Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008: The Return of the Relentless Rams!

I would like to say that my favorite memory from the St. Louis Rams victory over the San Diego Chargers Saturday night at the Edward Jones Dome did not even take place inside the stadium. The story below is from a true Rams fan and I wish I knew his name. Every weekend that the Rams play you will see him down before the game with a sign which this year reads: “Rams Fans Stick by Their Team to the End!” This man and his wife are there every game handing out the story of their passion for the Rams that you can read below. If anyone knows this mans name please let me know so I can give him credit. The story is word for word the one he will be handing out before every home Rams game. Enjoy!

Just an opinion but this season of the St. Louis Rams is going to be remembered for the blinding brilliance of Rams play by our offense and our defense and our special teams.

Marc Bulger: “Our receivers have to know that we are going to have to get the ball. It’s not going to be a guessing game. They’re going to have to go get the ball. Don’t slow down. We go 100 miles an hour every play…”
Torry Holt: “We’ve got to impose some fear on the other team. By the way we play. By the way we hit. By the speed of the game. By our execution. By our plays. By our drops. By our routes. By our pulls. By our angles.”
(Bryan Burwell’s column, St. Louis Post Dispatch, 7-27-08.)

All of this will be made possible by one of the most impenetrable offensive lines in Rams history, inspired by Orlando Pace, and one of the hardest hitting, most elusive trios of running backs in the league, led by Steven Jackson.

And our defense will not play second banjo! It will be dueling Banjos!” One game it will be the defense that gets the winning rhythm going. Another day the offense will start the beat. And there is no way our special teams will be trampled by their rampage. They will add to it!

We fans are going to completely bond with our team as we watch their unwavering pursuit of victory. Then we, also, will become a source of inspiration to feed their passion.

1. Nothing can stop us from “being there” for the opening kickoff. That’s a split-second in time that is indescribable.
2. Our players and coaches are human, and they will make mistakes; but we have a rock-solid faith that they are giving maximum effort. We would rather eat a skewered Seahawk, feathers and all, than boo them.
3. Unless we have an awfully good reason, we will not leave our seats until the final seconds tick off the clock. Nothing does more to show our support in a loss or to express our appreciation in victory.

Ms. Frontiere, we missed you the last couple of years. Again, thank you for overcoming immense obstacles to bring the Rams to Saint Louis. We will miss your indomitable spirit. This 2008 season is dedicated to you!

“Rams Fans Stick by Their Team to the End!”


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