Tuesday, September 16, 2008

St. Louis Rams Season Preview

NFL.com has produced their St. Louis Rams Season Preview. NFL.com is not very high on the Rams in 2008. Four of their feature writers have the Rams finishing between 3-13 and 6-10. Currently I can not disagree with their opinion too much. I have been on record as saying if Orlando Pace can stay healthy and play close to 16 games I believe the Rams can win up to 7 games. I am not a fair weather fan, just telling the truth. The beginning of the St. Louis Rams 2008 schedule is just too hard. What are your predictions for the Rams in 2008. Let us know, or take our poll.
In Saunders' offense this year, they will stress motion and shifting to try to create mismatches, use a lot of four-receiver formations, which were notably missing in 2007, and when not using four wideouts, employ a fullback much of the time.

Whatever the Rams manage on offense could be helped by a defensive line that looks like it will be a strength, even with defensive end Chris Long, the second player chosen in the draft, stuggling to make the transition to the NFL. There is good depth in the line but the front seven is undersized and susceptible to a power running attack.


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