Carter actually be starters in this league? Ron Bartell plays well in spot action but could he start a whole game at CB?

  • Draft Picks - You always watch your draft picks, that is what these preseason games are all about. At this point the Rams need to have Chris Chamberlain and David Vobora make this squad.

What will you be watching for when the St. Louis Rams play the San Diego Chargers at the Edward Jones Dome tonight, fellow Rams fans?


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