Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Madison Hedgecock Released

Scott Linehan apparently has problems with our fullback blocking. I have concluded this after seeing that the St. Louis Rams released Madison on Tuesday. I thought to myself that we must be bringing in some O-line help but was I wrong. We cut our starting full back to bring in Richard Owens, a fullback-tight end, that was cut before the season by the Minnesota Vikings. Ah-ha there is the key word I was looking for, the Minnesota Vikings. Another xplayer from Linehans past. Linehan said, "As soon as he's comfortable, he'll probably fill the role of our blocking fullback.” Well that is nice so we now don’t have a “comfortable” fullback for week 2. At least we have four tight ends on the roster. WTF is going on? Did anyone else notice that we lost 2 offensive tackles in 2 weeks and will now be moving our only starting tackle to the off side to play Goldberg at the other side. Maybe we should pick up an offensive lineman before Bulger and Jackson get killed. Well at least we will soon be comfortable at fullback!


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