Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rams are on the Edge

Only one week into the NFL season the St. Louis Rams are on the fence. Which side of the fence are you on? Is the glass half empty are half full? You decide.
Half full – The St. Louis Rams offense is loaded. We have Bulger, Jackson, Holt, Bruce, Bennett, McMichael, Leonard, Wilkins, etc and should be able to put points up at will. We have 2 HOF receivers, an All-Pro QB making 65 million dollars and a running back that has a goal of 2500 total yards. The Rams scored 20 or more points 11 times in 06’ they should easily do better than that in 07’. In the second year under Linehan the offense should be more stable and on the same page more often then last year. Bulger should be able to be more aggressive and get the ball to his receivers more this season instead of playing it safe all the time and dumping the ball off to Jackson. We all know it is a long season and the Rams will be just fine.
Half empty – The St. Louis Rams are getting old. Our star players are no longer at the top of their game. Bulger has injured his arm/shoulder a few times over the years; will he be protected well enough to stay healthy? Can Bulger win the big games and the close games? Does Torry Holt have a more serious injury than we think? Can Torry still cut on a dime and create separation from the DB? Isaac Bruce is almost 35 and claims he is ready for his biggest year yet, however Bulger does not seem to look his way under Linehan. Is this because Bruce is not open or because of the scheme we are using? Our star players are all on offense, can this defense produce?
Which side of the fence are you on…


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