Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Odds To Win The 2009 Super Bowl XLIII

St. Louis Rams OddsBodog has posted some interesting odds on the St. Louis Rams 2008 season. Go there and check them out. I must say if I had a ton of money I would fly to Vegas and put down some large green on the fact that there is no way in hell I think Drew Bennett will reach 720 yards receiving.

Odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII
St. Louis Rams 70/1

Odds to win the 2008 NFC Championship
St. Louis Rams 30/1

Odds to win the NFC West Division
St. Louis Rams 5/1

St Louis Rams Regular Season Wins
Over 6.5 -130
Under 6.5 Even

Marc Bulger Passing Yards
Over/Under 3325

Steven Jackson Rushing Yards
Over/Under 1300

Torry Holt Receiving Yards
Over/Under 1175

Drew Bennett Receiving Yards
Over/Under 720

Chris Long Sacks
Over/Under 6.5


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