Sunday, August 26, 2007

Raiders blow by Rams 20-10

Wow what can you say about that effort from the Rams on Friday night. Where to start? Marc Bulger was once again off after an opening 40 yard pass to Bruce he was 7 for 20 for only 69 yards and led the Rams to only 3 first half points. Sure it is only preseason and Jackson and Holt once again sat out but how about a little something for the effort, or our full price tickets for that matter. This Thursday the dome will be filled with 54-90 level players that will battle for the Governors’ cup. We are fortune it enough to pay full price to see Fitzpatrick battle God knows who on the Chiefs. To make matters worse against the Raiders the Rams were unable to run the ball as well. Ryan Fitzpatrick was the Rams leading rusher with 1 carry! Should I even mention that at the end of that carry he fumbled the ball through the end zone? YIKES!
I am continually puzzled over a couple of things. It is preseason and we should be trying new things since it is basically a practice. Linehan is Mr. 2 TE sets, we go out and spend money on McMichael, etc. Once again we went the whole first half without throwing a ball to the TE. The only catches for the game were 2 more for Aaron Walker? Chris Draft did not get to play with the starters and it seems odd that we would not at least try him at starting MBL with Spoon and Pisa. Also doesn’t Jon Alston seem to be the better of the two Pac 10 LBs, instead of Chiller?
The Rams once again made several mistakes with 10 penalties for 157 and the one fumble along with more missed tackles. The starting secondary with Tye Hill and Ron Bartell has got to be a big worry for any Rams fans. Tye was called for 3 pass interference penalties and also missed an open field tackle that cost the Rams a touchdown. Who will cover Steve Smith in 14 days? On the bright side I would say Claude Wroten continues to impress and looks to me much quicker in 07. Did anyone see him 50+ yards down field on one play? He is a much better looking player in 07 and I would love to see him play more Glover who would be a better player if he only had to play 20 plays a game. Other than Wroten I really did not see anything I liked on Friday night even Carriker was blown off the ball the entire first half often 5+ yards down the field. He will still have to grow into a starter in the NFL.
Until next week. Go Rams!!!


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