Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Future Of The St. Louis Rams

I am not one to ever get too excited about a preseason game, but I must admit I liked what I saw Saturday night at the Edward Jones Dome when the St. Louis Rams beat the Baltimore Ravens 24-10. The fact that the Rams were actually able to score with their first team offense, for the first time in 11 preseason games is not even what I was excited about. I am excited because you can see the possibility of a core of a very nice offense being put together by the St. Louis Rams and Al Saunders. You always need to be building for the future. The Rams can currently field an offense with Marc Bulger 31, Randy McMichael 29, Steven Jackson 25, Donnie Avery 24, and Keenan Burton 23. It is extreamly early but how nice would it be for the Rams to groom a new Holt/Bruce combo. Avery and Burton are both very young and very fast, and can learn a ton under Torry Holt and Al Saunders. Burton caught 3 balls for 63 yards and a touchdown Saturday night. Keenan also made a brilliant one-handed catch that was over-ruled but you could see the potential. Avery was able to catch 5 balls for 65 yards and had a few others get away. He was able to get open pretty easy on this night. In addition he almost broke the opening kickoff and you can see that he has explosive speed. Fans should enjoy watching these two when they are on the field, both players look to score after making a catch.

Donnie AveryKennan Burton


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