Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NFC West Predictions

ESPN 2008 NFL predictions were released today. To no ones surprise the St. Louis Rams received ZERO votes to finish first in the NFC West. ESPN used a staff of 16 writers to predict the winner of each division as well as the Superbowl Champion. 14 writers selected the Seattle Seahawks and two selected the Arizona Cardinals.

The Rams did receive one shout out from Seth Wickersham, from ESPN the Mag who did select the Rams as one of the NFC Wild Card participants. Seth, we thank you.

Eleven writers selected an AFC team as the winner of the Superbowl, while the remaining 5 selected the Dallas Cowboys.

This leads me to the discussion of parity which the NFL is always talking about. However is there parity? Just like 2007, the 2008 NFL appears to be full of the haves, and have-nots’. The ESPN predictions further prove this. In six of the twelve divisions the writers gave at least 12 of the 16 first place votes to one team. In addition of the 32 teams in the NFL, 17 of them received ZERO first place votes in the ESPN predictions. The league is once again top-driven. Fans are not talking about how their team they can win it all, they have more conversations about who can beat the Patriots, who can beat the Colts, who can beat the Chargers, who can beat the Cowgirls Cowboys.

In addition to the above uplifting information I would also like to DONE of the 16 writers selected Chris Long as the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Thanks ESPN.

To view the ESPN 2008 NFL predictions click here.


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