Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is Marc Bulger a Winner?

Marc Bulger has a QB rating of over 93 for the last 3 years combined. Marc also has 59 touchdowns and only 31 interceptions over that time frame. So based on that why do I always seem to be upset with him in the 1st quarter of every game? Every game over the last year and a half seems to start the same way. We struggle in the 1st quarter, typically Bulger is awful during that time, we commit a turnover and the other team gets a ton of rushing yards and goes up early. Once again this week Bulger was 2 for 7 in the 1st Q and was unable to lead the Rams to any points against the worst team in the NFL. Why can’t Marc take that first drive and go get us some points? Under Martz or Linehan the results seem to be the same. We need Marc to be our leader for the entire game. He must produce on the first drive and last drives of every game, that is the leader we need, and that is the type of player that gets a 10 million dollar a year contract. Is Marc that player?


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