Monday, October 6, 2008

Free Pass For Jim Haslett

Free Pass for Haslett?Week in and week out fans are calling for the head of Scott Linehan. While I firmly agree as stated before that Scott Linehan should be gone, the bigger question is why is Jim Haslett still coaching? Last year when the Rams were struggling fans wanted Linehan fired and Haslett made the interim coach. Why? What has Haslett ever done? Just because he appears fiery, does not mean he is the answer either. This is the same man fired from the New Orleans Saints. The same man who had bad defensive teams there as well. Lets check out his recent work. The St. Louis Rams are 3-15 in their last 18 games. The Rams were 31st in points allowed in the NFL in 2007, and are current 31st in 2008 in points allowed. The Rams allowed 200 yards rushing today. The Rams allowed scores right after making it 10-6, and 20-13 today when the team needed the defense the most. No defensive drafts picks seem to ever improve under Haslett. The Rams have allowed at least 33 points 5 games in a row. The Rams have allowed a staggering 517 points in their last 18 contest, or 28.72 points per game. Maybe the most telling stat of all would be over the first two weeks Donovan McNabb and Eli Manning combined to go 41 of 62 for 621 yards and 6 touchdowns!!! Why does Jim Haslett seem to always get the free pass?

Fire Jim Haslett now!



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