Friday, October 12, 2007

Did the Rams make some off season mistakes?

Did the Rams make some off season mistakes? Let’s take a look. Marc Bulger threatened to sit out the preseason; the Rams gave in and gave him 65 million dollars. This is to a player with one good/great year and most of that was after the Rams were out of contention. Marc is already 30 and you are not even grooming a backup or looking at one. You trade a 5th round choice for James Hall and make him your starter. This is another 30 year old with one great year with the Lions. He was not good enough for the Lions to want him on D that has to make you wonder. So far he has played ok with 20 tackles and a sack which makes him the star of the D line so far which is not saying much. Drew Bennett gets a 6 year deal for 30 million dollars. Drew Bennett! Another one year wonder, and that was on a bad Titans team and he was basically the only receiver on the roster. He has 8 catches in limited action so far this year for the Rams. We are going into week 6 and he still does not seem to know the plays. This could be a costly pick up for the Rams. The Rams think they will eventually replace Bruce with Bennett but let’s be serious. Bennett has only had over 740 yards receiving one time in the NFL. Randy McMichael was given a 3 year contract for a team that already had 3 tight ends. Was there a need or did Linehan just want familiar faces? McMichael has 12 catches in 5 games but seems frustrated and wants to be a larger part of the offense. The bigger question is why did you spend early round picks on Byrd and Klopper and then still need to spend money on another tight end. We got Todd Johnson from the Bears to play safety and signed him to a 4 year contract. As bad as the Rams secondary has been and with all the injuries Johnson has still seem limited action. 10 tackles in 5 games and that was with Hill and Brown missing most of the time. With Carter with a broken foot we should see more of Johnson soon. However a four year contract for a player that is basically your 4th safety? It is obvious the Rams need to do a better job of judging talent and paying for it. Clifton Ryan this years 5th round pick has been the most productive draft pick through 5 weeks. I like Clifton but with a ton of picks in front of him we should be seeing more on the field from the St. Louis Rams.


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