Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Steven Jackson Ends Holdout

Steven Jackson ends holdoutMerry Christmas St. Louis Rams fans, Steven Jackson ends holdout after 27 days. That is the word coming from multiple sources on Wednesday. After incurring $408,132 in fines Jackson finally said enough is enough. With only 18 days before the Rams take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2008 season opener, is it too late? Jackson who will not be able to play in this weeks third preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens, will only have 7 days to get ready for the fourth and final preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Look for Jackson to get a lighter than normal work-load the first couple of games of the year. Hopefully Jackson and the Rams will not get off to a slow start. They may have only themselves to blame.

Nick Wagoner the senior writer for the St. Louis Rams posted a story this afternoon that Steven Jackson has ended his 27 day holdout with the St. Louis Rams.
Jackson is expected to report to the Russell Training Center on Wednesday evening with the understanding that negotiations on a long term contract extension will begin soon after.

It’s expected that a deal for Jackson could be consummated in the next couple of days though there’s no timetable on such an agreement.

Jim Thomas lead St. Louis Rams writer for the St. Louis Post Dispatch also reported that the Rams are negotiating a contract with Steven Jackson as we speak.
Jackson's agent, Eugene Parker, informed the Rams on Wednesday afternoon that Jackson has agreed to report to Rams Park as a show of good faith in contract negotiations.

In fact, Parker and Rams president of football operations Jay Zygmunt were busy working on a contract extension Wednesday afternoon. It is quite possible that the parties will have agreed to a new contract before Jackson arrives at Rams Park.

Jay Glazer from Fox Sports who likes to report that he reports things first is already trying to turn us against Jackson. Once again the media has a very low opinion of the NFL fans in St. Louis.
It's likely Jackson will get a rude welcome back from fans in the Rams' third preseason game against the Ravens on Saturday. The Rams failed to sell out three games last season and Jackson was often critical of the lack of support.

Michael Smith from ESPN with Associated Press information also reports that Jackson is on his way.
Jackson had notified the team of his intentions and was scheduled to arrive in St. Louis from his home in Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

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