Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Orlando Pace Out for the Year

With the score tied 7-7 right before halftime Orlando Pace was blocking Julius Peppers and the next thing you know he was down on the ground favoring his arm. Pace did not return in second half and later it was found out that he had severely hurt his right shoulder. An MRI exam on Monday revealed that Pace has a torn labrum and rotator cuff in his right shoulder and will miss the rest off the 07’ season. Adam Goldberg replaced Pace for the rest of the game. This injury has major ramifications for the Rams who just lost their back up tackle Todd Steussie about a week ago to a foot injury. Now 5 days from our week two match up against the 49ers we are down to two tackles. I already questioned why we have 4 tight ends on our roster when we don’t even use them. With Incognito injured, and Baron probably moving to left tackle and Goldberg playing right tackle we don’t have the most stable line in the NFL. The Rams have a lot to iron out before Sunday.


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