Thursday, August 30, 2007

NFL personal conduct policy?

I do not want to defend anyone but…Tank Johnson’s home was raided and they found guns there that were no licensed. In addition he also had drugs, etc and has been in trouble many times. However if the house is not raided he is probably not arrested and released by the Bears. Travis Henry on the other hand has 9 children from 9 different women. This is a public fact and no raid is needed. I know we don’t want to keep moving the invisible line but if the NFL is so worried about its image how does Henry not violate this policy. There isn’t anything much more personal than having a child. Isn’t this somewhat like 9 separate violations which would make him a repeat defender? He had to go to court several times for not paying child support yet he received a 25$ million dollar contract from the Broncos. What does all of this say about the Broncos? They are always so great at having anyone run for 1000 yards so couldn’t they find anyone out of the whole NFL with a little better character to carry the rock? I am not stating there should be a background check on every NFL player but sometimes enough is just enough. Your thoughts?


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