Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rams dropped on their head again

The St. Louis Rams were dropped on their head again, during a 22-3 pounding from the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. All you really need to know about the Rams were Frerotte was the leading passer, Minor was the leading rusher and Hagans was the leading receiver and finished the game at QB! The Rams could do nothing on Sunday. Brian Leonard had 18 yards on 12 carries. When Frerotte was not getting his head beat in he was busy throwing 5 pics and losing a fumble. I don’t know what more you can say it was just awful. It just keeps getting worse. Not only did the Rams lose 22-3 to go to 0-6 on the season they lost more players during the game. The “tin-man” Drew Bennett once again missed an easy catch and bounced the ball up in the air for a Baltimore interception. Shortly after that he left with a hamstring injury. Through 6 weeks he has been awful. He has cost the Rams 2 interceptions, caught only 8 balls and has continual calf and hamstring issues. Is this another sign of a soft training camp? This is why we got Drew Bennett with Bruce out and Holt slowing Bennett was to fill in. Well he is filling in with nothing. Along with Bennett leaving Brett Romberg was taking off the field on a cart which is not a good sign. Once Romberg went out it was pretty much over for the Rams offense. Claude Terrell was out there, Gorin was at right tackle, etc. it is just a mess. Leonard Little went out with his nagging toe problems. Leonard did manage a sack and forced fumble, the following drive ended in a missed 35 yard FG from Jeff Wilkins. Then for no apparent reason with a minute to go in the game and trailing by 19 points Gus Frerotte was sent back to pass around his on 10 yard line hoping to throw a 20 point touchdown, instead he was leveled and had to leave the game. Why are we throwing a pass down 19 points? If that was not odd enough in typical Linehan fashion we still only have 2 QBs on the roster so say hello to Marques Hagans for a couple of kneel-downs. Why did we get rid of Fitzpatrick besides the fact that he was a Martz guy? Why do we have 4 tight ends but only 1 healthy QB? On the bright side we now will travel to Seattle who we only trail by 3 games.


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