Tuesday, September 16, 2008

St. Louis Rams Make Final Roster Cuts

The TurkThe St. Louis Rams final roster cuts were made on Saturday. The Rams had to cut 13 players to get down to the league roster limit of 53. There were once again no huge surprises. The best news is that the Rams kept Dane Looker and Brock Berlin who deserved the last spots. Dane Looker is a fan favorite and simply out played all of the other young receivers trying for the #6 slot. Brock Berlin is a very decent #3 QB who out played Bruce Gradkowski. Brock is very accurate and has a quick release. This is the best set of 3 QBs the Rams have had on their roster in a long time. Rams roster cuts listed below:

  • Derek Stanley

  • Dustin Fry

  • Darius Vinnett

  • Brandon Williams

  • Mark LeVoir

  • Reche Caldwell

  • David Macklin

  • C.J. Ah You

  • Lance Ball

  • Marc Magro

  • Russ Weil

  • Julius Wilson

  • Bruce Gradkowski


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