Monday, October 6, 2008

Hurricane Ike Along With Giants Ruin Opening Day

Brandon Jacobs Runs Over RamsOpening day a football fans dream game every year. You can see the tailgate, smell the bratz, feel the buzz in the air. The Rams can bounce back and beat the Giants and go into the Seattle game 1-1. Enter Hurricane Ike. Ike swept through the Sunday morning skies and then the New York Giants swept through the St. Louis Rams. Hurricane Ike shut down pretty much every pre-game event down at the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday. Tents were not put up, bands were not playing, tailgating was rained out. Clearly not a dream opening day but hey we can still win the game.

Enter the St. Louis Rams, losers of 14 of their last 17. The only team without a TD on opening day. A team that needs to step up and play a decent ball game and win it. Like Ike the Giants washed that dream away 41-13 on Sunday afternoon. As usual the Rams fell behind early. Only 8 minutes and 49 seconds into the game Eli Manning found Plaxico Burress wide open for a 33 yard touchdown.

During the rest of the game you can look it two ways, was the glass half full, or half empty? The Rams seemed to keep the game close, closing to within 10-6, and 20-13 only to never make the big play. You can say they played hard for about 45 minutes. Of course losing becomes a habit and the bottom line is the team lost again and lost big by 28 points. The defense was run over for 200 yards rushing and 441 total yards. The offense was awful again scoring only 13 points. The Rams were once again crushed in the second half of a game this time being outscored 28-7 by the Giants.

The same ole story yet again. Under Mike Martz we heard "well fix it", under Scott Linehan we hear we practiced well and we were ready. Well ready or not the Rams are 0-2 again and staring down the barrel of another long season.



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