Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fan-Sided Blogs 2008 NFL Season Predictions

Fan-Sided Blogs Season PredictionsFan-Sided Blogs and BallHype teamed up to do an end of season power rankings prediction for the entire NFL. Each of us bloggers ranked every team from 1-32 and BallHype was nice enough to average them all out an post the predictions as a collection as well as individually. BallHype did a great job of posting the collective results as a matrix take a look! I will have more predictions later this week.

As for this collection I would like to say that I ranked the St. Louis Rams 24th. As a group the Fan-Sided Blogs group has the Rams coming in at #25 for the 2008 season. I like to be known as someone who tells it like it is. You can be a fan without being a homer. What are your thoughts about the 2008 St. Louis Rams?


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